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Changing The Vernacular:
A Listener's Guide To The Drew and Mike Show

The Drew and Mike Listener's Guide is maintained online and HTMLized by me, YupiSlyr. The original version was maintained up until 2001 by Deathpool Dave.

Part 1 - Glossary, A through M

Part 2 - Glossary, N through Z

- The Drew and Mike show has a vocabulary all its own. This glossary will keep you up to date on the latest Drew and Mike-speak and other references and events mentioned on the show.

Part 3 - Drew and Mike's Ideas

- Drew and Mike come up with a lot of ideas. Some crazy, some brilliant.

Part 4 - Who Talked To Them Last?

- Here's a list to keep score of who was the last person from the show to talk to someone (usually a celebrity) who later died.

Part 5 - Seperated At Birth

- Another on-going list to keep track of who must have been separated at birth.

Part 6 - Web Links

- Drew and Mike related links, or just links that were mentioned on the show.

Part 7 - Show Info

- General show info that you may want for some reason, ie: the phone number to reach Drew and Mike

If you would like a copy of the last version of the Listener's Guide that was maintained by Deathpool Dave you can download a Word document below. It is the 2001 Edition. Click the icon for your copy.

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