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Aug 29: It's crazy. Suddenly i'm in Brooklyn, Iowa. So therefore, there may be very few updates to this section for a week.

Looks like the end of time is upon us, the Mark of the Beast has it's own webpage. It doesn't look all that bad if you read over the promotional material :P [via Cruel Site of the Day]

You may not have noticed, but many of those games that you used to love to play were full of sexual innuendo. [via Cruel Site of the Day]

Find some coupons for places like CDNow etc. There was a trick that you could do where you could combine multiple coupons at Music Boulevard before and end up getting almost as many cds as you wanted for free. Maybe that's why CDNow ended up swallowing them up :P [via memepool]

Voltron!!!! My childhood relived. I never knew about any car based Voltron though. Someone from #ezines tried to explain it all to me once but I am totally clueless. Apparently, we were deprived of the other Voltrons in Canada. [via Kempa.com]

Anyone hungry for a bag of Fritos? I'd have them but I prefer barbeque flavour personally.

Aug 26: Where the heck have I been?! Checked out the Matador Records Bulletin Board and this is what I found:

'Slow Century'
VHS/DVD Video Compilation
Release Date: October 26

Here (live performance filmed by MTV Europe)
Perfume-V (live performance filmed by MTV Europe)
Cut Your Hair (dir. Dan Koretzky)
Gold Soundz (dir. Scott Blen)
Range Life (dir. Scott Blen)
Rattled By the Rush (dir. Tom Surgal)
Father To a Sister of Thought (dir. John Kelsey)
Painted Soldiers (dir. Dan Koretzky/Rian Murphy)
Stereo (dir. John Kelsey)
Shady Lane (dir. Spike Jonze)
Carrot Rope (dir. Lance Bangs)
Spit On a Stranger (dir. Lance Bangs)
Major Leagues (dir. Lance Bangs)

Plus! The DVD will include two full live performances shot in London and Atlanta on the summer 1999 tour. These are two-camera shoots, and the DVD will allow you to switch between cameras for different perspectives. There will also be footage of the band lazing around Louisville, including some (but not all) of the footage included on the limited-edition CD-ROM released with 'Terror Twilight', as well as some new footage from the same shoot."

Look up Canadian .ca domain names as well as the standard Internic domain names.

In the rain or in the snow I got the funky flow! Parappa the Rapper! Lol.. I used to have a tape of some of the songs from that video game because they were just quite funky in fact! Now I guess there's going to be an actual live concert tonight featuring music from this video game and others. Hah. [via memepool]

Eternal salvation from the comfort of your own home! I remember how I wrote an article trumpetting such a thing for my high school newspaper. Unfortunately, I didn't bother to actually start submitting articles until after a number of scandals that brought about the placement of a new faculty censor. Anyway, the article involved healing and salvation through the use of a computer and the Internet. I particularly loved the part where I mention "holy osmosis" (physical healing through one's monitor) in the piece. It just sounded good :P The article was rejected, of course, as being too offensive and just not funny at all. I'll have to post said article up eventually, along with numerous other old projects. What brought this memory up is when I found a whole webpage offering salvation through the Web. When your looking for salvation or Christianity links in general, go directly to the source, Jesus' homepage. [via memepool]

Article on the latest probe that will land on Mars in 3 months.

Aug 24: Now this really looks interesting and only further digs a grave for Netscape/Iplanet. Using the newly released beta of Neoplanet, you can access such things as email and instant messaging at the same time as browsing the web. What looks so great about this browser is that it's all those different functions inside one program, as well as added features such as browser skins. All of this runs using IE 4.0+, and i'm sorry, it may be an M$ product, but IE is the best browser currently. I probably still wouldn't get this product though personally. Not until all the different Instant Messenger programs out there connected to the same network. [via FactoVision]

A whole page devoted to the anal probe scene in the movie Communion? lol :) Be sure to read the little description of it first though over at Pigdog.

FREE UNIVERSITY TUITION in Canada?!?!?! I was just about ready to move to Sweden where they apparently already have free university. I suddenly love the NDP party. :P [via a boy and his basement]

Right on man.... Air guitar for world peace... For some reason, I just can't see a bunch of Iranians dropping the burning American flags from their hands to air guitar. Actually, I think I used to ride on the city bus with the organizer of this event. He's mentally disabled, likes to air guitar in the aisle while the bus is moving, and often brags about how he just "fucked this hot chick last night".

Getting robbed is pretty traumatic. Getting robbed and then having to watch the robbers have sex in front of you though is probably worse. [via Fark]

This is another type of thing i'm interested in, tracking where something has been. It's only for United States currency unfortunately but kind of cool nonetheless. You enter the various info about the paper money, and then if someone has done the same at sometime earlier, you will be able to see where the money has been before and how long it's taken to get to your hands. There's only $1 million in currency in the database though so you people should get entering that money :P heh [via Fark]

Screw Turkey or California, this is the fault line that will really wake people up when it decides to shift.

Aug 23: The folks over at the SloanHut have a realaudio clip of Sloan on Much Music. It's an interview about making a video for the upcoming new single "Losing California" and during the clip you can hear some of the new song. Well...sounds less Navy Blues-ish, and according to "true" Sloan fan opinion, that's probably a good thing :P

Now today, I was watching the local 5:30pm news and some crazy story about people snowmobiling over water came on! Now I guess I should expect this when there's sports out there like lawnmower racing. I decided to look up this so called "puddle jumping", and figures, it's actually kinda popular farther north in Canada. Though, the colder version seems to be more exciting.

