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Apr 28 A new indie rock compilation out on K-Tel of all places.

The new Flashing Lights EP, "Elevature", will be out May 9. Canadian tour opening for Limblifter to follow with US tour supporting Apples in Stereo later? Hmm! Interesting...

Beck slams boy bands and Britney Spears.

Asking for a "15 pack of Timbits" is a codeword for weed at Tim Hortons in downtown Halifax.

I was watching the nightly news, and they've had this whole focus the past few nights about high speed chases and how there is an entire notification system to inform people of when a high speed chase is taking place on tv. Anyway, they were going on about new non-lethal ways to stop chases and one of the new ways is with the Road Patriot. It's basically a little self propelled rocket sled that shoots off an electro-magnetic discharge in order to disable the electronics in the engine of the fleeing car. Crappy video of it in action here. I don't know, just seeing the little thing shooting off a police car and blazing sparks under the criminal's car seemed funny, at the time.

Apr 27 Apparently the lineup for Summersault 2000 (the cross-Canada Edgefest replacement tour) is rumoured to be huge, as in, great. Anyone know which bands are playing yet? I already know about Foo Fighters and Smashing Pumpkins being on the bill but sorry, can't say I care terribly about that.

A Domain Name Buyers Guide page was posted over on slashdot. A good idea, but they don't yet even include the cheapest registrars like joker.com where registering only costs 12$ US a year.

Remember that story I told you about on Mar 28? It was that crazy one about some GeorgeK ircer who was suing fellow ircers claiming that they ruined his irc reputation. Well, there have been some more funny updates. Turns out that IRCNews.com ran some silly satire of the OJ Simpson Bronco chase, only this time, incorporating the GeorgeK ircer into the story. Anyway, this weenie GeorgeK guy had IRCNews shut down temporarily over the story and I find that funny. If someone got sued every time someone else was slandered over irc, well damn, I'd be rich. That is all. You may go back about your business.

Another Episode of Them Dang Americans

<xliferx> and this black couple in a ford explorer with michigan plates pull up to us
<xliferx> and the woman calls me over
<xliferx> and i said "hi whats up"
<xliferx> and she said "is that street over there downtown canada?"
<xliferx> i said "it sure is"
<xliferx> isnt that pretty ridiculous?
<xliferx> u know i thought all those jokes about americans not knowing anything about canada were just made up
<xliferx> then i heard the ignorance with my own ears

The AP has already shut down the original Elian/Budweiser site, so, for future reference to ANY Wazzup videos, just go to this collection here.

Apr 26 The production of Elian spoofs continues unabated.

There's the Elian/Budweiser take off, the Elian dance, and a small pile of captioned pictures at baefed.com.

A quality and funny movie review site, Movie Juice. Just look at this silly review of U-571. [via fark]

A real life version of Missile Command now in the works. [via apathy]

Is any of the crazy stuff on this site true? Who knows. Some of it sounds like Urban Legend material. Here are some tidbits though:

VASSAR COLLEGE - A male student dropped charges against his one time girlfriend after consulting with his lawyer. Apparently he admitted to authorities that he slipped a date rape drug into his girl's drink and mistakenly drank from the spiked drink himself. In a bit of karmic justice, the girl took him back to her room and sodomized him with a "strap-on utensil."

Another Victory For California Police
Police in Oakland, California spent two hours attempting to subdue a gunman who had barricaded himself inside his home. After firing ten tear gas canisters, officers discovered that the man was standing beside them, shouting pleas to come out and give himself up.

On Your Mark... Get Set... Cry
Tokyo, Japan - What would an issue be without a story from Japan? Recently a television show has been canceled for violating even Japanese sensibilities. The latest game show involved bringing a pre-adolescent child on stage and pretending that his mother had just been shot. The reason for this bit of cruelty? Contestants guessed how much time it would take for the child to break into tears.

Apr 25 This Canadian kidnapping of Elian parody is exactly what I was talking about when I was on chat.cnn.com Saturday afternoon proclaiming that I would claim custody of the first wayward US child that I came upon. [via fark]

Another parody by the same people who brought you the Elian one yesterday, this time it's Metallica vs. Napster. Getting old, but the bottom right frame is worth it I guess.

I thought Sloan would never tour with the Tragically Hip, but I guess I heard wrong because they are opening for the Hip on four European dates this June.

And just because I mentioned the rumours earlier, the official Edgefest2000 lineup is down near the bottom of this page. Of course, the actual lineups are never as good as the rumoured ones it seems.

Librarians dealing with dumb patrons on Stupid Research Tricks [via mr. pants]

Apr 24 Posted while chomping on tasty white chocolate.

Killer Japanese Seizure Robots! Epileptic fits aren't just for Japanese children anymore.

And relive the Japanese Mr. Sparkle commercial from the Simpsons, just for the hell of it here, since Cletus' Farm went and moved back further underground. [via chrominance] Oh, and use the episode transcript to find out what is actually being said in Japanese. [via twernt]

Eric conveys an emotion. You submit an emotion, he conveys it. Dorky. Funny.

