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Jan 31: Streaming bootlegs of Beck 24 hours a day on Beck Radio.

Elevator Through and Eric's Trip videos.

What does your phone number spell?

Jan 29: Don't the record companies have enough control already?

"Artists and managers begin to strategize their fight against a 'work for hire' provision that could strip them of ownership of their work."

Jan 28: a NASA photo I selected this picture to post as soon as I saw it. It pretty much sums up the month of January for me. What a beautiful evening.

Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations

The San Francisco Noise Pop Festival page sounds interesting. There is a multimedia archive of the 1999 festival online as well. I'm listening to the Beulah portion as I write this.

Bush is soft on mosh pits! Vote Keyes! Actually, I loathe mosh pits, but I wish I could have seen this discussion taking place. I remember seeing Michael Moore report about this on Leno I think? Perhaps it was actually Politically Incorrect, I can't really be sure. Anyway, the full story about the actual moshing event (with video) is on Moore's site. [via Catherine's Pita]

Jan 27: I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

"A man desperate not to go to jail, broke his handcuffs and used them as a knife to cut a hole in his stomach. Then, he sprayed his own blood and tried to throw his internal organs at police and rescue workers."

Sloan is actually going to stop in Windsor as part of the Canadian tour. The show lands on my birthday amazingly (Feb. 13) and takes place at the Serbian Community Centre. The Flashing Lights are opening which will make this show nothing short of fabulous. Tix on sale 10am Saturday through the Serbian Centre and the Cleary International Centre. Thanks to Detroit Tracey for the original headsup. Although, it was Jen who actually told me that Sloan would be playing on the 13th a couple weeks ago, and at the time, I didn't believe her :P

Live audio of Tortoise is the featured set at supersphere.com. There's a number of other shows in the archives as well that you might like. [via Bring The Rock]

The Mars Polar Lander might be alive after all.

More on the renewed search for a signal from the Mars Polar Lander...

"The signal we are looking for is very, very weak, about 1 watt of power -- or like looking for a Christmas tree light on Mars"

Jan 26: Sample a track from the next Yo La Tengo album.

Project: Denny's

"THE MISSION: To visit every Denny's restaurant in the world (or at least as many as possible), getting lots of free stuff along the way."

Anyone remember GACK!? I sure do. Let's make some.

The Atari Historical Society.

Freshly caught lobsters, LIVE! Oh boy.

Jan 25: Slurpees!!! Gotta love 'em. [via Fark]

This reminds me of that sketch on Kids in the Hall where a doctor removes a guy's appendix but leaves a scar in the shape of a swastika.

I would like to have Kevin Mitnick declared a nuisance and highly annoying. Put him back in prison. :P

Jan 22: Live MP3s of godspeed you black emperor

Low power, "pirate radio" is legal now in this US. Rock on! [via Bring The Rock]

Jan 20: Figures. I find out about the Streambox VCR software but only after there has been an injunction placed on it which blocks any further distribution. Streambox VCR is a tool that captures streaming Real audio/video and allows the user to save them in various formats on their hard drive.

This funny picture over at Cardhouse is just begging for a good caption.

A move to legalize and license pirate radio in the US. [via Bring The Rock]

Simpsons brand free Internet access and there's actually Canadian access numbers. Wow. [via FactoVision]

Cool US flying lasers being developed as part of the national missile defence umbrella. Too bad ye olde interceptor missiles don't even work yet.

In the useless facts department, we present the top 10 sources of samples used in songs and the like:

1. Blade Runner
2. NASA Space Programmes
3. Star Trek
4. Aliens
5. President JFK
6. Robocop
7. The Exorcist III
8. Videodrome
9. Apocalypse Now, Hellraiser, and President George Bush
10. THX 1138

Too bad the list hasn't been updated since mid 1998 though... There is also a list of groups that sample the most.

Jan 19: Tomorrow night is the big lunar eclipse. If predictions are correct, the moon will be brick red in colour. Use the Lunar Eclipse Computer to figure out the appropriate viewing times for your area.

In the market for your own private island?

Spectacular meteor explodes near Yukon/Alaska border.

Jesus is back, and levitating on Geraldo.

And oh, btw, Jesus rocks. [via The Secret Lair]

Irc kick/ban of the day:
*** bsbtix was kicked by Wolverine (everybody..........rock your body.....cuz backstreets banned ALL RIGHT!)

Speaking of the Backstreet Boys, "I went to school with Howie D". [via kempa.com]

The Flashing Lights on tour with Sloan this Feb/March for the Ontario area portions of the tour! And speaking of the Flashing Lights, their debut album is finally coming out in the US on SpinART records. The street date is March 21.

Wow, this almost enough to compel me to install Linux. Access all the popular Instant Messengers using one convenient program called Everybuddy. [via Pigdog]

A worldwide first: The Ass Kicking Machine. [via Cruel Site of the Day]

Jan 17: Beck performs tonight on the American Music Awards.

This is exactly what I was talking about before, an IRC Sex chart. Keep track of who has banged who on EFNET. And you thought Internet nerds weren't getting any...

Wow. This person sure does seem to love Walmart. On July 31 1999, Derek bought "Royal Cargo" and a "Cotton Tank"... This is what the Internet is all about people!

Movie script meets real life. [via Fark]

Jan 14: People spotted driving around the city wearing surgical masks to avoid the flu? Hmm...

