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Nov 29 Just another cool picture. This time it's a look down on Earth from orbit as Leonids meteors streak through the atmosphere.

Nov 28 We had our own election problems this time around as well, like this one dude who stole a ballot box and threw it into the ocean.

Nov 27 It's Federal Election Day today and I don't know how long they've been in existance for but there's a Marijuana Party in the running this time around. The Natural Law Party still has to be the favourite "wacky" policital party of one and all though. Here, we learn how "yogic flying" will create harmony and positivity in society.

This time it's Bob Odenkirk on the contracts involved in the making of the Mr. Show movie.

"...we’re going to make a lot of people laugh, and some of those people will knowingly or unknowingly have cancer, and that’s pretty damn nice of us, right? Maybe that laughter will cure their cancer. If so, that’s the kind of cancer I hope I get, ‘cause that shit is weak."

More yogic flying zaniness, including a Yogic Flying Club.

Nov 20 Posts will be lacking again as I head on a roadtrip to Columbus, among other things. It's all my fault for taking Tracey to that Dandy Warhols show. Heh.

Nov 17

A Space Shuttle launch viewed from high above
Well, I already knew about the hefty Space Images Archive at the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space website, but I hadn't seen this cool picture before. Since I entered through a backdoor, perhaps they don't have all their images indexed? Oh well, anyway, the photograph appears to be of a space shuttle launch as viewed from high above, taken by a satellite perhaps? I have no clue, but it's neat nevertheless. The original photo at the link is 1.2megs so take note before you click.

Haha, oh man, it's the single artsy / indie /punk / emo / hardcore / straightedge / (insert clique here) kids pickup joint. Just look at all those "emo glasses"! God damn!

Now all those Iridium satellites are being saved again after all. The Iridium flare predictions at Heavens-Above will be good for awhile then I guess. Heh.

There's also a new little dynamically updated chart on the current position on all craft currently leaving the Solar System.

Nov 16 The hours before dawn Friday and Saturday morning it will be time for this year's Leonids meteor shower once again. This year will be nothing like last year's outburst of 1000+ meteors per hour over the Middle East but North America will be in a favourable position possible sightings of 100 meteors per hour. The bright moon will be right by the radiant though and will be a hindrance, causing many dimmer meteors to be obscured. NASA will be launching a weather balloon again this year to monitor the event early Saturday morning and there will be others watching for meteor impacts on the Moon.

News about the Mr. Show movie from Mr. Bob Odenkirk himself.

Hah. Now you can get custom postage stamps made with whatever picture you want on them. That's kind of cool. Although, you have to enclose each little custom stamp in one of these little postage frames.

Nov 15 mr. pants delivers once again with a site that appears to be the beginnings of a Japanese version of Ad Critic. Further evidence that that "Mr. Sparkle" commercial on an episode of the Simpsons wasn't too far off.

It was kind of crazy around here yesterday afternoon. First, a kid gets part of his arm and leg cut off by a train a few blocks from my house and then an hour later, a bunch of workers painting the Ambassador Bridge fell off of it after a scaffolding collapsed.

If you saw This Hour Has 22 Minutes Monday night then you know about this online petition: "We demand that the government of Canada force Stockwell Day to change his first name to Doris". This all stems from a proposal Stockwell has made that if someone creates a petition and gets signatures from 3% of the eligible voters, then there must be a mandatory referendum on that issue. Of course, Stockwell and his Canadian Alliance Party will actually have to win the election this month first before any such measures can be taken.

I noticed this page about the "Lawn Chair Pilot", that guy who flew around L.A. in a lawn chair attached to helium balloons, that goes into much further detail than the page I noted previously. Now includes an estimated map of his flightpath as well as supposed actual audio of the CB conversations between the pilot and people on the ground.

Nov 13 There's some fine live and rare Canadian indie rock/pop MP3s at this FTP site. It features the Flashing Lights, Plumtree, Inbreds, Thrush Hermit, Sloan, etc.

Download the entire Internet in one easy click.

Nov 10 Well okay, this week's postings were pathetic. I have a good excuse though since I've been in Toronto all week training for my new job. Next week should be a return to something somewhat "normal". Now all I need is one of those sweet rugged laptops with the RF modem like my instructor had. Heh.

Nov 07 Recent deals involving Napster and BMG call for an update of the past "When You Pirate MP3s, You're Downloading COMMUNISM" poster.

Ah, much better than the retarded original: is this monkey hot or not?

The NASA Planetary Photojournal website has an exhaustive library of photos of the planets.

Nov 03 The Jicks song that was released on some promo CD distributed at CMJ sounds pretty much exactly like Pavement, who would have thought? Have a listen for yourself (Down now, too bad folks). And by the way, all those other "Jicks" songs on Napster are fake. Another case of some desperate mp3.com indie artist mislabeling his own shit songs for attention.

A whole bunch of coming band appearances.

Dandys Warhols on the Late Late Show tonight and CBC Radiosonic two Saturdays from now.

A live webcast of Elliott Smith and Grandaddy performing in Chicago on Rollingstone.com tonight at 10pm ET.

Beck live once again on KCRW radio today at 2:15pm ET.

Nov 02 Doomed by eBay: I quit my job to become an online auctioneer, but the success of millions turned out to be a disaster. Awwww, TOOOOOO BAAAD.

Here's some japanese Lego mini-figure action. There's scenes from movies as portrayed by mini-figures as well as some musical album covers. [via gmtPlus9]

Nov 01 There was much speculation about whether or not Pavement had actually gone and broken up this time when their website went offline but according to a blurb in the November issue of Spin, Pavement are no more.

"Who the hell are the Jicks, you ask, and why should we care? Well, the oddly named Portland-based indie-rock trio is led by Pavement frontman Steve Malkmus. Although the official word was that his band were merely on an extended hiatus, Malkmus says, "Pavement is history. But we're all on good terms. I haven't noticed any passive aggression yet." So are the Jicks a solo project in disguise or a brand-new group? "I sing all the songs. I play all the guitar," Malkmus says. "The Jicks started as a name for an imaginary backing band, like if we were brothers or sisters...a Southern, Carter Family-ish band but a little more inbred. Everyone would have the last name Jick." The "family" consists of local musicians Joanna Bolme (Jo Jo Jick) and John Moen (Johnny Jick), who, Malkmus says, are "so early Portland, they still have Norwegian trapper blood." So what sound do you get when you rub three Jicks together? "It's a little happier," Malkmus promises. "Not as serious as Pavement. I don't think it's gonna' shock anybody. Well, I shouldn't say that. I should be more English and say, 'It's this big, huge bomb of different-ness (Spitz 60)!"

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