Retarded Metchick IRC quote of the day, "<METchiCKa> i wanna be a stripper." A fine tidbit brought to you by the fine people of Efnet #Windsor

Somebody *really* doesn't like Ryan's Mom. [via CSOTD]

Reason #2903 why Canada is better than the United States.

Aug 22: This Ebay auction has definitly got to be part of a very small niche market.

If you want to legitimize the item somewhat, make sure it was worn by someone from the Blair Witch Project.

A parody of the global abomination that is Geocities entitled "HitlerCities".

Aug 21: Hopefully this lady won't ever notice what images are "visually similar" to a headshot of herself. [via Strange Brew]

The fine folks at the Onion produce an infographic entitled "Nuts About NASCAR" which is perfect for any of those crazy ass NASCAR fans.

This has got to be the funniest Back Orifice screen capture I have ever seen! Just look at the expression on that guy's face. [via CSOTD]

Music News!

I've got new Beck album fever! :P According to Truck from the Official Beck site, despite the lawsuit and whatnot, Beck's new album is set to come out on Nov 15 in the U.K. and Nov 16 in Canada/US which is just about one year since Mutations came out. The new album remains untitled but Beck has recorded 40 songs for it!

And since I just started this weblog, I might as well mention that Sloan are on tour this fall! The new album, Between the Bridges, is out Sept 21 in North America. As of right now, the current tour dates are:

10/15/99 San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
10/16/99 West Hollywood, CA @ Troubadour
10/21/99 Sydney, AUS @ Goldmans
10/22/99 Melbourne, AUS @ Prince Of Wales
10/29/99 Pontiac, MI @ Clutch Cargo's
10/30/99 Buffalo, NY @ Tralfamadore Cafe
11/04/99 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom

MP3s Music News:

A 22 year old university student is the first victim of the 1997 US internet copyright theft laws. Bah.

Meanwhile, the Recording Industry Association of America reports that full length cd shipments continue to go up despite MP3s and cd burning. It's crazy!

Aug 20: This guy built an aquarium out of his Mac and dubbed it the "Macquarium".

Oh yes, I can't forget this little tidbit. Apparently, either "the Man" was checking up on me, or they were looking for someone to recruit.

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Those crazy japanese and their beetles, someone just bought one for $90,000 US!

Mysterious light from outer space.

Saturn.org just posted this stickman death site, punktoons. This made me remember the Stick Death site which I prefer personally.

Apparently, it's the world's smallest webserver

Nifty little loophole in Sweden allows child, age 10, to run up $44,000 in parking tickets. [via Cardhouse]

Just what I always wanted, a boring job! [via Pigdog]

Okay, I thought all the guy's getting off from Tombraider was bad, but apparently that's nothing when there's guys like this. [via Pigdog]

I was led to yet another good weblog today, Pigdog

Aug 19: I absolutely love weblogs.....along with travelogues, journals, diaries and all the rest of those types of webpages. First off, you might be thinking "What exactly is a weblog anyway?". A weblog is typically a list of links. This isn't your standard webpage list of links though, often times there are observations and opinions thrown into the mix. Some webloggers also add journal entries of their days or their thoughts to the page. So this all combined is what makes the weblogs so interesting to me. My early exposure to these types of pages was through Teri's wonderful site, melt the snow. Teri keeps a nice journal of her days and then of course I would explore the various links to other journals and end up all over the web. Later though, I discovered weblogs and this is when I became truly hooked. It happened one day when I had ventured to Adam's page to view his pictures of various Sloan singles. I then ended up exploring the rest of what he had to offer as I usually end up doing on any new site. Adam had just recently discovered the Cardhouse site and was trumpeting how great it was. After I had checked it out I was pretty much hooked. I continue to explore various weblogs regularly so i've assembled a list for you along the left of some of the ones that I visit.

My personal weblog has come about from when I decided that I wanted to have one too a week ago. I was considering journal entries perhaps as well but I've decided to just incorporate any into the weblog. I already kind of kept a weblog on my own though when I would collect interesting links and paste them to friends on IRC or send them through email so a nice central weblog made even more sense. Now with my updating track record who knows how long this little project will last but we'll try it for now. I've kind of adopted the general style of Cardhouse to start off since I'd be here forever designing a totally new page the way I am about these things.

And finally, if you have any interesting links or documents that I should include here, send them to me!

To start off the inaugural weblog entry I'm just going to run down some of the various weblogs I like to frequent the most (in no particular order).

Cardhouse: this is the weblog I first discovered and it's still my favourite. The way the entries are linked, you are sometimes left wondering what the heck they are talking about until you follow the actual link but that's half the fun ;) and the little entires for each link are usually quite humourous. The rest of the site is also hours, days even, of reading fun so that's probably why I love it so much.

Kempa.com: A smaller site that didn't start all that long ago I guess but I enjoy it nonetheless. Since I'm an indie rawker, I like the indie rock entries sometimes particularly.

Bring the Rock: And while we're talking about indie rock, you might as well head over here for your daily dose of indie music news.

Damn Dirty Ape: Everyone needs a dose of rudeness and crudeness in their life. I do anyway :P

Cruel Site of the Day: Speaking of rude and crude, here's cruel, a close relative.

have browser, will travel: Keeping all the bases covered, here's a nice nerdyesque type site :P But then, if you like weblogs at all you probably are a nerd anyway so heh, who cares :)

Eatonweb: Just another staple with good content. What more can i say? :P

And that's that for now.

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