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Feb 28: Missed a Simpsons episode? Got Real Player? Then chances are, you can watch the episode you missed here. This site apparently has 203 out of 241 Simpsons episodes online plus some of the Tracey Ullman shorts.

Feb 27: Remember how the whole point of building a massive city in SimCity was just so that you could launch various disasters on it and watch it burn down? Well okay, that might not have been the idea for everyone, but it was for me usually. Now there is that new game out, The Sims. I haven't had a chance to get this game yet but I was wondering what kind of zaniness one could do with it. Looks like I am not alone. The truly funny part of this is the family scrapbook of Mr. Sadistic. [via Slightly North of Tomorrow]

I've been sampling music from the Turing Machine tonight. Very fine instrumental rock on the Jade Tree label. There's a lone track online in the sounds area.

Well, would you look at that. The Sloan Rarities webpage guy has posted the two elusive Japanese tracks from Between the Bridges! Happy day.

Feb 25: Weird art: Jesus in a really bad knife fight.

Ghetto rocketry: matchstick rockets.

Due to the fact that Sunday I will be seeing the Kids in the Hall in Detroit, here are some KITH links. There's a website with a basic rundown of what you missed if you didn't go to any of the tour dates, which I refuse to read until Monday. Here is a really good site though, KITHfan.org. They have all of the transcripts from the show, and more. My favourite transcript to read I think will always be the Dr. Seuss Bible. Running Faggot was also another gem. Someone really needs to capture me some pictures of Rod Torfulson's Armada, featuring Herman Menderchuck. I still want to make some fake Armada tour t-shirts for myself sometime. Heh. And speaking of Armada, there's a cool Station ID that plays on CJAM every now and then that features James of Yo La Tengo pretending he is a member of Armada. I must get a copy of that sometime. But anyway...

Hah. Remember that whole "Sommy" cyberstalker deal a few years ago? They brought in Dateline NBC and the Discovery Channel in an attempt to find out who it was when it was just the stupid 15 year old son all along. Here is an archive of sorts about the event from an ezine.

Feb 24: Get in on the Stereolab Rarities Tape Tree Project while there is still time.

I didn't even watch the Grammies but I did hear a blurb on MTV about how Beck beat the asses of Nine Inch Nails, Fatboy Slim, etc and reigned in the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Performance. I listened to Mutations today in celebration. It is still "hauntingly good". What that means exactly, I do not know, but that is exactly what I felt when I first listened to it.

Clerks action figures. [via my dog wants to be on the radio]

I post the DVD Easter Eggs page here in honour of the day when I own a DVD player like everyone else.

If only I had some 3D-glasses so I could really get the effect of today's Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Feb 22: coax me, cajole me Hey-ooooooo! Make your own license plate. Only US States are available though, of course. There is an entirely separate page devoted to just blank license plates if you want to do the work and fashion your own license plate graphically. I chose to construct a Sloan-esque license plate due to the recent unconfirmed sighting of a "COAX ME" license plate at the Windsor Sloan show.

UPDATE: The weblog.com search, helping you find out just how stale your links really are. Ah well. It's new to me damnit.

I was going to comment on the latest Elliott Smith single, "Happiness", but I ended up coming upon a release of the forthcoming album which is supposed to be in stores on April 18th. The album is entitled "Figure 8" and features 16 tracks. I've only listened to it a few times so far but I'm thinking it is at par with the last album release, "XO". The two tracks on the current single though, "Happiness" and "Son of Sam", may very well be the best tracks. Also, he'll be touring with a full band around May from what I have heard. Right now, he's doing an abbreviated solo tour.

And lately, I just can't get these two singles out of my head: "That Girl" by Esthero, and "For Real" by Tricky. While I don't know if care for the rest of the songs on their albums, those two singles are mint.