Sorry folks, I just have to include it...

Elian ridin' in style It's the Elian Comedy Hour!

Dad: Hey, Elian! Marisleysis is on the phone...
Elian: Who?
Dad: Marisleysis!
Elian: Who's that?
Dad: You know, Marisleysis, the lady who held you captive.
Elian: Tell her to ship my motorized 4x4 Jeep to me! ...and my damn cell phone, too!

That was courtesy Bartcop, bringing you more fun mockery of the whole debacle.

The compulsory 'leet hax0r parody of Elian.

The 10 craziest things found inside a computer, well, at this PC World place anyway.

Some kid in Michigan gets named after ESPN.

Apr 20 Elliott Smith is the musical guest tonight on Late Night. (Okay, maybe not. They up and changed the page again so he's listed for the Friday night performance like I originally thought.)

Live archive of Sonic Youth, Mogwai, Snow Patrol, etc. from the All Tomorrow's Parties.

Audio preview of the next Stereolab release, The First Of The Microbe Hunters.

Another one of those stream capture programs, but apparently this one captures everything and dumps it in .wav format.

I suppose I really should start remembering to wear my earplugs.

Apr 19 Talk to the hand Hitler! More fake and quite politically incorrect World War II propaganda posters

And oh, speaking of Hitler, this cat looks like him.

You've loved watching it on the Food Network, now cringe as you read the Iron Chef fan fiction! [via swellog]

More on that crazy upcoming "Survivor" TV show. [via Catherine's Pita]

They went and moved the cool Soda Constructor, that I neglected to ever about post in the first place, to it's own website.

World Stuffed Animal Wrestling Association

Apr 18 Over this past weekend I received some fun mail order goodies, finally found the pre-release version of the new Modest Mouse LP, got a small truckload of concert tickets, had the most kick ass french toast EVER made for me, and continued my bad relationship with the sun as I ended up with a mild sunburn on Saturday. It's not even Easter yet and I'm red? Sheesh. Not very red at all really, but it's the principle of the thing :P

Well, you've probably seen those Kitty Porn banners around here and there, I have at least. Now, we have hardcore XXX-Ecuporn. "These BITCHES will do ANYTHYING for an IPO." Also, for once the careless spelling mistake is theirs, not mine.

Somebody has gone and made a fake RIAA propaganda poster.

Universities suffering from telescope envy.

Photos of Area 51 on Terraserver? That'd be great if the server was responding as I write this.

And speaking of telescopes and Terraserver, Microsoft is planning to roll out Skyserver. Basically an exhaustive astronomy version of Terraserver.

Let's play the world's largest fully functional Tetris game. [via memepool]

My nemesis. No IPO for Yupi. Other than the fact that it's mentions how there is a yupi.com, there is nothing at that link to care about really.

Apr 14 Screw Rolling Stone, here's an E6 Radio preview of the new Apples in Stereo album in its entirety. And as you can tell from listening to it, more quality pop hooks.

How to seduce people online. Heh.

Archived webcast of Elliott Smith playing solo in London on March 28, 2000. There is one of the Beta Band as well, recorded earlier this year I do believe.

Apr 13 Ya, another Wassup parody. This time vs. Southpark.

What you and I all missed last Thursday night during that solar storm.

The Lightcraft Project. Basically a plan to build a vehicle capable of achieving orbit by focusing beams of energy at it in order to use our own atmosphere as the propellant. CNN covered the story and provides some video of trials performed on a dinky test model.

Ya, dumb IRC Infobot Entertainment

<huhCooLio> assnad: translate to french I like to slay yuppies.
<assnad> huhCooLio: J'aime massacrer des jeunes cadres dynamiques.

and later that night...

<MiZPurtY> damn it
<assnad> somebody said damn it was something i say when huhcool doesn't bring a condom

All you people trading copyrighted material, you're DEAD! We mean it this time. Really.

Apr 12 Here's a Modest Mouse Webcast for you capture later today on RollingStone.com. And dude, they're premiering the new Apples In Stereo CD when it is released next Tuesday as well. Woo!

Okay, I guess I'm some secret submarine fetish freak too because this U-571 movie sounds really good.

Remember that parody of The Matrix? That one is done now, but I just noticed the same people have a parody of Hackers as well.

Haha, what a cool little application. It lets you graphically track airplane flights over the United States. [via gammatron]

If I were one of those gun freaks, about all the use I would get out of my gun would be from doing things like shooting up grocery products just to see 'em explode. [via Scribble]

The WASSSSUP train keeps chugging along, this time with the a Star Wars themed one. The Superfriends one is still far superior, since the lips tend not to match up in this one, oh, and then there is the dumb propaganda at the end.

Apr 11 Hi Tracey, just calling to see what you're doing...

