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Aug 31 I haven't been to Tiny Telephone in awhile and it turns out that they have some material from the forthcoming Spoon releases posted there now. There's I Didn't Come Here To Die from the Loveways EP due out this fall, and Fitted Shirt, which will appear on the next full length.

I just discovered London's The Weekend about a month ago. Here's some more quite good candy pop for you my dear. They'll be playing at the Windsor *Fantastic! Indie Pop Fest this October. Bonus.

I posted an old school and out of print MP3 of Len online for no reason other than I really like this song called Smarty Pants.

Ex-members of Thrush Hermit merge with three new folks to form Rick of the Skins. My pick for most downloadable song by this ensemble would be You Said It.

Aug 29 There's actually a webzine called the empty bowl that is devoted to the cereal eating community. Contentwise we have, the compulsory fake Survivor cereal boxes and a hiliarious anti-corporate cereal song by Rage Against The Machine entitled, "I REFUSE to celebrate this Lie that is Cereal". [via Pearls]

Using a rather ancient program, one can have sometimes surprisingly successful and entertaining results when trying to trick an AOL Instant Messenger user into thinking that they are talking to a real person. [via Jejune]

Police in Egypt who were trying to recover a dead body end up being attacked by a small army of cats that were guarding it.

California man is sentenced to four years in prison for sexually assaulting some horses.

Aug 28 A group of Media Jammers raised money to have an airplane flown over the Big Brother compound trailing a banner that read, "BIG BROTHER WORSE THAN YOU THINK... GET OUT NOW." Someone is taking donations for the next effort and some of the suggestions of what to write on the next banner are quite entertaining. These two are my favourite so far: "BRITTANY'S BURNINGMAN NUDE PICS ALL OVER NET" and "ASK GEORGE ABOUT THE GUY HE KILLED". I'm not so sure if this good one, "CHEN ANGRILY BLAMES 'BORING AND STUPID' HOUSEGUESTS FOR BB RATINGS DISASTER", could even fit on a banner. (Turns out though, they aren't even following any of the suggestions, aww.)

There was another prank that took place earlier in the show's life that I didn't hear about until now that involved manufacturing fake news articles about Big Brother, attaching them to tennis balls, and then throwing the tennis balls over a wall and onto the Big Brother compound. Only one of the tennis balls made it onto the grounds and was actually read by the contestants but of the articles attached to it, there was one quoting Bill Clinton as saying the show was "a national disgrace".

I neglected to post this before because it got Slashdotted but now it's back. Here's some guy and his collection of Lego sculptures which includes a fully functional grandfather clock!

Aug 26 I do not care much for the Tragically Hip but the idea of letting fans easily build their own merch out of a catalogue of photographs and artwork is pretty cool.

Those Aussie kids musn't like the prospect of hosting the Olympics this year or something since one of them tried to put out the Olympic torch with a fire extinguisher. This follows an earlier incident where another kid in the crowd actually ran up and grabbed the torch out of the hands of the torchbearer.

Read the funny authour's comments to this very well known book.

Dumb inmates at some jail decided to dial up some poor guy's phone number seventeen times in one day for some reason. The funniest of the series of short messages tend to sound like this: "You have a collect call from, 'Girl, pick up the damn-', an inmate at Albemarle-Charlottesville regional jail..." [via saturn.org]

Here's something wacky out of Russia. Scroll down to the middle of the page to read the newspaper blurb and listen to the sounds of hell. Supposedly the sounds were recorded by threading a microphone down a shaft that had been drilled into the ground of Siberia. [via Gammatron]

Aug 24 Deep Elm Records went and made a shirt to counter the "Emo Is Awesome" shirts.[via Kick Bright]

More potential computerized prank call fun using Notify US. This time it's a one minute message limit rather than having a character limit.

Some kids got toasted in a Yellowstone hot spring.

Post Survivor linkage with some help from Jejune. Here's a page full of some of the better Rudy-isms. However, they are missing some other good ones like:

"When I go home and my wife ask me about, 'Well who was with ya?', I'll say a queer that runs around bare-assed half of the time."

"The homosexual, he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met."
I guess there's a whole lot more of them as well in that Survivor book.

And oh geez, after hearing that asinine speech by Sue at the very end, just before the final vote, I do believe that this clip from the movie Billy Madison seems quite appropriate.

Ok, I'm done.

Aug 22 And now there's an A-Team movie in the works as well. It figures though, none of the original cast will be used in the movie. [via twernt]

Scorched Earth: The Mother of All Games. The DOS classic is quite alive since you can play it online in Java now and there's a neat looking 3D version in the works as well.

A hilarious look at how CBS is trying to make up for the fact that they didn't signup a bunch of assholes for the Big Brother show. Pretty much no matter what CBS tries to do to pit the houseguests against eachother, they instead live with their differences and band together against CBS so much so that they've talked of revolt and pondered walking off the set en masse.

Aug 21 I've posted about one of the greatest game shows of the 80's before but now there is some new information, Bill Murray is going to star in a movie all about Press Your Luck. The exact story is apparently going to be about contestant Michael Larsen who memorized the patterns on the game board and went on to win $110,247 in one day. That is the largest win ever for a daytime game show contestant. [via Catherine's Pita]

Weblog gives man the will to live. If Fred has the energy after all that to post an update on his weblog, I'm guessing that's a good sign. Good luck to you sir.

Aug 19 It was inevitable, a Simpsons Movie is going to be made.

Well it looks like it has been one year since I decided to jump on the weblog bandwagon. The only difference I perceive is that I don't post with so much wild abandon as perhaps I used to. And some things never change: that Pavement video/DVD I posted about back then still hasn't come out yet. Bah.

