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Derivative Records

This is strait out of the inlay from Trip's new 7"


		BAND;	 	  7"				Colour
duh 001 Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet; Take Outs              blue   
duh 002 Trenchmouth/Bliss; The position of the right hand	yellow
duh 003 Bite -------SOLD OUT--------
duh 004 Belly Button Lint; the first fur			unknown
duh 005 Good Cookies; bois bwa boua				  "
duh 006 Jale; Sort of Grey					white 
duh 007 Pest; plays no. 817 the visible trout			unknown
duh 008 Chicken Milk; live in space				   "
duh 009 Spool; peices of post					   "
duh 010 Bite; canker						baby blue
duh 011 Eric's Trip; Warm Girl					clear


$3.50 US/ $4.00 CDN
overseas orders please add $1.00 in US funds
Please add $1.00(US or CDN depending on where you live)
for Shipping and handling, add $0.25 for each additional item

Please no checks.
May we suddest money orders or well concealed cash.
M.O. made payable to Patti Schmidt

we also have a really groovy mail order catalogue of other music we want 
you to also adore. Updated ever three months, just send us a buck or some 
stamps and we'll send you one.

P.O. Box 42031
Montreal, Que.
H2W 2T3

Adam's note: this is all quoted, more or less, I have never ordered from 
them, and don't relly know much about them. I have duh 001 and duh 011, 
both I bought here in Halifax.

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