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Jul 31 Early reports have Weezer set to play St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit on Sept. 2nd. There are other non-California dates as well. Merci for the alert Tracey.

Run Ronnie Run: The Ronnie Dobbs Story is a go finally!

Hah. It turns out Woodstock '99 was held on a toxic waste site. All that and more untold stories of Woodstock '99 on Sonicnet.

Various "live indie rock recordings from san francisco" by some guy. New MP3s posted sporadically.

The Crime.com Jail Cam and a variety of crazy video in the "Entertainment" section.

Oops. I fixed the Gnutella link. The good thing about about these Napster lawsuits is that now more people are being made aware of Napster/Gnutella etc., thus opening up a wider selection of leeching possibilities :P

Yet another addition to the "some guy posting mp3s on his webpage" department, only more infringing this time.

Jul 29 Napster wins a reprieve. I'm thinking they may actually have a decent chance of winning the whole case as well.

Oh, it slipped my mind, it turns out that I WAS raped by the family dog after all. Silly me.

Jul 28 Rollercoaster Tycoon is too addictive. My crack while playing. Note the telling product description.

There is some streaming Real Video posted on BlackholeTV.com of Sloan performing at what I believe to be the Belleville Waterfront Festival, which took place on July 7th. Click for live People of the Sky(56K/Cable), Coax Me(56k/Cable), and Chris(56k/Cable) talking to some girl about nothing really.

They brought you the Stinky Meat Project, now there is new material to make you retch some more: the Stinky Feet Diaries.

Poor Napster.

Poor Concorde.

And Sloan @ York University Sept. 13th is a go!

Jul 21 There's a webpage now for that whole *Fantastic Pop Fest deal. They moved the dates it takes place on by the way.

Some weird cartoon soundtrack that has a really nice Apples in Stereo song featured on it.

The great IP Number Index.

A new moon found around Jupiter.

Jul 20 Smash an asteroid into your favourite planet in the Solar System. [via Bifurcated Rivets]

Some Farking links for you: a machine that runs on sugar cubes as a source of power, but they want it to be able to eat meat sooner or later. And I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this Army Man Porn.

And oh man, Elliott Smith was on Letterman Monday, Sonic Youth on Conan Tuesday, and Ben Folds Five on Letterman Wednesday. Too bad I neglected to post between then and now eh? Heh. Tracey reminded me about these events though initially, so I didn't miss any. Yay.

Jul 17 You'll finally be able to see without glasses but you'll just have to trade in your night vision at the same time. Apparently so many people have had problems with their treatment that they've made a support website. Features two simulators to demonstrate how f'ed up some people's vision has become.

More silly alien messages from Mars... A couple of hearts and the happy face crater.

Jul 16 A story from Toronto recounts how a teen was mauled by a demonized black cat. The funniest part is how the cat jumped from roof to roof of the homes to escape capture and they have a picture at the top of the cat mid-escape. [via Amy's Pita]

Jul 15 Luckily for me, the sun is just so active right now, and there are so many storms heading our way, that I just have to see some aurora eventually.

Lunar eclipse tomorrow visible primarily in southern places like Australia since it takes place in late morning for most of us. There will be webcams aimed at the moon though of course.

Oh this is simply hilarious, IF it turns out to be true. Has CBS inadvertantly revealed the Survivor million dollar winner on their very own website? Don't click these following links if you actually care (since it just MAY be true) but... here's all the evidence together in a more convenient form that reveals who the winner is. The CBS screwup is still evident as well. Heh. Although, it seems that the images in another directory don't point to anyone being the winner since the person is X'd off afterall.

Jul 14 A few samples from a book called "PL8SPK: California Vanity Plates Retell The Classics". Reading it is like trying to decipher some warezkid/hacker's webpage. Actually no, it's worse at times.

Jul 13 A sidebar supplement finally pretty much offset the fact that I'll never finish that webportal fully :P

Jul 12 Obscene Thundercats audio outtakes with bonus Silverhawks outtakes. [via The Secret Lair]

From the "Haha, toooo bad" file: Big Brother on the verge of cancellation from the sound of it. Apparently the show has a big following on the Net, of course. Live and uncensored feeds = ten times more interesting than that boring show. You can always just read the daily highlights by more obsessed watchers.

