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Mar 31: Bring it back to the old skool BBS days, yo, and play Pimp War. [via metafilter]

I'm a little off the ball here but here's the hilarious Interview with a Search Engine. [via Apathy]

Haha whoops, forgot to upload the rest of this update.
More of those crazy shockwave games. More old skewl action with Atari arcade games and a kind of cool 3D Pool game.

Mar 30: I love these Holiday Day Inn commercials with the 37 year old "Mark" character. Here is an old article at USA Today about the whole phenomenon. I haven't seen these commercials at all up here so they must be appear one of those "too good for Canada" US cable stations. :P I really want to see video though of the one commercial where Mark is working on his computer at the kitchen table, forcing grandma to use an ironing board instead. Can't seem to find video of it anywhere, just this audio I scammed off the radio.

Well, @Home is crawling webwise at the moment, yet again. So as "Mark" would say, I'm out. Sure, why not?

Mar 29: Yay! Mr. Show! This Mr. Show webpage has many of the episodes available online in Real format as well as a section of various promos for the show and captures of other Bob and Dave appearances. [via Apathy]

The upcoming months are beginning to become quite crowded with shows I wish to attend. First, I hear that Stereolab is apparently opening for Sonic Youth this June. And now, via Usounds, I learn that Elliott Smith has announced his spring tour in support of Figure 8.

Mar 28: Beat that mutha to a pulp. No lifelines here baby.

Today's IRC Quote: *** basehead (~basehead@kravshera.net) has joined #ezines
<SnuffyXI> [basehead] my love for hoes may be represented by the null set {}

Today's Kook: Alex Chiu and his amazing Eternal Life Device.

"We Chinese didn't invent much, but at least we have invented few most important ones: compass, fire work, cannon, paper, silk, banking, and physical immortality. This will be internationally accepted 100 years later."
Apparently, this is some spam guru (who I didn't know about since I've never received any spam from him, thank god) who is one of those people that believes magnets are a cure-all for disabilities,disease, world hunger, etc and advertises this "fact" in the back of science magazines. The entire website is like this. For other Alex Chiu zaniness, check him out threatening the lives of staff over at the Art Bell message board, and the Alex Chiu Random Quote Generator.

Well, this certainly looks authentic, and if you read it through, it is hilarious. The webpage directory documents how some "Toronto businessman", who frequented the Undernet irc #toronto channel, was suing a number of people for posting on IRC and r33t.org that he is a pedophile. I do believe the funniest thing in the entire document is how this "GeorgeK" person is suing as well over being banned from irc channels and Undernet itself, which supposedly helped to contribute to his emotional distress.

Mar 27: Here is a nice link to send to those idiots mindlessly endorsing this whole notion of a "gas out". And after posting this, strangely enough, I had a dream where I was back in highschool again. And in the dream, just like in reality, there was a petition going around the school backing some stupid idea. Of course, if you didn't sign the petition, everyone would think there is something wrong with you. [via kempa.com]

And okay, more aurora stuff, this time from aurora2000.com. It's all in the hopes that I will be able to see some auroras somewhere in the vicinity of my home sometime during the solar maximum.

And btw, lovely NASA photos from APOTD, as usual. And the quote on this page is stolen from Beck, circa 05/09/97, as said at his NYC performance for the Sessions at West 54th program.

Mar 25: And on the morning of the sixth day, David said, "Let's sass this bitch up!" And there was sass. And David saw it was good enough for his purposes. On the weekend David rested. And David blessed the weekend and made it holy.

And in the spring months, David said, "Let there be rawk tours!"

The resurrected Official Plumtree Site is back and brimming with early tour info.

And in other touring news, a May/June Modest Mouse tour of the US has been set.

And yet more touring news, stop the madness. It's GvsB time, boys and girls.

Mar 24: Newly funkafied Superstar In Stereo indie rock ezine.

Well damn, while looking around on The Secret Lair, I discovered exactly the application I need, HTML Scout. This being a program that enables you to do local searches in your HTML files. Then I notice it is a Mac application. I do not own a Mac. Then I search for a PC clone of sorts around. I cannot find one within an acceptable timeframe. Then I explore in the application I regularly use, EditPlus Text Editor. I discover that this very feature is already included in said application. Duh. So in the end, that work to add the new search was pointless. But damn, I don't want to deprive Tracey of her searches for "gay sex" and the like so I'll leave it be :P

sunrise on the summer solstice And speaking of Tracey, I finally got around to scanning this awesome picture of sunrise on the summer solstice that she took last year. I'm jealous that I wasn't the one that took it :P

I do believe I will be heading over to ye olde Michiganfest this weekend, well, for day three of it anyway. I have become rather fond of the latest efforts of the Promise Ring.

