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Nov 30: Your very own Blue Screen of Death screen saver.

Play the classic Simcity online in java.

Naked man goes on sword swinging rampage in a church in London.

Canadian tourist suffers from crushed penis.

Sloan live tonight on Spin.com? The frontpage blurb leads me to believe so.

"Secret" Beck show tomorrow in Toronto presented by the Edge 102. More info tonight between 6pm and 8pm eastern. I would sure like to go to this event *sigh*.

Nov 25: I'm pretending I am an American today. Just enough to take a day off from any type of work, not that I need a new reason really.

Tomorrow is actually Steal Something Day.

Nov 24: Create a winning remix of Beck's "Mixed Bizness", and your track will appear on the next single! Wow, that's a pretty cool promotion. Too bad I have zero musical ability.

More on Leonids striking the moon, this time from NASA.

Phone sex operator claims masturbation injury.

Jesus Christ appears on some guy's palm.

The official Pavement site gives us the official word on the "breakup".

Nov 23: Pavement breakup rumours abound, but alas, they are apparently only going on hiatus for a couple years.

BREAKING NEWS: Hitler declares war on cold fronts in Taiwan!

Nov 22: There is a Beck chat tonight at 10pm eastern at Twec.com.

Well, someone managed to capture a lunar meteor impact during the recent Leonid shower.

Wow. When are they going to put out some Lego kits with Star Wars vehicles like this? [via Apathy]

The hottest all nude stick figures on the net. As seen on Noise Between Stations.

I have been accused of being a "Girlfriend Stealer" a few times now. And it wasn't because I was actually trying to steal any girlfriends away and date them, it was just because they enjoyed hanging around with me as friends a majority of the time rather than actually being with their boyfriends. Hah.

Nov 20: Hours of family fun are only clicks away when playing "Web that Smut!" [via memepool]

The RIAA plans to sue the makers of Napster. Napster being a decent program that allows people to trade MP3s off of their hard drive. Next thing you know, the RIAA are going to be sueing the makers of CuteFTP, mIRC, or Agent News Reader over MP3 piracy because you can get the same files just as easily using any of those pieces of software. Though I suppose Napster is an easier target to contend with. Napster runs their own host server that everyone connects to for the purpose of trading rather than a larger network of servers run by various companies and organizations.

Kevin Smith's "Clerks" to become an animated tv show on ABC in February.

And if you haven't heard by now, an IRS worker won the jackpot on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" last night. He didn't even use any of his life lines except to call his father and brag about his pending win during the final question.

Okay. So I decided to see if I could find out what the big controversy with the Abercrombie & Finch catalogue was all about, me being Canadian and all. So, I head on over to their website and what the fuck?!?! Lol. I guess I can kind of see what the problem is now when there is some guy with his pubic hair practically sticking out of his pants, and right on the splash page. Then of course you have the compulsory topless girls for no reason and people attempting to remake a Backstreet Boys video.

Nov 19: Give your loved one an email address with attitude this Christmas.

Gay? Not Gay? Better use the Gay-O-Meter just to make sure.

Real Networks is rebroadcasting the Bumbershoot Festival. They have a whole slew of MP3s as well. [via Bird on a Wire]

Some nice pics of the recent Mercury transit. I didn't even try to view this myself as the sun was just setting when it was occuring. [via Flutterby!]

Heh. Just look at the title of the Brady Bunch movie in German. [via Pop Culture Junk Mail]

Nov 18: I got tired of waiting for "Being John Malkovich" to come to theatres in Windsor so I took a jaunt across the border to Royal Oak, MI to see it and wow, it was truly excellent. In this review of the movie, director Spike Jonze pretty much sums the movie all up in one sentence, the movie is about "New York City, a puppeteer, a tragic marriage, a chimp, a boss, a receptionist, another woman, an actor, the New Jersey Turnpike and a plate of lasagna". All that, and it's hilarious.

Well, it appears that the storm came and went. The shower did end up peaking around the predicted time of 9pm EST, with a maximum rate of 1688 meteors per hour and is currently hovering around the usual dismal rate of 10 to 30 meteors per hour. I'm still going to take a short drive with a companion and see what we can see though. You can check out the Leonids predictions for the next few years here.

I ended up counting 113 meteors over two hours. A small number of the meteors were fireballs and displayed trails, however, the majority were faint and very quick. The final verdict though, there was a good show to see as long as you were patient and knew when exactly to look.

Nov 17: Noticed a new referrer in my logs, and found some quality links while I was there. The next few that follow are all from the Tiara weblog.

Lol. Some guy has been actually banned by a judge from making anymore USENET posts to rec.skiing.alpine after an apparent flame war.

American Science & Surplus, your source for oodles of obscure, and not so obscure, fun objects of all sorts and uses. Too bad I already blew many hundreds of dollars on compact discs this month.

Let's just build a massive highway between Japan and North America or something okay? Since it seems like Japan loves North American culture and North America loves Japanese culture. Example of why I love Japan: this crazy commercial for a game called "Chu-Chu Rocket".