Aug 18 Follow the various exploits of U. of Indiana coach Bobby Knight. Unfortunately, no site seems to have the rest of the various Bobby Knight clips that I have heard about but don't have.

Weird events and statements revolving around CBS anchorman Dan Rather. [via Bird on a Wire]

Aug 17 A lesson on teamwork and aircraft design using flys as engines that I found lying in the beebo metalog.

That story in the news last month about being able to trick light into travelling faster than the "speed of light" was nothing more than an optical illusion.

A webpage chronicling a series of phone calls made by some drunk guy to a web designer at work. [via Eatonweb]

Godzilla doing a victory dance = a quality moment in latenight television. Infommercials for a product called "Nads" rank high as well.

Aug 16 I first saw it on the Pavement list many months back but it's back again and making the rounds in a nice and easily referenced webpage form: that Dave Eggers guy on "selling out" as interviewed for the Harvard Advocate.

There is further great Harvard action when Conan O'Brien gives a speech to the Class of 2000.

Aug 15 Well, I went outside early Saturday morning around 4am just expecting to see some bright meteors every now and then but I ended up focusing on something entirely different, a dazzling display of aurora. This picture pretty accurately portrays what I saw, minus the great landscape, except for the fact that the display I witnessed was more white than green but we're lucky to see anything this far south really. The display covered approximately 75% of the sky and several areas of the sky were pulsing and glowing during the most intense portion of the outburst which lasted about 45 minutes. This was the first time that I have managed to see the northern lights and seeing them against a backdrop of sometimes brilliant meteors with Tracey was an added bonus. Tracey says she has seen them twice now, no fair. Now all I need though is a decent camera for next time.

A page about people who claim to have heard the northern lights produce sounds, none for me though.

Some Canadian dork has written a small batch of songs about TV's Survivor.

Yikes, this mid-air lightning strike just looks worse than it actually is...

Aug 10 The best time to see this year's Perseids meteor shower is during the early hours of August 12th. Anywhere from 50 to 100 meteors per hour should be visible under ideal conditions. More detailed information is also available here.

Have the Grim Reaper guess your age. It guessed 21 for me.

Canadian Imperialism: Your new global reality.

Aug 09 Here are various clips of Beck performing July 21st at the Doctor Music Festival in Spain. His performances of Mixed Bizness as well as Novacane and The New Pollution are on this site.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (In Canadian Funds). Qualifying started today and runs until August 20th.

Aug 08 Penguin publishes a book entitled "katie.com" and ignores the fact that that domain has been owned by someone else since 1996, thus, giving the owner reams of unwanted traffic and correspondence. Meanwhile, the actual website of the book's author is katieT.com.

Michigan man almost dies in an industrial dishwasher and another couple of Michiganders want to build a modern pyramid to hold 300,000 corpses.

Twenty-eight states band together to beat down over-priced CDs. After this there really should be something done about Ticketmaster.

Aug 07 Probably the only good view you'll see of comet LINEAR since it has broken up and disintegrated.

News of a Malkmus side project called "The Jicks" which will release material in early 2001.

A very fine collection of rock photos.

Aug 04 Well, it seems waiting until morning to purchase Weezer tickets may have cost me dearly if the webpage I am presented when querying about two tickets is any indication. The show must have been announced on the radio last night or something... Anyone have some extras tickets? Heh.

Now this is closer to the way Godzilla was meant to be: Godzilla 2000!

A woman revealed her boobies on the Today Show Wednesday morning as part of a radio stunt, apparently in order to collect a $1000 prize. I guess the tape was circulating all around NBC later that day and ended up being shown on Leno at some time. There's a couple other silly clips of some other dorks forcing their way on to live TV as well. [via Fark]

Haha, so you wanna fake being an indie rock expert eh? [via chrominance]

It turns out that that whole rumour about Gervase being the ultimate winner of Survivor was just a sneaky ploy by CBS to cover up their previous mistakes and combat the entire Survivorsucks site. Crafty! They apparently went so far as to digitally alter photographs in the show's introduction to lead people astray. And that isn't the only deception going on lately, there's the weird Rubberburner site which appears to take after Mahir but is really just part of a giant Lee jeans advertising campaign.

Posted just because you don't see Canadian commandos storming a ship on the high seas everyday.

Aug 02 A whole load of early Modest Mouse tour dates have been posted on that rather extensive Modest Mouse Fan site. I'm thinking I shall be attending the Sept. 17 show in London, Ontario if a Detroit area performance doesn't materialize.

Jeremiah Green of Modest Mouse - He's a "fucking drumming prodigy", as you can tell.

Program your Nokia mobile phone to play crazy songs! [via Pop Culture Junk Mail]

Uhm, what the hell? Nice cockerel pouch. [via Amy's Pita]

Aug 01 Here's a run-down of last week's Mr. T appearance on Late Night. There's video of the entire thing you can download as well in case you missed it. I'm sure they'll replay this episode sometime in the future on TV for those unwilling or unable to endure such a large download.

And speaking of large downloads... With the recent stir over the sort of release of Mr. Show episodes on video tape, and for the benefit of those of us who don't have and probably never will have copies of Mr. Show on video tape, I'll again draw attention to a link from the sidebar that has them all online in Real format. All the hilarity of the original TV version only more compact and harder to see.

"A system designed to help the hearing-impaired at concerts has provided bootleggers with a new tool to make illegal live recordings of exceptional quality, according to the record industry."
I should find out if they have these things at shows around Detroit. Heh.

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