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Jun 29 Mike Nelson's Sloan Summer Tour Update.

Rumours that the Poumons are working on a new album, which will be the followup to By Surprise. The Poumons = Sloan influenced pop from Windsor, for your information.

Jun 28 Well this looks like a rather ambitious endeavour. If you listen to CJAM at all on Friday nights then you may know Carly since she hosts the K-mart Alice show. Her plan is for Windsor to host the freshly conceived *Fantastic! indie pop festival for three days in October. Will they manage to pull off this pop extravaganza in Windsor, of all places? Will any actual good bands play? Only time will tell. :P Prospective bands must make their submissions by the end of July.

And ah yes, today is the day for the yearly pilgrimage along the Detroit River shoreline to view the fireworks as part of the International Freedom Festival. Also the time where we see just how many old friends I will bump into while downtown since all of humanity it seems will be squeezed down there. The one bad thing really besides the at times suffocating crowds is the fact they haven't had any good bands play down there afterwards in years. The Super Friendz played on the roof of a local coffee shop on this night back in '95 but ended up being kicked off by the cops.

Jun 27 Okay, I've been listening to the new Dandy Warhols release alot more and I was probably too harsh on it before. Heh. It's alot better than I originally thought. Here's some good tracks to sample: Shakin' and Cool Scene. No sample available of the best track on the album though, unfortunately for you. As well, there's an archived webcast of them playing at the Astoria on June 19th.

Mike O'Neill, formerly of the Inbreds, has a solo album out entitled "What Happens Now?". If the first track is any indication of the quality of the rest of the album, well, wow! Click is bad boy to download the first track, "Alsatian", from Umbrella Music.

And coincidentally, there have been some other interesting additions at Umbrella Music since I checked last. There's a new Flashing Lights track online as well as their two music videos, Highschool and Elevature. Of course, that punk Jen shows up in yet ANOTHER music video. F' you! :P

Here's some other good stuff I've been listening to lately...

The wonderful pop stylings of Vancouver's Salteens. Click to hear Kelly Nichol from their debut LP.

Oh Le Tigre... Try Hot Topic and Deceptacon from their self-titled release.

Sleater-Kinney! All Hands On The Bad One MP3 and a video for You're No Rock n' Roll Fun. Ooo! And dude, I've seen those Sleater-Kinney orange kitty shirts all around. Eye piercing orange with cats on the front, come on, that rules!

Jun 26 "Recorded in the newsroom studio of KDHX St. Louis community radio on Saturday afternoon, June 17, 2000." Acoustic MP3s of Robert from the Apples in the Stereo performing.

Stream Running Over
Not the Same
The Afternoon

Jun 25 Despair.com demotivators which mock those motivational posters you see around at school and/or work.

Jun 24 Control a remote control car underneath some guy's desk over the web.

I'm certain you may be sentencing yourself to certain damnation by disassembling an 8-ball to reveal it's secrets.

Some funny video I noticed while wandering around @ Baefed:

Oops, wrong car + a sledgehammer = big mistake
Oh no, oh no, golly, oh no...feces
And finally, an aptly named mpeg movie

Jun 23 Read the funny MediaNews media bloopers.

Sell your wisdom teeth on the Internet and end up having girls crawling all over you for it. Crazy. [via fark]

Useful tips to use when you are ripping MP3s from an LP. [via Invisible City]

Win a shower with jesus. [via Cardhouse]

Call it the Chinese Taiwan Crisis.

Okay, do these supposed scanner tricks actually work? Hang up someone's cell phone on them? Fry a hard drive?!?! If the scanner I have access to had a wider frequency range, I'd try this stuff out on my own.

Jun 22 A US version of the website that keeps tabs on gas prices and a another devoted to keeping tabs on those aaaaaaaaasssholes on Real World (which spawned the offshoot Survivor Sucks).[via the resurrected unobserved utterances]

Stuffed Bears in Bondageland.

I find it funny that these particular reviewers feel the need to obscure part of the cover art on Beck's "Midnite Vultures".

Apathy alerts us to the fact that Jabber is now operational. Now you can download one, single Instant Messenger client and trash the rest. Well okay, I didn't trash the others just yet heh. Jabber still needs some work though so I don't know how often I'll be actually using it yet.

Jun 21 More evidence of flowing water found on Mars?