Geez, May looks better and better all the time. More new Apples in Stereo dates, this time including a stop in Detroit. Also, I have just learned that the Minders will be opening for Elliott Smith on these select dates:

May 24 in Detroit, MI at St. Andrews Hall
May 25 and 26 in Chicago, IL at Metro
May 27 in Minneapolis, MN at First Avenue
May 29 in Denver, CO at Ogden Theatre
May 31 and June 1 in Seattle, WA at Showbox
June 2 in Vancouver, BC at Commodore Ballroom
June 5 and 6 in San Francisco, CA at The Fillmore
June 7 and 8 in Los Angeles, CA at Palace

It seems rather strange when the CBC News Toronto anchorwoman is starting some serious discussion about health care and hospital funding and she appends "Whud up?" to the end of the first question posed to the panel of experts.

Streambox VCR. I mentioned it once last year in passing about how I would like to have a copy of it but a court ruling had shutdown any further distribution of the program. The program, for you people that don't happen to be one of the many warez kids who have ended up here looking it, enables you to easily capture Real Audio/Video streams and save them onto your harddrive. Anyway, it has been rather elusive, but when I actually took five minutes and actually looked around a bit, I found a site with a Beta version of Streambox VCR. It takes another couple minutes to figure out how to use since there is are no help files programmed into it yet, but it's a great little utility. It's alot better to download a high-quality stream and do whatever you want with it later at times rather than have to deal with congestion and dropouts and whatnot. Then you can use the Streambox Ripper and save the audio into other convenient formats.

Apr 07 IRC Infobot Zaniness

<ChainZ> is that you sammy?
<kittn> me?
<assnad> you are probably a cool chick with a hot ass
How'd it know? Haha ;)

Chuck D comes out backing Napster. [via slashdot]

"I've relished in the fact that the majors are reeling from the impact of Napster," he said. "If the record companies donít share the marketplace with the advent of more than 100,000 start-up labels coming into the game, then they're gonna really scream when millions of headz all get hip to the 'NAPSTERBOOGIE'."
Hahah. That reminds me, I've been meaning to download some old school PE off napster.

And while I was on there, I finally found some Quasi. Dear God, is this quality music. The way they seem to have those droning bass/keyboards sometimes reminds me of Stereolab mixed in with Apples in Stereo pop. That's how I started listening actually, when someone mislabeled a Quasi MP3 as an Apples in Stereo song. Of course, Quasi were just in Detroit last fall but I didn't really know them then. And they played here in '98 with Elliott Smith, I forget why I didn't go to that show. Hmmm... probably didn't have anyone to go with. *sigh*

This story probably doesn't help the fight to rethink this plan, since it's predicted to cause even longer lineups when everyone has to fill out numerous visa forms everytime they cross into the States.

Uhm, sick, very sick.

Apr 06: An archive of performances from the 8th annual Exclaim! Birthday Party which took place last weekend in Toronto. Of note is the Flashing Lights performance, with new songs and other zaniness, although, they don't sound as tight here as they have the previous times I have seen them live.

Yes, you too can relive the Pavement show where you were an ass and waited until afterwards to try and buy a shirt.

Apr 05: Best domain name discovered today while looking for ASP help, asphole.com.

Boss Hog tour dates are trickling out now. I haven't heard much of the new album yet, but it sounds good so far.

Oh yes! I received a fabulous new Minders 7 inch in the mail recently from Clairecords. Right As Rain is a great song, and can currently be heard in rotation on E6 radio, which seems to have expanded their playlist a bit coincidentally.

And speaking of purchases, it's time to give in and buy a Pavement shirt online due to the fact that I waited until after their performance last June to buy one, and by then they were all sold out.

Test how your webpages look in Lynx, though, at the current speed that that page is running at, you could probably telnet in somewhere quicker and test it out. Ah well. I've pretty much said a big f' you to all you non dave-used browsers anyway :P There is supposed to be a long awaited preview of the latest version of one of those other browsers today, so I guess that might be why their site is so horribly slow at the moment.

Apr 04: Late prank link about a K-car hoisted to the roof of McMaster in Hamilton.

A short Mary Timony solo tour has been announced, as well as numerous Apples in Stereo dates to coincide with the release of the new record later this month. No Detroit Apples date? A jaunt to Toronto may be in order.

Chris Murphy of Sloan is apparently hosting this Sunday's episode of Mucheast even though the show's webpage doesn't confirm it yet.

Manitoba has the most potent pot on the planet.

Wow, this snuck up on me. A new Smog album entitled "Dongs of Sevotion" is out today on Drag City.

Apr 01: Check the skies next Thursday evening, when a planetary alignment you can actually see will take place. As for that other planetary alignment on May 5, if there are people dumb enough to believe that something is going to happen, they aren't speaking up much.

The Wonderful World of Old Testament Text Adventures.

What the heck is up with Apathy? *Looks at the date* Oh yeah.

Day of the Web Hoax

Speaking of tricks and hoaxes, here are CNet's Favourite Net Hoaxes. Here's their older Top 10 list from last year as well.

Google MentalPlex, a search engine running queries from "personal aura and brainwave activity".

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