Feb 21: In my snailmail last week, I received a notice about a test I must take should I wish to be considered further for a position as a Customs Inspector at the Windsor/Detroit border. Hmmmm, then I could be the one delivering the harassment to innocent border crossing folk instead of always being on the receiving end. ;)

Okay, so I was bored and snooping around in the archives over on kempa.com last Friday and I came upon some link about a Promise Ring comic. I didn't really get it, of course, but I knew I had to show it to the Indie Rock Goddess since she adores the Promise Ring. She already knew about the comic, of course, and went on to tell me how the person who does these comics is the moderator of the Hum mailing list or something to that effect and how he sometimes includes Hum-list personalities in his comics. Thus, another reason why I didn't get that particular strip. Anyway, I started wildly clicking the "Random Strip" link and began viewing other strips. Okay, I am still left thinking *what in the hell?!* half of the time, but damn, this stuff is hilarious. And the writer seems to like Canada, but who in their right mind doesn't? So in summary, I LOVE FRIEND BEAR, and you should too.

I have neglected to post this link for ages now. I just kept forgetting. Someone has decided to post a good number of Sloan rarities online in MP3 format. "Stood Up" and the two part "Rhodes Jam" are my usual favourites to listen to. No one seems to have any of the extra tracks from the Japanese version of "Between the Bridges" though. "At The Edge Of The Scene" rocks, live anyway.

This seems to be happening a lot more often. When a spacecraft's mission is complete, NASA is often times sending their probes crashing into celestial objects. In this case, it is a potential suicide mission for the Galileo probe into Jupiter or one of its moons.

Feb 18: Listen to the new Apples in Stereo single, "Look Away", in real audio. The song won't be appearing on the new full length set for later this year apparently. The CD5 the single is on also features four tracks from the Japanese version of Her Wallpaper Reverie. It's out on Feb 22 and is $5.25 Postage Paid from SpinART! What a deal.

The Simpsons: The Movie?

Speaking of movies, they are making a Mr. Show movie apparently. And thank God for that, since I only discovered the show shortly before the Comedy Channel stopped airing it.

Solar flare increases chances of seeing aurora on the 19th and 20th.

And now, would you please welcome to the stage... the Japanese Super Toilet! [via mr. pants]

Truck hit by errant US Army missile at first ever Daytona truck race. Well, no, it was actually a serious crash that happened during the race.

Feb 17: Whoops. I was unconscious for days and only awoke today, only to find out that a giant snowstorm is on the way, so I might as well go back to bed. No, but really. Let's see, there was the fabulous Sloan show on Sunday which was fun fun! I ended up in a picture with Andrew Scott of Sloan by accident where I look, of course, horrible. There were other events that have kept me from web browsing which can mostly be summed up by three words, indie rock goddess. Now, as a result, some of these links may be old, stale, and already on every other weblog. Oh well. This thing is for the most part for my friends and I or just general interest so that somehow makes it alright. Oh ya, I turned 23 on Sunday AND saw Sloan with the Flashing Lights. Good deal. So feel free to send me some birthday money so I can buy a new badass computer after all. :)

My pals Jen and Davina have started scanning and putting online their pictures from the Windsor Sloan show. My pictures would never turn out so good, thus, why I tend not to even try and take rock photos.

On Valentine's day, there apparently was some sort of Presidental online chat at CNN. I'm sad I wasn't around for it since it took place on an IRC server. It seems though someone was thinking what I am thinking of when it comes IRC server fun and managed to easily impersonate President Clinton. Since I first noted this link a couple days ago, the guy who pulled off the simple prank seems to have achieved some insane amount of fame. I remember back in 1996 a group of us went onto a Detroit new stations irc server during a live anti-violence broadcast and impersonated various local news people. If only I still had those logs...

Oh my, Alex Trebek saying "fuck" and "son of a bitch" alot.

Possible for-profit space missions to be launched by 2001 with live webcasts from outer space as a feature.

SOHO probe discovers hundreds of new sungrazing comets. Most of them were possibly part of a larger super comet.

The NEAR spacecraft rendezvoused with the Eros asteroid on Monday. They may actually have the spacecraft brush its solar panels against the surface of the asteroid later into the mission.

Oh yes, final word is that signal wasn't the Mars Polar Lander afterall.