A sort of Napster weblog to keep you up to date on the zillion or so little Napster updates. [via Us Against Them]

A weird trailer for the 60's rock opera, Privilege, that the Sloan video for She Says What She Means was based on.

Jun 20

Robonaut and Boba Fett
The likeness between Robonaut and 'Star Wars' bounty hunter Boba Fett is strictly a coincidence, NASA said
New robot astronaut that just so happens to look like Boba Fett.

Nature's Simple Solution has the market cornered with their ass cleaner.

Radio Shack sponsors a private moon rover set for launch in 2003.

Using honey bees to detect land mines.

Kidney transplant patient gets a heart by mistake and then dies shortly afterwards without his new kidney.

Bye bye AllAdvantage... and thank God.

Live broadcast of Stereolab from the 9:30 Club @ DigitalClubNetwork.com starting tonight at 9:15pm.

Jun 19 Ya, I just haven't been surfing much lately so therefore, no linkage.

Happenings: saw Stereolab play finally, and as Tracey says, they were very "smooth" and "European". Actually, she asked me what they looked like as we were waiting for them to take the stage and I, not knowing what to say, said that they looked "European". At some point during the show or maybe it was right afterwards she said to me that yes, they do look European! :P

Stereolab = European.

And ah yes, Tracey has a fabulous little apartment now with friendly balcony birds. I should move in with her. Heh.

And as I was informed later, I neglected to mention that Stereolab were also "gorgeous".

Jun 09 Oh, just what I need to read: a Political Correctness Primer.

The Dysfunctional Goofus and Gallant are the latest victims of lawyers.

Goofus and Gallant: Where are they now?

How to toilet train your cat. If that alone isn't worth it, you get to take funny pictures of your cat like this. Heh.

Full video now of the Chuck-D vs. Lars Napster debate.

A handy Citizen's Self Arrest Form.

Someone was looking for this, so here it is: the Bullshit Analyzer.

Three kids kicking the crap out of a chair for no particular reason.

A new virus where "hackers" add on multiple file extensions in order to trick people into running their trojan horse programs. As usual these supposed hackers and their viruses that are just so clever take advantage of the ever present global stupidy of people in general. Just go on Dalnet with Mirc and you'll see that this crap is nothing new. That's why the irc servers now have protections in place such as disallowing .exe file transfers over DCC.

Jun 08 Assorted GVSB MP3 rarities. I say download Magattraction if you were going to download just one.

Here are some GVSB videos I've never seen before as well.

Lots of talk about the sun again since a huge geomagnetic storm is currently striking the Earth. There is a good possibility that auroral activity might be sighted much farther south than usual over the next few nights. Although apparently, the conditions to produce aurora are becoming less favourable by the minute, so there may be nothing to see at all anywhere.

Successful test of one of those cool anti-missile laser systems.

Well, well... this will certainly come in handy. 100 megs of online space for MP3s at mp3cities.com. The good point is that you can direct link the files rather than having to stream them or access some shared folder, for now.

Jun 07 And so then he says, "How does it feel to be the only person in Windsor who knows what the hell they are doing?". Well, I know for a fact that that statement is not true, but hmmm, odd.

Yo La Tengo is apparently the musical guest on Late Night on Tuesday, June 13th. As well, while trying to confirm that information (which I was unable to), I discovered that Luna will be on the Late Late Show tomorrow night. That may be of interest to you indie types. They are too bland for me personally.

A large collection of ASCII images. How many can you recognize from the BBS days? Heh. [via Larkfarm]

There's going to be a one time Canadian Edition of Who Want's To Be A Millionaire in September. [via pearls] Oh ya, it turns out the prize money will be in Canadian funds, so it's basically Who Want's To Be A $676,000-aire?

Well well, look what site pops up first when you search for "sweet ass girls" on AOL.

Oh ya, so as to not leave any strings untied, Offspring and Napster teaming up to sell Napster brand goods. Before only channel operators were able to get Napster shirts, but they were free anyway.

It'd be no surprise to any Detroit or Colorado hockey fan that RedwingsSuck.com is registered to someone in Colorado. [via fasthack]

Ah yes, I'm glad those dumb Shutdown the OAS protests are over. It's great how these protesters think they are right to force people to listen to their views by basically blocking traffic, and shutting down businesses and events. No thanks. You won't win my support that way. I won't really get into it at all because it's over now and it's pretty evident that the vast majority of Windsor doesn't care either way. Some funny events though:

Protesters turned on and questioned the values of voluntary union worker marshals who were acting as buffers between police and protesters. The union members were trying to prevent protesters from trying to climb on the fence barricades and stop them from throwing things over the fence, basically trying to calm things down.

