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Jun 21 Hmmm, there may be some new linkage here in the near future. Oh, I've seen plenty of links, but I'm just lazy.

Mar 03 Death Knell

Ya, it's pretty much a fact now that my surfing habits have changed. I spend more time playing Counterstrike and Tribes now that I have a badass computer then doing any actual new website surfing. If/when I have another job that entails sitting in front of a computer all day with nothing really to do I'm sure this place will be just bursting with links again.

Leftover Links:

I get to finally see Spoon this April 24th!

Spin's Malkmus feature.

Apparently Jesus escaped crucifixion and ended up settling in Shingo, Japan.

Encyclopedia Astronautica.

A very cool video vault with footage taken from cameras attached to the sides of rockets can be found at SpaceFlight Now.

Get Out Of Our City! Dot Com. Only more appropriate during the economic meltdown.

Beck gets his own stamp.

Radical and Extreme Hobbies.

It's an old story now but some dumbass who was first of all trying to view meteors through a telescope electrocutes himself when he tries to "hack" a streetlight in order to seem them better. What's really funny is how it turns out he was one of those "leet" irc kids and there's an irc log of him bragging about his plan.

Winners of the "Foil The Filters" contest, where one attempts to trick censorware.

Also old and too late now but a good article about the general bullshit arguments you hear slamming the World Trade Organization. The waywards souls that find their way here from Indymedia might want to read it and actually consider that they might not be so right after all.

Oh, someone pointed out to me that I was reviewed about a month ago. Good for a laugh. Let's me know I was doing something right.

Feb 14 Sample two more tracks from the new Spoon album on the Merge Records site: "Me And The Bean" and "Lines In The Suit.

A sample track from the live, mp3 only, Apples in Stereo album.

That NEAR spacecraft actually ended up making a soft landing on Eros on Monday and is still sending a signal back to Earth.

Feb 12 The NEAR spacecraft will attempt to "land" on the asteroid Eros today. I say "land" since it was never designed to actually land anywhere and probably won't survive.

Feb 08 Well I just knew I wasn't hearing things during the news last night.

If you watched the Shuttle launch yesterday evening then you saw that it was extra nice show since it took place at dusk. Archived video.

Feb 06 Life In Hell from '86: How To Be A Fiesty Rock Critic. [via Pearls]

Underworld Dot Net has what are apparently two tracks from the next Radiohead release, "You and Whose Army?" and "Pyramid Song". I guess this might do something for you, it still does nothing for me. Therefore, Tracey will be pleased to know that I will no longer post anything Radiohead related. Heh. New Radiohead related anyway.

Expect a surge on Napster before they start charging subscriptions late this spring. Everyone should've seen this coming regardless.

Good places to fool around in when one wants to customize their Ultimate Bulletin Board: UBB Developers Network and UBB Hackers.

Feb 01 Beck is on Leno tonight.

Usually more accurate Malkmus dates. Detroit show = $12. Tickets on sale Feb 24.

You can listen to a streaming version of the entire new Malkmus album at Broadcast.com if you haven't heard it already.

See? I told you Blogger was fucked. Haha. Too funny.

Now the Ex-Bloggers can use IJustGotFired.com along with all the other victims of the economic meltdown.

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