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Dec 29: Get a load of these Driveways of the Rich and Famous... Pretty exciting, no? :P

Hah. A funny look at IRC with the IRCNews.

Dec 28: I was browsing around and the mysterious box brought to my attention the fact that the US has been producing commemorative quarters just like Canada has been. But bah, the Canadian designs are far superior. Come on now, when will you ever see a US design that features Monopoly game piece look-a-likes? Or how about depictions of Natives? Well okay, they might show some good action shots of white folk shooting some in the back. Oh yea, no 10 year olds allowed. I do like the ornate design of the Connecticut coin though.

Oh wait, here's a native, and on the new US imitation loonie 1 dollar coin. :P Crazy.

Just screw it all. Stay home and play End of the World Bingo on New Year's Eve. Hell, looks like the majority of people are fed up and are going to play as well (or an equivalent). Either that or everyone is just paranoid. [via Cruel Site of the Day]

Actually, here's something better. An Elliott Smith webcast at 10:30pm EST live from the Knitting Factory.

Analyzing the movies for every known flaw. I have no clue how people notice some of these things. [via memepool]

Dec 25: My geek quotient just increased by ten fold with the acquisition of my own domain. The fact that I came in first in Chatgames Star Wars trivia a couple days ago doesn't help any either. But anyway, I switched service providers and decided to blow all the monthly savings on a dedicated webhost. Please update all your links people. Thanks.
Kempa.com just unveiled his new domain today as well after a tragic implosion. What a coincidence. I've been pondering a weblog redesign as well since the only reason I used this design originally was out of laziness.

Today's IRC Quote: <Jesus_> I am pretty fly for a religious guy

US Paranoia: You can never be too safe when it comes to Germans, especially around Christmas.

"Said the recipient of the package: 'I'm sorry we blew up our Christmas present.'"

I was browsing around looking for some nice lunar eclipse photographs and I discovered that there will be a partial solar eclipse covering pretty much all of North America exactly 1 year from today. Next Christmas should be very interesting.

Dec 24: This is what I'm doing today rather than going to the malls and whatnot.

IRC Quote of the Day:

<flawed> i have this deal worked out with everyone. i don't get them anything, and in return they get me nothing.
<flawed> it's been working great.

A CD player that plays regular audio CDs AND CDs that have MP3s on them. It was supposed to be out by now, but apparently not.

Problems @Discovery.In-Orbit.com [via Whim and Vinegar]

Fiery crashes on demand and in your browser. [via Cruel Site of the Day]

"LordCo, God's merchandising company" [via memepool]

A couple tidbits I lifted from Feed.

An Atlas of Cyberspace. Displaying information (which for the most part is useless) in every visual form possible = fun! I personally prefer the WarGames-esque maps. This is all something good to look at I suppose after your finished digesting the webpages that analyze/rank/dissect/alphabetize weblogs in every way.

It's a hard life, being an intern on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

The compulsory Christmas Eve Santa tracking at NORAD.

Dec 23: Sloan is the musical guest on Conan O'Brien tonight, ya!

Dec 22: Detroiters on one street terrorized by a pack of roaming wild dogs.

Dec 21: For Sale: One Juliett class Russian submarine. Slightly used.

This one is for that punk Rob. A PDF map detailing the routes affected by the recent CN Rail merger with Burlington Northern Santa Fe. [via Lake Effect]

The "Search Engine Colossus", featuring every search engine out there arranged by country. [via Bifurcated Rivets]

Lol. A webpage devoted to how some dork got laid using the Internet. They don't seem to believe it over at memepool though. I didn't bother reading the kid's story but it's entirely plausible. I started regularly idling in #Windsor on EFNET almost four years ago now, and hah, it is a sexfest for certain people who frequent such irc channels. I have thought about constructing a webpage that would graphically depict everyone in the channel and who they have nailed, or a "sex tree" if you will. But alas, that requires too much effort. I'm resigned to openly mocking the aforementioned in the channel which has resulted in countless death threats being flung my way. Heh...

Watch as the EToys stock plummets! [via mr. pants]

Dec 20: New technology which implants GPS devices under people's skin and is powered by muscle movement.

Dec 18: The final amounts of the new Canadian recordable media levys have been decided and made into law. Actually, these levies turned out to not be so bad after all considering the taxes that were originally proposed were up to 50 cents for every 15 minutes of digital recording time.

Here's a handy little application I found that keeps track of your monthly data transfers.

A tidbit scoured from the Apples in Stereo website:

spinART will be releasing a "MAXISINGLE" on Feb 8th. The single will contain one new Apples song from the forthcoming album and the four songs from the Japanese release of "Her Wallpaper Reverie".

As well, there's a new Elephant 6 Radio site. I don't know if clicking on "Listen" on their webpage will work for you or not, but I have to load the link up in Winamp manually to listen. The hits keep on coming. Lots of great music streaming from this site. Though, the playlist isn't really all that big :P Oh well.

