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Dec 30 For New Year's this year I'm heading off to Chicago with Tracey and Co. to see Hum play with the Flaming Lips at the Metro. It should be quite an interesting evening, especially considering I've never even been to Chicago before and last year I spent most of the night sleeping, only to awake ten minutes before midnight.

Cassini made it's closest approach to Jupiter today. The latest pictures and movies can be found here.

Various photographs from the Christmas day partial solar eclipse. There's a total lunar eclipse coming up on Jan 09 but it can mainly only be seen over on that other side of the Earth.

Saddam wants to use Playstation 2's to help launch nukes. Nice.

Dec 29 Insert excuses about work, lack of good links, and the fact I'm visiting mostly the same old sites when I actually do surf at all.

Dec 13 Here's some more solo Malkmus songs recorded live from his recent performance at the BBC.

I totally forgot about this mostly due to the fact that it's so bitterly cold out but the Geminids meteor shower is peaking with one more good time to view them being tomorrow morning.

Dec 12 The solo Malkmus release is floating around now and here's a track to listen to called "Discretion Grove"(Down now. Too bad.) which is apparently going to be the first single released next month anyway. Get the rest of the tracks yourself.

Some Russian jets flyover a U.S. aircraft carrier and then taunt the crew of the ship by sending them pictures they took of the flyover through email.

A swastika made out of trees in Germany that just refuses to die. It's only visible for a number of weeks each year when the leaves change colour. Heh. Nice.

Dec 08 The Annals of Improbable Research presents an experiment involving USPS mailings. The tests consisted of mailing questionable items such as an unwrapped brick and seeing if they would actually arrive at their destination. [via gammatron]

"Sound-emitting toy. A monkey-in-box toy that, upon shaking, shouted, 'Let me out of here! Help! Let me out of here!' Addressed in big letters to LITTLE JOHNNIE. Sound toy was equipped with a new battery. Delivery at doorstep, 6 days."
Hah. I can just imagine that item being fun for the postal workers as it passed through their system.

A cool picture illustrating lake effect snow coming off the Great Lakes.

Dec 06 When one works as much in a week as I did the past week, it doesn't leave one much time to come across any interesting links. They've ordered that laptop for me though, sweet!

A neat little webcast of The Weekend live from Ted's Wrecking Yard on Nov 06, 2000.

Too funny. A former writer for Letterman supposedly infiltrated a New York internet startup for 16 days, posing as an employee transferred from a satellite office in Chicago.

" Racked with boredom and 'always a hair's breadth away from masturbation,' Rothman finally resorts to inviting his friends to join him in the office, where they pretend to hold meetings in a glassed-in conference room (which actually turns out to be somebody's office). "
As it turns out though, the validity of the story is being brought into question, but whatever.

Latest Run Ronnie Run report: this time from the set itself.

Dec 01 Just so you don't get the idea that I'm not posting today or something. Heh.

"Dot Lancaster: Film Valedictorian of Hollywood." Did I mention I'm really excited about that Mr. Show movie?

Here's a Dandy Warhols website with a nice vault of live Dandys material in the usual MP3 form.

An update on that Malkmus solo album, like how it's just going to be titled "Stephen Malkmus", rather than "The Jicks".

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