Losers.org - No doubt I'll show up in the next update once the webmasters check their referrer logs. But what category would I be placed in? Hmm... I'd lean towards the "dorks" section since an online friend used to like to call me "Yupidork"

Ratboy from the Secret Lair is there to provide more linkage about mysterious cat deaths. From some of the descriptions here, it sounds like aliens have moved on from cow mutilation to kitty mutilation. There's still always the just plain mental guys though who will cut off a cat's head to use it as a paper weight.

Hank Williams III is opening for Beck at the show I'm seeing. I wonder how that's going to go over at the actual performances but we shall see. From what I hear, he's "the Kid Rock of country music", which doesn't sound that great. I personally would prefer Beth Orton who is openly some later dates (Montreal onwards). I could still always latch onto the rumours of Sonic Youth opening for Beck at the Maple Leaf Gardens show. A live collaboration of Thurston Moore and Beck madness onstage? I wish.

Vancouver ranks as the #1 city in the world to live in, and don't forget it resides in the #1 country in the world to live in. All the more reason for you people to send me free airline tickets so I may embark on a small voyage. Yes. I urge you. [via Strange Brew]

Riding aloft in a lawn chair. Only in California. [via Cardhouse]

The amount of various weblog "resources" is growing rapidly. Good thing someone is keeping track because I'm not.

I KNEW I heard something about a new Weezer album. [via kempa.com]

I might be willing to deal with spam windows if it meant free DSL access. [via memepool]

Jan 13: Excuse all the misdating madness earlier. I do believe I was delirious at the time of writing.

Hah. I found that clip of a kid going airborne on a bus ride again.

This article is a little old but there is some kind of crazed cat serial killer roaming around Toronto cutting kitties in half! Aww.

Jan 11: Lately I've been listening to alot of the Minders. Quality retro pop or something to that effect. I don't know. All I do know is that I can listen to the song "Frida" ten times in a row and not get tired of it. As well, I think I may have grown attached to the band Danko Jones. Typically not the macho sounding type of music I would listen to but it's certainly far better than "Adidas rock" like Limp Bizkit and Korn I'd say. "Mango Kid" is the song that drew me into their web.

Possible flu pandemic on the horizon. What fun.

Jan 10: I suddenly love Toledo, Ohio. Thus, the lack of surfing for the past number of days. As always in instances like this, I then resort to flagrant link stealing. But hey, it's quality link stealing.

And while you're in Toledo, listen to WXUT 88.3 FM broadcasting from the U of Toledo. Not a 24 hour station though, so sad.

A couple for the Simpsons obsessed Andrea:

Wow. An overall great Simpsons website in design and content. [via kottke]

Oh, and here's another one! I Can't Believe It's A Simpsons Site. This is all interesting to me since I never really bothered to look for any before. [via mesmerizor]

The funny Intel commercial they were running back in the day featuring Homer. [via drat fink]

A couple of nice bits from Apathy:

Java version of the Legend of Zelda. I loved that game.

More Star Wars meets Lego, only a hell of a lot more of it this time.

Jan 07: There was an implosion of some sorts, followed by some web shuffling, all of which was not my fault. *sigh* What I really need is more nerdy friends. Yes, nerdy friends with their own web servers.

In the meantime, let's go stair diving!

Jan 04: Domainists. The latest buzz word? Who knows.

The Grammy nominations have just been announced. Beck pulls in a nomination for "Best Alternative Music Performance" for his 1998 release, "Mutations".

Sloan on Australian TV, I dunno, it's kind of funny :P

The Nazi's have colonized Mars! They have the place already crawling with howitzers! Any future manned landing attempts will be a failure! No, but seriously folks, without the little explanations of what I'm supposedly looking at, they all just look like rocks to me. See how some helpful explanations just make everything so much clearer? Nazi tanks on Mars? Most definitly. [via memepool]

Jan 03:

More Y2Gay Crap
*Nelson Laugh* Ha-Ha!

If you're really quite paranoid or up to no good and desire some form of anonymity, you may be interested in this here list of public proxy services.

I just noticed that ShellYeah.org has re-opened newuser signup for free UNIX shells.

Jan 02: I have spent the past number of days fermenting into a fine, foul tasting alcoholic beverage.

Nothing much happened with Y2K and that's too bad. I wasn't expecting many actual glitches but perhaps more along the lines of rioting and general carnage, but hey, oh well, maybe next year. There was however a very brief missile scare (even though there was nothing to worry about for us) and a moderate 5.2 earthquake in Northern Ontario on New Year's day. That probably really freaked some people out. Heh.

Crazed prison inmate sews eyes and mouth shut for fear of the new millennium.

More things only IRC'ers will get or care about: There's an actual EFNET homepage, this, I did not know until today. And here is what happens when IRC meets the Matrix. Apparently devoted to the channel #nerds, but if you've spent any amount of time online, you should still get some of this stuff. Either way, it's hilarious.

New record set for the ludicrous amount of money some people will pay for a domain name.

And I guess it's kind of become semi-popular at times to keep non-weblogging people updated on just what goes on on that weblogs mailing list. Well don't worry, it's not much. Over the break we have been blessed with the usual Robot Wisdom "insight" and a debate over what the new decade will be called. There has been a shining moment though, this being when a thread entitled "publicity whoring" was created ;)

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