Dec 17: There might be another anti-MP3 onslaught in the media. Why? Well, because the Cure's new album isn't slated to come out until Feb 2000 yet it was just released by the MP3 group "EGO" on Sunday. Not that I like the Cure or anything. Why did I really post this anyway?

And speaking of pirating, here's something even funnier. Two days ago, Microsoft proclaimed that Windows 2000 was finally done and ready to ship. That same day, copies of the final retail version are showing up on the Net. Haha. Nice...

There's a blue light special on internet access at Kmart.

Detroit has the honour bestowed upon it of being the city with the greatest amount of bastard babies born in a year.

I'm guessing this is why there are Mahir parodies on Letterman now, the guy is actually touring the US like a celebrity. Hey, right on man! I'd do the same thing. Leech off all these North American idiots for all they are worth.

They're finding planets around other stars left and right now, but have scientists actually seen one directly this time? Though, even if they have, it's not as if we're going to be seeing dazzling pictures of distant planets posted anytime soon.

Dec 16: Beck tour dates are beginning to really flood in now. 11 new US shows have just been added. I already have my Row C tickets, so where are yours?

And here's another great band to see play live in the new year, Yo La Tengo. They're taking a nice little romp around the US for the most part starting in February. In the meantime, you can check out an old realaudio archive of Yo La Tengo performing at the Cat's Cradle in 1997 on the Matador site.

While watching Letterman tonight, I noticed what seemed to be an obvious Mahir parody. A curtain rises to reveal a man wearing only a blazing red Speedo and who is playing ping pong. He then proclaims, "David Letterman, I KISS YOU!!!!" Though, there was no mention of the Net or the like. There is a blurb about it over on the Dave's site, but since it will probably be gone any time now, here it is:

" Something for the ladies. The guys have the two Late Show interns who escort Dave out each night to ogle over. Now, the Late Show female viewers and the Donz can feast their eyes on the Turkish stagehand. See? There's something for everyone. How long will the Turk be with us? Nobody knows for sure but if we experience a spike in the ratings, you can expect more of Turk the stagehand."

Well yes, I know that I already mentioned the music from Parappa the Rappa before as well, but come on, this is quality music! :P Why, hell, when I was a wee lad, I convinced my friend to record some of it off of her Playstation and onto a cassette for me so I could have a copy. Today though, the entire soundtrack can be had in convenient MP3 form. [via The Secret Lair]

If I could even think of one idea for a handy utility webpage like this one where you can quickly calculate the distance between any two cities, damn, I'd be raking in the hits. [via Strange Brew]

Dec 15: Evil...in the form of multiplying bunnies and sinister music.

Jesus joins forces with the NRA, and, the trashing of Maxim magazine at Popsmear magazine.

I knew there had to be an astronomy weblog out there. Though, you figure there is most likely plenty more out there that just aren't aware of this whole "weblog" webpage classification yet :P

Dec 14: Free Unix shells with irc access :P at Nether.net. Good for when you need to get around that firewall at work but don't want to pay for another account. I used to have a list of around 5 such places (that offer irc access) but this is the only one I know of at the moment.

Hah. One of the creators of the plague known as "Lara Croft" is nailed in a kiddie sex scandal. [via The Secret Lair]

More coupon madness! The real gems are the coupons with no minimum purchase required and have cheap (or free) shipping. Good for loading up on CD singles. [via Adam Twelve]

Guided By Voices tour in the New Year, featuring Sloan! Sloan will also be appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien for the Thursday Dec 23 show which actually airs the 24th.

Dec 13: Detroit Skyline Cam As Viewed From Windsor, Ontario, Canada Found a live webcam of the Detroit skyline as viewed from Windsor. Here's an archive of US Naval frigates in the Detroit river launching Patriot missiles at incoming SCUDS... or maybe not.

And speaking of Detroit, they're trying to stamp out the tradition of firing one's guns wildly on New Year's Eve.

Relive all the hours you've wasted watching television by wasting more precious hours watching realaudio of TV gone by at Tv Party.com. Remember when wrestling was popular the first time? Well for me anyway, not the 50's version. The A-Team wants YOU! Hear the infamous Casey Kasem clip on the new Fox show, When Announcers Go Nuts. There's tons of things on the Tv Party pages going on about programs that were on before I was even born, but there's other clips like the freaky Max Headroom PBS hack that I vaguely remember seeing on the news. [via mr. pants]

I can't help it. A clip like this of a guy getting kicked down a set of bleachers is entertaining, whether it's 5am when I'm writing this or not.

Another meteor shower peaks tonight. This time it's the Geminids. This shower is typically the best display all year and usually produces many fireballs. The predicted peak rate this year is almost 120 meteors per hour.

Dec 11: I play metal for Jesus.

