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hey punk rock kids, green day played the 
halifax metro centre tonight.  ok, here's
some people i spotted:  patrick pentland,
colin mackenzie, melfarsuperstar.  hi mel.
ok, here's my review of the riverdales:
the ramones on an off night.  i said as
much to shelley popexplosion when i ran
into her & mel, and she told me that patrick
said the same thing.  so we have a consensus.
:-)  it was a pretty bad knockoff.

as for the headliners, they totally rocked.
that billie joe is a cheeky lad, huh?  
twenty bucks worth of slickly packaged,
mildly rebellious fun.  well, i don't know
if any gig is worth $20.  and i'm sure as
hell that no tour shirt is worth $32!!!!
yes, there were shirts for that much.

"paper lanterns" seems to have been expanded
into some kind of classic rock epic since it
was recorded five years ago.  there was an
*amazing* pogo pit for "geek stink breath",
the best i've ever seen.  they did excellent 
versions of the hits, including an especially
good version of "longview", which thousands
of kids sang along to.

the sound wasn't too bad after i moved down
from the nosebleed section, no, make that the
"exploding head section", to a seat in the 
lower bowl.  

i guess our resident fanboy shant got to meet
the band!  i'll let him tell you all about that.

you know, i think i'm getting too old and cranky
for arena rock.  oh, and feeble.  too feeble.
i'm going to bed now.

james :-)

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