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Jan 26 A full Stephen Malkmus tour was announced not too long ago.

Matador posted "The Hook" from the new album in their mp3 section.

The BattleBots are finally on in Canada starting tonight on the Comedy Network.

Jan 25 The latest Bob Odenkirk Run Ronnie Run report: “DOBBS” MOVIE WAY OVER BUDGET! DELUCA DISMISSED AS A RESULT! SEND HELP!

And one I missed: Bob Odenkirk explains the revolutionary concept of "Product Dis-placement" in Run Ronnie Run.

If you ever get your internet connection working Tracey, look at this: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Jan 24 Ya, I've been updating other areas instead.

For instance, listen to Sloan perform this early and sort of wacky version of Autobiography circa 1991. There's more where that came from too, if you care.

And the Arnold Schwarzenegger prank calls seem to be all the rage on the net and the radio these days. I seem to have found the homepage of the guy who originally recorded the calls but the clips he posted online are all since gone. There's now plenty of copycats popping up with their own versions of Arnold as well as performing calls using clips of other actors.

Anyway, here are the best of the prank calls so far:

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Asian Guy
Crazy Asian Guy
Confused Lady
Cottons Barbeque
Drunk Guy
Asian Escort Agency
Gateway Computers
Gateway Computers, again
Gator Lodge
Preferred Realty
Just Some Guy
Sunshine Hotel
Tough Guy

Links to content that isn't on my own domain for once coming tommorrow.

Jan 15 Video of the Flashing Lights live at last year's Edgefest in Barrie.

Jan 12 Well if you lost track of the secret location of Celtus' Farm then you can always catch the most recent episode posted online at the Simpsons Top 100. In fact, the two most recent episodes are currently posted.

All the Lego porn one could possibly ever need in a lifetime.

Yet another way to Napster, WinMX. In some ways it's superior to the Napster client, and in some ways, too buggy.

Jan 11 Lunar eclipse gallery of the event which took place this past Tuesday.

And the eclipse sparked riots in Nigeria.

Even more Modest Mouse material coming out of the archives. This time K Records is releasing a cd titled "Sad, Sappy Sucker" this April. The tracks were apparently recorded in 1994.

And spinART is releasing an internet only live Apples in Stereo album soon. The only unfortunate thing is that it will be an emusic.com offering, and I've found their 128kbps mp3s to be sometimes lackin ing quality.

Jan 03 Mike discovers that letting people control objects through one's website equals more traffic than one can handle.


"What we really need to do now is buy some more servers... What we're trying to say is that we're low on funds, which has kept us from making the hardware investments needed to keep the Blogger service snappy and fun. So, we're turning to you, our loyal users, for help."

What they really mean is that they're fucked. :P

Jan 02 The Quadrantids meteor shower peaks during a small window taking place tomorrow morning approximately around 7am eastern. I have yet to view this one myself since it's always so damn cold out. Oh well.

I had to post track three from the solo Malkmus album just because it's my favourite song I do believe. Here's "Jo Jo's Jacket." (Gone now, late again.)

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