It was only my second time seeing aurora since the great storm that happened to coincide with the Perseid meteor shower during the morning of August 12th, 2000. Unfortunately I did not have a tripod when I took these photos. I think they turned out ok though considering. A very powerful storm. My first time seeing multi-coloured aurora. These photos were taken in an area centering around the vicinity of Lighthouse Cove, Ontario.


The beginning of a large storm. Almost every kind of auroral activity possible was observed. Sheets, strobes, pulsations, waves, spotlights, etc. Although the colours were not as intense as the previous storm I viewed and predominately green. These photos were taken in the general area of St. Joachim, Ontario.


Back for seconds. The storm from November 7th still rages into the night. And a little more experimenting on the camera by me. This time I took the photos in and around Lighthouse Cove, Ontario.


A second decent sized storm is triggered, building on the remnants of activity from the previous nights. I experiment more with the camera. This was actually just a small substorm that lasted maybe 15 minutes at it's most intense. I had to sleep unfortunately and missed a much larger substorm later in the morning. I also constructed a short movie clip out of some of the photos I took. These photos were taken a little ways east of Lighthouse Cove, Ontario. Chatham, Ontario can be seen in the distance in some pictures.


These photos were taken along the northern edge of Wixom, Michigan, just inside the Proud Lake Recreation Area.


A powerful storm that put on a rather disappointing display here. Still far better than nothing since this happened during solar minimum. It was apparently a pretty awesome display elsewhere. The first batch of photos were taken around Belle River, Ontario. The second batch during a later substorm were taken around Lighthouse Cove, Ontario..