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May 29 Ya, I neglected to write sooner about the fact that we saw Elliott Smith and the Minders the previous Wednesday. Tracey sums up the Elliott Smith segment of the show very well. As for the Minders, very disappointingly in need of more practice playing live or something.

Various Sloan summer festival tour dates are popping up here and there, but most notably for me would be the free show happening in Detroit on June 30th. Good deal.

Funny celebrity audio and whatnot I had forgotten about. More here.

The Dandy Warhols are back. I'm not sure whether I like the new album yet though, other than a few songs for sure. They will be on tour in the US though in July. Hmmm.

Here's a nice little promo that EMusic.com has going. Download 10$ worth of MP3'ed music for free (which is usually 1 full album plus one miscellaneous track) and all you have to do is signup with any old email address. Other than that, no other information whoring is needed in order to get the actual free music. Looks like it could very easily be abused so get in while you can.

May 27 Heh. Just change this headline to Canadian Boyfriend...

How to build some of those funky Knight Rider lights on your car. [via gammatron]

A whole list of funny MacGyverisms. Things like "Disarmed missle with a paperclip" and "James Bond Trick! Casket becomes a jetski".[via fasthack]

A whole archive of pictures of 5.25" disk sleeves, for some reason.

Let's go Squirrel Fishing.

May 23 Effectively setting myself adrift.

How gay.

Ah yes, it was Victoria Day weekend. Effectively, the equivalent of the US Memorial Day. Pretty much the first weekend of the summer season when everyone ventures outdoors to barbeque, camp, drink beer and the like. Heavy emphasis on the beer. Especially now that more people tend to call it the May 2-4 weekend.

That paragraph led me to another one of those webpages about Canada made especially for world ignorant US citizens, An American's Guide To Canada. Consult the Canadianisms section, What Every Canadian Knows, and How to tell you're in Canada.

"Movie theatres have one night a week, usually Monday or Tuesday, where they charge matinee prices."
You US punks really don't have cheap movie Tuesday anywhere? You must! Tracey claims it's true, not that I've actively researched this or anything.

"People give distances in times, not miles."
Haha. That's so true most of the time, in my experience anyway. It's all how many minutes or hours it takes to get somewhere and then US friends are spouting off miles. If someone is spouting kilometres even, ya, that's great, now how long does it take to get there?

Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you Though, yes, I am slighty tainted more than other Canadians by US propaganda being so close to Michigan and Ohio.
Oh ya, I drink milk out of the bag, and often. I am still alive.

And then found through those pages, The Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club as well as some handy man you can hire and pay him off using Canadian Tire money. Hah.

A webpage drawing a statistical correlation between the occurences of tornadoes and the presence of trailer parks. It's as if the tornadoes are aiming for the trailers, and here are the stats to prove it! ;) As well, proof that tornadoes are "posing" for camcorders worldwide as incidences of tornadoes increase, following along the increase in camcorder sales. [via fark]

Silly flash animation made incorporating audio from the secret Bobby Knight recordings.

May 19 This is an old Beck tour diary where he describes touring for a week in the Spring of '97. It just got rehashed recently on the Beck list and is an interesting read. Some things of note would be the May 29 entry about the Phoenix Plaza show in Pontiac, Michigan. It was not the usual Beck show since he had sprained his foot days earlier and on this night, was getting around on the stage using a funky cane. And by far, I'd say Beck easily incorporated the cane into his act. Also of note is his conversation with Pavement's Malkmus at the same show. That was where I was sort of re-introduced to Pavement and grew to like them again. Sadly, the diary seems to be missing the original Friday entry which detailed his trip to Boston where he had convinced Sloan to open for him after seeing them perform the previous day in Pontiac. Oh ya, I forgot to mention, Soul Coughing played that show in Pontiac as well. Yes, that was a very good day for me. Indeed.

And well damn, speaking of good little festivals, one just sprouted up called "This Ain't No Picnic" that will feature Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Sam Prekop, Yo La Tengo, and Beck as the headliner doing an acoustic set (there's actually a whole bunch of other indie bands playing as well). Wow. All that for only 30$. Take that show on the road, dear God. [original heads up via Catherine]

One week until Andy Richter leaves Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Some kind of live chat with Andy is scheduled for next Tuesday on the NBC site as well.

DO NOT CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE PRONE TO EPILEPTIC FITS. That Pokeman seizure episode revisited. Wow, the actual seizure-incuding flashing wasn't even on the screen for very long either from the looks of this.

Some looney organization, that I've never heard of before until now, that has been claiming various celestial real estate on behalf of Earth-bound individuals since 1980 or something. Not for free of course.

May 18 The most annoying yet strangely hypnotic MIDI file ever. I pondered making it play whenever this page was loaded for a time...

Some Fark Fun

Some crazy religious tract about witchcraft gets the MST3K treatment.

US Congress responds to online hoax by passing legislation banning the actions described in the hoax. Pretty much the same rumour that has been circulating forever except before it was per-minute charges for local dial-up users.