Beck is the musical guest on Late Night tonight. I guess Conan went to one of his Radio City Music Hall performances this week and in last nights episode even Conan could be seen doing a robot dance and proclaiming, "Look! I'm Beck!".

Feb 11: Find the lowest priced gas in your area @ GasTips.com. Though, this page is only useful for people from certain areas of Canada.

What's up with these Bob and Doug McKenzie toys? Last I heard, production of Strange Brew 2 was dead before it even started, but perhaps not.

Figures. I didn't notice the Crystal Night's Indie Pop Live site which was posted on the Indie audio trading post @ K Records. Features live Modest Mouse and Built to Spill inparticular. [via Apathy]

And oh look, a new live Built to Spill album is out on April 18. [via Catherine's Pita]

A very nice article on the next Spoon release. [via monosyllabic]

How to be a Hit Man [via Cruel Site of the Day]

Fighting over a resurfacing volcanic island that from the sound of it, can't really be used for much anyway. [via The Other Side]

Feb 10: A 15% price hike for gasoline in two days. Fabulous...

For the love of banana stickers. Some people are really into trading them. Of course, as with everything it seems nowadays, there is a backlash about banana label collecting becoming too commercial. Let's keep it about the labels, man. And for the hardcore banana lover in you...

Sample the new Beck track, "Boyz" (in Windows Media Format), that will appear on the At Home With The Groovebox compilation. I tried snooping around to find samplings of the other tracks, but failed.

And speaking of Beck, check out this archive of the Feb 06 show at Maple Leaf Gardens. Note the last picture where Beck is reclined on a bed adorned in red satin sheets. I regret not going to both the Ann Arbor and Toronto concerts now.

"The concert was anything but boring. At one point during Debra, a satirical tune mocking the cheesy seduction tunes of old soul singers such as Isaac Hayes, a bed cloaked in red satin sheets descended from the heavens. Beck climbed under the covers and, to roars of laughter, continued singing in a soaring falsetto reminiscent of Prince."

The low down [via iBoy] on exactly what is going on with the latest rash of DoS attacks against websites, for non-egghead types. I've been at the receiving end of numerous smurf attacks over lame things such as control of irc channels. What fun. There are entire groups of these people in existance that do nothing other than send out Denial of Service attacks. In this case, they spend all their waking hours taking over and holding IRC channels. Though this group inparticular claims to be have grown up and doesn't packet people anymore. Ah ha, I see.

Feb 09: They found another meteor that MIGHT hit the Earth, but probably not.

Feb 08: Strawberry Pop Tart Blow Torches

Indie audio trading post over at the K Records website.

Sloan performance and interview on Much Music tonight.

Feb 07: Know what is really embarrassing? When you are sitting there in a coffee shop, totally swooning over the indie rock goddess in your own shy and geeky way, only to have her mention something dorky you wrote on your website months back. Whoops.

Commercial that I really don't find that funny is suddenly hilarious when applied to clips of the Superfriends. (Another version of the same thing) [via Cardhouse]

Pictures and a review of the Ann Arbor Beck show @ Hill Auditorium last Thursday night. The best part of the show was no doubt the end of concert orgy when Beck and his players do something along the lines of remaking the Sexxlaws video.

Porn was a full time job [via Pigdog]

"Fired CAE employee had to claim overtime to do real work"

For you know who you are, live MP3s of Burning Airlines. [via kempa.com]

Cool looking solar coronal mass ejections in recent bursts of activity on the Sun.

When Lassie isn't so friendly anymore, good thing the RCMP is there to help. There are lots of nice diagrams showing Constable Jones exactly where to aim their sidearm. [via memepool]

Feb 04: Hi. How have you been? I have been at the receiving end of uncontrollable sweats as well as the agony of extreme chills. And when I wasn't busy lying in bed delirious, I've been attending the odd class, attempting to woo the indie rock goddess, and attending the fantabulous Beck show in Ann Arbor. Since my limited webpage queries during that time usually were related to looking up travel routes through Michigan or Ohio, this page has remained largely dormant. How tragic.

Anyway, here's some live MP3s of Neutral Milk Hotel.

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