Dec 10: I should have seen Stereolab perform last night. Unfortunately, reports say that Laeticia has a voice problem that required hospital treatment. So therefore, the show ended up being postponed. There will be a live broadcast of Stereolab from Toronto though on primeticket.net starting at 7:15pm EST. This is all of course only going to happen if Laeticia can actually sing by tonight. (The show has been cancelled)

The Official Beck World Tour is slated to start in the New Year. Most of the North American dates are still TBA though. The Michigan show (Feb. 3) doesn't show up on the listing yet but takes place in Ann Arbor and tickets are on sale starting today in fact.

In addition, Beck is slated to perform on the Tonight Show today.

And after Beck is finished performing there, he'll be on the Spin.com chat at 6:30PM EST.

Thundercats are HOOOO!!! Literally.

Meteor slams into a reservoir in Australia causing a minor panic. [via Pigdog]

12345678910 11 - 12! [via Pop Culture Junk Mail]

Dec 09: Let's look at the musical career of James Brown on the All Music Guide. When you page down to the AMG Biography section though, hmmm, I never knew James Brown performed gansta-rap.

Convicted killer attempts to commit suicide in Texas but is unsuccessful and hospitalized, only to be executed by the state hours later.

Dec 07: Youth of the world hoping for some New Year's lovin'. It just so happens that Canadian youth are the most eager for some action. This is definitly not news to me due to the fact that a group of mentally impaired guys from my school run a site called "NoDome".

I didn't see anything about this at all on the news, but apparently there was an earthquake near Toronto a couple weeks ago.

TotalNIC offers the cheapest domain registration I've come across yet. $35 USD for 2 years, which just slightly edges out Joker.com.

Dec 06: Today, I steal with impunity.

Even the source code of the Gore 2000 website is full of special election propaganda now. Go to that page and then choose "view source" or equivalent in your browser. [via Bird on a Wire]

Make up to $50 an hour by participating in a Yahoo! User Research. Wow. Yahoo! is good for something after all perhaps. [via Scribble]

I'm all for anything that mocks ravers :P [via Cruel Site of the Day]

A couple from memepool

Have something nasty to say? Let a card do the talking for you instead.

And I suppose you could send the person an inflatible sheep along with that card perhaps.

If your as clueless I was as to what is going with this whole etoys.com controversy, check out eviltoy.com [via mr. pants]

Dec 05: Free internet access has begun to trickle into Canada now. Of course there is a catch though, being that you have to click on an advertisement at least once per hour or else your connection dies.

What a debacle. The Mars Polar Lander has yet to be heard from since it landed. If these probes don't respond, the total number of successful missions will remain around 10 out of almost 30 missions sent to the planet. Though the majority of those failures were Russian :P

All kinds of Seattle WTO madness as documented by some guy named Wally. [via Cardhouse]

Dec 04: What the world needs is a good online version of Stratego. A good online version would be one that doesn't involve me paying any money though. There is one knock off called Seige and Capture but it is discontinued now and you still have to search on your own for opponents, and that is beside the fact that I don't like the program.

Dec 03: The Mars Polar Lander(new URL that works) will attempt to touch on Mars today. There will be full coverage as it happens on the Discovery Channel. There's a direct NASA feed as well.

A cool knock off the old BBS door game Tradewars2002 called Space Merchant.

Beck is the musical guest on SNL tomorrow btw.

Dec 02: Okay, this time Thrush Hermit really are going to tour for the final time. (tonight @ Toronto, tomorrow @ London) The band will be leaving their fans a final video compilation however, which will be available at the shows and then the remaining copies will be for sale through Sonic Unyon.

" Thrush Hermit - Learn To Party
Herein lies a chronicle of one band's struggle as Entertainment. Witness the metamorphosis of boys into men. The story is told through all of Thrush Hermit's offical videos, plus photographs, commentary and extra archival footage. (1990-1999)

Maybe it's just me but the latest update of the Onion is more hilarious than usual. My favourite has got to be piece entitled, "Terrorist Bomb Not Defused In Thrilling, Suspense-Packed Final Minutes". "Ferocious Ad Assault Crushed Ragtag Sales Resistance" would be a close second.

Remember that site that was put up for an 11 year old named Faelan so he could get a girlfriend? Well it was really all a ploy by his father to get some action for himself instead. [via Cruel Site of the Day]

" Late sleepers of the world, arise! (At a reasonable hour... say, 10) " [via Scribble]

If any actual Y2K problems don't bring the phone system down, everyone checking their dialtone to make sure things are okay will. [via Stuffed Dog]

Dec 01: Okay, I found that Sloan thing on Spin.com. It's a series of live clips from their Nov 19, Chicago performance as well as some kind of shaving zaniness.

Today is that whole big "Day Without Art" (or "Day Without Weblogs")huzzah. Perhaps it should be a day without scalpels in the US since more people die each year from medical errors than AIDS.

Solar eclipse caught on the surface of Mars by the Mars Global Surveyor.

A quality Beck interview from the Boston Phoenix.

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