Massive floating cities to be built. And then there's these folks who want their own floating country.

Now the Mojave Phone Booth is missing. Government foul play is considered the most likely explanation.

May 17 Modest Mouse played for 2 hours. Egads.

Haha. Nice. Someone has gone and made a Napster-esque program that only trades Metallica files. It's called Metallicster.

The transcript of the Napster debate from the Charlie Rose show last Friday which featured Lars and Chuck D. I'd say Chuck D "won" the debate.

Kid Rock Starves To Death: MP3 Piracy Blamed

Burials on the Moon being offered.


Kind of by request, it's a short look at Plinko. There's the much copied Javascript version as well as the South Park one. Someone even made a Plinko song.

May 15 A webpage where you can program in what shows you want recorded and come back later and watch them in in Realvideo. I tried it once and the sound was all fuzzy and horrible though.

NASA prepping to launch the first solar sail probe in 2010. The probe will be launched out into interstellar space and will be the fastest and largest spacecraft ever built. [via slashdot]

The US planned to explode a nuke on the surface of the Moon as a show of force back in the day. [via Daily Doozer]

Tonight is Modest Mouse performance night @ the Blind Pig. Here's what you'll be missing.

May 13 Yes, I had been pondering this very idea for months... Actually, long before I gave into this whole weblogging urge. A recent rash of dreams has prompted me to actually go through with it this time though. Indeed.

New Onion with a kind of indie mocking angle: Local Hipster Over-Explaining Why He Was At The Mall

Classic and funny Tom Green: jolly music and soccer games.

Rumours that Pearl Jam will be offering DAT-to-CD copies of any and all their performances on the upcoming tour through their fan club. I don't really like Pearl Jam or anything but it's kind of a cool idea. [via Brainlog]

Man is lucky he was wearing too many pants because they stopped a bullet. [via twernt]

I guess Altavista saw the success of Google and decided to go old school.

A new 20$ coin with a hologram on it. Hmm. [via gammatron]

Napster bad.

May 12 photo by Dennie Brison The first tornadoes of the season rolled through the area on Tuesday while I was attempting to navigate to the Apples in Stereo show, which was quite rockin' by the way. Tracey and I didn't see anything which was quite as eerie as that picture though. Too bad :P

Uhm, someone with access to HBOComedy! should get in touch with me regarding taping Mr. Show. Oui. Or if you have all the episodes already on tape that would be simply fabulous.

CD prices may be on the way down a bit after a ruling saying that major music labels were stifling competition in the US.

The great dog bone shaped asteroid.

Apparently, a method to get around the bans on Napster if you are one of the unfortunate souls who got banned.

There was a link like this floating around last year sometime, where you input a phrase and it gets translated from English to some other language and back to English again. This is done over and over until you see what the final result is. This one is basically the same thing.

Funny signs of all kinds. [via the Stuffed Dog ages ago]

Become a millionaire by suing the Millionaire show.

May 03 Tons of live stuff. It's all kind of in anticipation of a slew of upcoming shows.

Some nice live Apples in Stereo added to their page from the Mar 26 Chicago performance.

Well, Elliott Smith-wise we have, his performance at SXSW 2000, another performance from Trees in Dallas in '99, various mostly live MP3s, and a page with the Son of Sam video, a VH1 interview, and his performance on Late Night a couple weeks ago, in case you missed it like I did. There just so happened to be a feature in Salon on Monday also.

Looks like Yo La Tengo is doing some more US tour dates after being just through here a few months ago. Here's a nice stash of Yo La Tengo live MP3s for the occasion. They even have an MP3 of Yo La Tengo doing the Simpsons theme. I tend to prefer the Sonic Youth version however (though the quality of this MP3 is lackluster). That MP3 was found on this Sonic Youth FTP site. Said site is just full of rarities and live material.

Haven't checked supersphere in awhile but there has been alot of new stuff added since last time I looked. Check out Girls Against Boys:Apr 2000, Turing Machine:Mar 2000, and Spoon:Mar 2000.

May 02 Hah. Metallica is hosting a chat tonight in an attempt to control the damage about this whole suing Napster deal.

May 01 It turns out the Milky Way is on a collision course with the Andromeda galaxy. There is a cool mpeg simulation of the collision that accompanies the press release.

The Clinton gag video where he is seen mowing the lawn, answering the White House phones and what not. [via BrainLog]

Dear God man, this seems to be the REAL clearing house for all those f'ing Elian parody pictures.

It's a do-it-yourself satellite jammer kit. [via TBTF]

Haw. Catherine points out the info that High Fidelity has supposedly caused a surge in sales of "The Three EPs" by the Beta Band. This reminds me that a Beta Band concert will be broadcast on CBC Radiosonic on Saturday.

Behind the Music That Sucks: Puff Daddy, known for his head-bobbing and just standing around in other people's videos [via dack.com]

A number of funny parody advertisements [via some other log]

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