Ben Johnson has his wallet stolen by gypsy children and all but one of them outrun him. [via Fark]

GPS Stash Hunt: bury some stuff, give the GPS coordinates, then invite people to search for your goodies.

Many interesting photos of the Russian space shuttle I recall reading about in National Geographic many moons ago. [via Lake Effect]

Just some guy building a home-made rocket to launch himself to the edge of space this fall.

Jul 11

heyooooo, i'm a cute indie girl check this shit, i'm separated by only one degree from Tom Green!
Happy 22nd Birthday to Tracey! Awwww... Presents! At the top is a quite nice picture of Tracey, but she doesn't agree with me there. So therefore, I have added another picture she may like more just so she won't kick my ass. Heh. It's Tracey accompanied by her dear friend Leigh and TV's Glenn Humplik. Hopefully they were convicing her to become Canadian at the time. Hah! Now I just have to post this and get over to her apartment before she can login after work and notice my handiwork. May traffic flow freely and quickly.

If you can catch it on a day and time it's actually operational, you can send a robot roving around a few floors of it's home building through the web.

And control a panel of lights in Japan through the web. Not enough lights to really spell anything out really or make anything interesting though other than arrows pointing in weird directions.

Welcome to my homepage!!! I SAMPLE YOU!!!!

Jul 10 Wow, look at all the action in downtown Windsor Ya, I was bored. I was looking for webcams around Windsor (not ones of Windsor people) and all I could find was this one of the main drag, Ouellette Avenue. Not much action really though. Heh. It's across from a hospital. All the drunk American action is further north along the strip, where most of the bars are located. How tragic for you, the web viewer.

Okay, Mike was bugging me about his site a number of days ago claiming that he was making a list of all the Windsor websites that he could find that aren't crap. Well sounds good to me, where's the list though my good man? Well whatever. The Live Bedroom Audio is a nice and original idea though. When I listened he was typing alot and talking to some guy named Phil or Bill on the phone. Wee!

Yes, it's another dumb dancing site, CowDance.com. This animation of MC Hammer dancing with a cow superimposed over his head is pretty good though!

There's some fresh Spoon news coming out of Merge Records. A new EP is being rushed for an October release with a full length scheduled for next spring. A tour no doubt to follow? Tracey and I can only hope. We were just talking a week or two ago about the seemingly poor prospects of ever seeing Spoon play live.

Jul 08 Aussie Sloaner Rachael brings you the sloanlog, a weblog chronicling all things sloan related.

Jul 07 Someone managed to break in and interfere with a NASA shuttle mission in 97.

Some potentially good summer comet action is on the way. Here is some additional coverage on comet C/1999 LINEAR S4.

It's back, and more menancing than ever. Degrassi: The Next Generation is coming to CTV this fall.

Jul 06 Many happy Michigan Tastefest returns as I got to see Sloan play for free. A heaping helping of fabulous pictures were born, none of which were taken by me, of course. I handled the audio recording aspect of the show.

And speaking of audio recording, I have posted a new concert on Sloan Live. I had to keep the volume lower than usual to reduce distortion that magically appeared only after encoding the wav files into MP3. Very tragic. Oh well, I am no sound engineer. The recording is still quite pleasing to the ear, my ears that is. I have a fabulous recording of the November 1999 Atlanta show in the can though, so be on the look out for that. :P At the very least, download the early recording of Sloan covering "Bring Tha Noize"(offline now) by Public Enemy. Strange trebly hilarity from late 1992.

Next Sloan event, a free Frosh Week performance at York in Toronto on Sept 13.

Free business cards or post-it notes with your name on them. In my case, I made them into free promo cards for yupislyr.com. Haha. Where I would pass them out and for what purpose, I do not know.

This site is really quite funny. Some guys managed to trick hapless airport announcers into saying strange names over the public address system when in reality, the names were cleverly disguised phrases such as "I hate this fucking job, and I will be fired" . [via Jejune]

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