After viewing these pictures from the Sydney underground, I once again feel the urge to go exploring. There isn't much locally to explore though, unless I were to take a jaunt around Michigan.

Another one of those wired homes. This time it is some fellow from the Netherlands who has his system keep track of toilet flush temperatures, cat meals times, etc. A house wired to the net with no porn in sight, dear god!

Mar 22: The second season of Twitch City started last week on CBC. I mention this now because Sloan just so happens to be making a guest appearance on the 9th episode which airs at 9:30pm tonight. The show is great though even without Sloan appearances :P

And speaking of CBC, a Stereolab concert is being broadcast this Saturday night on Radiosonic, probably around 11pm EST. The second leg of the US Stereolab tour should be announced any day now as well.

The University of Toronto is using the music of the Backstreet Boys to torture protesting students into submission.

Hmmmmm. Should I risk corrupting my registery just to tweak a little more speed out of my cable modem?

Mar 21: An archived Spoon performance that was recorded a month ago in Cambridge, MA. There is a great new song in particular around the 24 minute mark.

A new Sloan interview inside 13 res magazine. [via player2]

Oh dear God, Sloan fan fiction, and some of it pornographic in every way possible. [via Andrew]

NASA plans to scale back its exploration of Mars, which is really too bad.

Mar 17: The Oscars have been stolen this year, literally - right off a loading dock.

Mar 16: The Basics of Space Flight Learners' Workbook pretty much explains any aspect mentioned about the various space probe missions that one might not understand.

Ya! DSL will finally be available in my area in one month.

Mar 15: Just noticed that the rumours are true, they have extended the Kids in the Hall tour. Closest show to me though is about four hours away. Hmm.

Sun co-founder says the Terminator won't be just a movie in a couple decades.

Looking at the future of the internet and branching out into outer space.

Here is the homepage for the proposed MarsNET as mentioned in the above article. Part of the plan includes an internet-based "Mars Exploration Gateway" through which the average person can virtually explore Mars.

Looks like AOL is trying to shutdown the Nullsoft Gnutella project, a much better, open-source version of Napster.

Mar 14: International Belt Sander Racing is big with the kids nowadays.

Mar 12: I say, start up a medical practice in your town and then hang this poster up on the wall in the examination room.

More info on the upcoming film "Run, Ronnie, Run: The Ronnie Dobbs Story, A Mr. Show Movie". And for those who have no idea who the Ronnie Dobbs character is...

" Ronnie Dobbs is a man who's repeatedly arrested on a police-tape show (like COPS), and is eventually recruited by the show's producers to travel around the world... being arrested for TV shows (like COPS)."
Here is how this webpage looks in the T'inator. It is kind of eye piercing without the style sheets in full effect, but quite funny nonetheless. [via beebo metalog]

I added one of those funky atomz.com searches to my webpage because I seem to find myself searching through my own archives for stuff now and then, so no doubt some other folks out there may find it useful from time to time as well.

Everyone is trumpetting the Interactive(inter-nerd) portion of the SXSW, but the REAL action starts on the 15th. That's when the Music Festival kicks into gear. Not like I am going or anything though. I'll be here listening to tidbits on Radiosonic and waiting for the post-show bootlegs to be passed around.

The Domainator, for handy keyword domain name searches.

I just noticed that those mofos at Google.com have finally gotten around to updating the index. Now this domain is finally included in the index and I can snoop around for interesting referrers/mentions I have missed, such as this. T3K, where we bitch like Ticketmaster if you don't link to the frontpage. Lol.

And speaking of Ticketmaster, they went and redesigned everything, leaving only that crappier concert listing available for each state. Luckily, I had the old, easier to read format bookmarked. Just "hack" the abbreviation of the state you want to access in the URL.

Mar 11: Summary of this Weezer news article I noticed while snooping around over at Jenny's webpage: new album as soon as Rivers gets his braces off.

The Secret Liar is there on the Edgefest 2000 rumour tip. If the Beck part is true, I will begin the relentless propaganda war on Tracey in hopes that I will be in attendance at this show.

" Here's some Edgefest 2000 rumours for those of you who are interested. Rumour has it that this years Edgefest will be headlined by none other then Nine Inch Nails and the Smashing Pumpkins and Canadian headliner the Tea Party. Other bands rumoured to be on the bill include Beck, Blink 182, Nickelback, Limblifter, and the Matthew Good Band to name a few. "
Beck Says Next Album Will Be 'More Rock Than Funk'
" During online chat, singer/songwriter says he'd also like to release something 'purely electronic.' Eclectic singer/songwriter Beck told fans during an online chat Friday (March 10) that he expects his next album to lean toward heavy rock. "
New Tristan Psionic album now set to be released on April 18 and a host of Canadian tour dates have just been announced.