Protesters had to resort to spreading their literature at local highschools in efforts to draw new recruits and bolster their numbers.

There was talk of organizing a protest to protest the anti-OAS protesters.

There were rumours that anti-OAS radicals had somehow managed to install a bomb on the Ambassador Bridge. Total crap but funny nonetheless.

Talk of a plan to takeover the downtown Mc Donald's and then serve all the food to people for free. Probably more crap but I'm all for that idea actually :P

Protesters believe that people working with the police have compromised the security at indymedia.org and are deleting articles and comments posted by supporters of the anti-OAS actions.

On the final night, protesters decide to protest in front of a temporary jail that had been setup where some previously arrested protesters were being held. The police brought in a van to move the arrested people out of the building and then have them released in a different location. The people protesting outside the building were told that their counterparts were being taken to a different location for release, however, the protesters on the outside didn't believe them and kept up resistance, actually blocking the progress of the van. In the process, even more protesters were arrested.

Just go to Indymedia.org and read all the protester propaganda if you want more. Of course they won't always mention the things like up above and at times tend to delete opposing viewpoints, there is still other funny stuff like the whole idea that there was just too many police (meanwhile, had there been less police presence and the city been under prepared, what kind of blame would cops have taken if the downtown were to be torn up by rioters?) and that the fences were purposely built in a way to incite more violence.

I'm by no means a supporter of "The Man" and big business basically trashing whatever they touch, but this isn't the way to do it if you want the support of the public. The delegations with in essence anti-OAS views that the CBC showed inside the conference actually sharing their views to the delegates head on probably had more impact on the actual processes involved.

And another thing, how is it that our cultural values, against child labour for instance, are so globally correct and all others are wrong? *Shrug* Whatever.

Back to more important things here, like pointless video of a cat taking a very large leap off the top of a telephone pole.

Jun 04 I uploaded some MP3s of Stereolab Live on the BBC from 1999.

It's time to bastardize Star Wars: Episode 4.

Jun 03 More Napster Crap

A strange twist as the Offspring begin producing and selling bootleg Napster t-shirts and stickers. And then later that day, Napster tells them to stop it.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks Napster of Puppets contest. Win a $100 Cd gift certificate, a t-shirt, and most importantly, candy. Woo boy.

Ah yes, hope for the upcoming Yo La Tengo show is posted on the promoter's website.

"The Triumphant return of Yo La Tengo!! After selling out the Majestic in March for a seated performance, YLT is back to rock your world. This show promises to be more typical of a full blown YLT performance rather than the unusually quiet evening in March. Don't miss this one!!"

And with the upcoming Stereolab performance, a slew of Stereolab material.

More Stereolab videos than I even knew they had at the koly.com site as well as at the Insound Cinema.
Old school KCRW performance from April, 1996.
Some old interview/performance deal in the ZDNet archives.
And a more recent performance from Australia in 1998.

Jun 02 They've turned downtown Windsor (with some Detroit spilloff as well) into a warzone already before any war has a chance to start. I can't find many media photos of the setup down there but they have a nice "no access zone" with businesses boarded up and the whole area lined with barricades and fences. What fun. All of this in response to the Coalition to Shut Down the OAS who basically want to trample on any hope of the OAS conference being held successfully here this weekend. If any of those dumb asses start anything, well heh, good luck to you...

A method of accessing ICQ from the Web is in Beta testing. [via Jejune]

Place your bets on which dot-com company is next to implode at fuckedcompany.com. [via Metafilter]

Even more recent live Apples in Stereo. This time it's the May 11, Chicago show brought to you by supersphere.

Ah yes, I recall answering a number of test questions the way this one (at the bottom) was answered back in the highschool days. If only I had saved those exams and what not.

Another from the Oh For God Sake file, Erotic Origami.

Moby admits to engaging in some weird game that involves rubbing one's genitals against various unknowing celebrities. [via Twernt]

Dude, more civilized origami! An obsession with Star Wars and paper folding are combined, how to construct a world record paper airplane, and just some other sleek looking paper airplane designs in general.

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