Mar 10: A whole list of fun things to do when you hate your job. Add your own! [via Cruel Site of the Day]

" a chair castle was built by stacking big 50 pound rolling chairs up to the 10 ft ceiling. looked like a disaster area. they were left there for the remainder of the day... right out in the open. "
I recall creating one of these chair mountains, only it was in the lab in my highschool Computer Science class. Oh, those were the days. Placing broken chairs strategically around the room so they looked like they were in fact, not broken, was also fun. This was only because of one spaz in particular we would always blame everything on. Eating fortune cookies and playing Wolfenstein 3D all class, those were the days ;)

The star Eta Carinae, a possible hypernova waiting to happen.

There is a webpage for that ocean going rocket platform called Sea-Launch. The second commercial launch just so happens to be happening this Sunday.

Mar 08: Busy enjoying the weather and whatnot. It's not everyday in March that it is 70 degrees out, it only seems that way this year...

Mar 07: There is going to be a pre-recorded Promise Ring webcast of some sort on Friday at Rolling Stone. There are a couple of concerts in the archives as well.

Uh... nice desk there buddy.

New Tristan Psionic disc set to finally be released this April. Entitled "Mind The Gap", a cross-Canada tour will follow soon afterward.

Twenty-eight years later, Pioneer 10 is still transmitting as it proceeds onward to interstellar space. This NASA Pioneer 10 Status Page goes into quite a bit of detail about how they maneuver the craft and whatnot.

Mar 06: The Christian Guide to Small Arms

Pawsense, the software that protects your keyboard from kitties by emitting a sound that "annoys cats" when it detects "cat-like typing". [via Metafilter]

Mar 04: Blew off Yo La Tengo last night to hang around with Tracey instead. :P

Furious George and the cross-country crime spree. Gotta love that "Commit Atrocity" button. [via Apathy]

Wow. You can sneakily fool around with URLs and deprive people of their precious affiliate clicks?! Good thing I have Wired and Robot Wisdom to tell me these things, ya. But no, really, next thing you know, they'll be telling us you can truncate the "www" from most webpage addresses or how you can leave out the "Http://" when typing in addresses in modern browsers. [via The Stuffed Dog]

Mar 03: Ben Folds Five schedules another brief spring college tour.

Rick Mercer, of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, grills presidential candidate George W. Bush. If you have ever seen 22 Minutes on CBC at all, they have a segment on it regularly called, "Talking to Americans". In the segment, Rick Mercer quizzes and makes a mockery of Americans about various Canadian facts. The segment is very similar to the little street talk bits Leno does on the Tonight Show.

Granite Canyon Public DNS Server.

Gas stealing on the rise. Who would have thought? I'm more partial to siphoning my gas from neighbours, personally...

Mar 02: That little lull from posting back there was me playing The Sims obsessively for two days. I got it out of my system though. Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of disasters in that game. Even the interior of a home bursting into flames leaves something to be desired. Oh, that and the fact that the game runs like a sloth on my system when you have a two story mansion covering almost the entire lot going. Addon/patch suggestions: more flaming carnage coupled with the ability to burn down one's home, and the ability to attack a burglar and inflict bodily harm should your Sim have the proper body skill points. Oh hell, let me beat on some of those asshole neighbours too. Always coming over and eating all my food. *grumble*

The friendly Lindsay Lynch, who I met at the Windsor Sloan show, is hosting a chat with Matt Murphy of the Flashing Lights on her Flashing Lights fansite today at 8:30PM Eastern.

Banner ads would definitely be more tolerable if they were actually entertaining more often. Check out a collection of some funny ones over at Chickenhead. [via cortex]

Cooking with 7-Up in the 50's. I think I already saw this before on Cardhouse, but that was before my logging days. We'll let this one slide, right?

Mar 01: With the Sun's solar maximum approaching, some people may want to note the new location of the webpage featuring indepth information on auroral activity and forecasting of it.

You can advance order the new Plumtree release, "This Day Won't Last At All", starting today through the Endearing label. Street date is March 15. Cross-Canada tour to follow this spring!

Came upon the new Mary Timony solo album entitled "Mountains". Very similar to Helium's previous release, minus numerous guitars. Edging on rather too mellow for me personally, similarly to the new Elliott Smith release.

Oh yes, forgot to mention how the Kids in the Hall show was. It was simply fabulous! This, despite the fact that we were only a minute or two late arriving and weren't allowed to sit in our main floor seats right away due to the nazi security people. Best sketches: the all new Jesus 2000 (in the same vein of the old "Gimmell 100" sketches) and the Pit of Ultimate Darkness. Honourable mention to the second encore sketch, "The Poker Game", when everyone was getting quite rowdy. From what I hear though, they performed "Running Faggot!" on the second night in Detroit, which I truly wish I could have seen.

Huge sandstorm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. [via Fark]

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