Your guide to speaking "Canadian. [via Strange Brew]

A note for those people posting in their weblogs that you should watch from the United States between sunset and midnight (and general tips for viewing any meteor showers in general), psst, you'll be lucky to see anything at all. First off, the radiant that the meteors appear to come from won't even be visible in North America until around after midnight. This is due to the fact that it will be below the horizon until around that time. Second, the moon will help to washout many fainter meteors until it sets after midnight due to it's brightness. Third, during the pre-midnight hours, your segment of the Earth is facing away from the actual stream of particles. So therefore, less meteors are likely to be seen, if any at all. During the post-midnight hours, your segment of the Earth is facing the stream of particles more directly and actually plowing into them headon. Thus, the vast majority of meteors are seen during this time in a shower.

The Leonids meteor shower is scheduled to peak late this afternoon or early evening Eastern time. So unfortunately, that would mean the peak would only be visible over parts of Asia and Europe. As illustrated last year though, predicting these celestial events is almost hopeless so it's pretty much a gamble over the entire world. So approx. between midnight tonight and sunrise the 18th, you could possibly see thousands of meteors every hour in the skies above if you are one of the lucky ones. If not, you could end up with a total "washout", which would be anywhere from a meager 10 to 20 meteors per hour (which is the usual peak rate of the Leonids shower), or somewhere totally in between of the normal rate and the expected maximum.
Updates of the current conditions of the meteor shower can be viewed here as well as at the various other sites listed below. Oh, Leonid Storm, another good one with realtime data.

If you just can't be bothered about any of this, there will be online coverage of some sort at Leonids Live and Live! Leonids 99.

And in a related note, there was a large fireball sighted right over the Midwest United States and Canada Tuesday evening. Too bad I was driving at the time and totally missed it. Word around now is that it may have been a satellite burning up in the atmosphere.

Nov 16: They featured Gary Coleman's website on the radio this morning. The hilarious part though is the section devoted to Gary pretending he's working for a porno call-in line or something.

This person says that nice guys finish last, but upon reading his accounts, I think I can see why he's finishing last.

Nov 15: Sloan is featured as the live MP3 of the week on this site for a venue in Australia.

Another r33t.org clip. And awwww geez, this time it's a skateboarder taking a very bad spill.

A whole catalogue chock full of shielding devices to protect you and your loved ones from the dreaded electromagnetic fields. There's even one to surround your bed in a plastic bubble type enclosure, what fun! :P

Nov 13: New clothes for old Joes. Here's a Canadian company that manufactures custom clothes for those old foot high G.I. Joe figures from back in the day. I'm thinking the people that first produced these toys probably never expected to see one in Nazi Gestapo attire.

CSIS agent decides to take in a Toronto Maple Leafs game, secret documents stored in his car unwittingly stolen by drug addicts!

The new americanized Tom Green episodes start next Friday in Canada , whoops! Heh

Nov 12: Apparently some people out there are going to try and videotape the actual lunar impacts of Leonids meteors during the shower next week. Here's a page of a possible lunar impact caught on tape.

First ever lawsuit against 25 people involved in the distribution of warez over irc.

Sloan in session on CBC Radiosonic tomorrow, probably around 8pm eastern.

It must be "sweeps" in Canada too since CTV's Canada AM is going to be broadcasting a week-long "Internet Survival" program. The whole show is based on a guy and a girl being locked in a Toronto apartment with only internet access and a credit card. In order to survive, they must buy everything they need for a week off the internet. Not all that exciting really. When they must survive locked in a cage together for a year while starting off naked, let me know because, wow, that would top even the Japanese version of this program! Here's the page where it will be broadcast starting Nov 22, but it's just a blank orange page at the moment. Oh, hmmmm, they probably got the idea from watching it on "Good Morning America".

Nov 11: Remember how I was talking about Parasol helping to sell the new re-issue of Beck's Golden Feelings from Sonic Enemy? Apparently, the first re-release of 1000 copies has already sold out, so the "fine" people at Parasol have decided to jump on the whoring bandwagon and are now auctioning off the next pressing on Ebay. This is exactly what the whole re-issuing was supposed to stop. Bah. Parasol whores. Though, if the prices stay below 20$ US I suppose it isn't so bad. We shall see.
Oh now I hear they claim that they don't actually sell the CDs to anyone at the final auction price. Parasol just emails everyone at the end of the auction saying that you can get it for 15$ from them through mail order. Well I don't know, why can't they just post some info to that effect right on the auction itself?! That's a damn crazy idea. I emailed them enquiring about Golden Feelings a week ago and no reply though. Hmm...

This "Indie Rock Credit Card Application" was posted on the Pavement list by a Philip Smoker. I don't know who wrote it originally or what but I took the liberty of posting it up on a separate page as it is far too large to put here. Anyway, I found many of the questions applied to me. How many apply to you folks? :P I think this is where some sort of scoring system would come in handy. This page would work perfectly for something like an "Indie Rock Purity Test" but I'm too lazy to work out the scoring process for it. If someone out there does make some kind of scoring for it though, hey, let me know!

Well, after listening to MP3s of the new Beck release for a number of days now, I think I have fully digested the release. Beck told us he would be giving us a "party album" for the upcoming millenium celebrations and he delivered just that. It is a good release and worthy of all the great reviews (@Salon, @Spin) I've been starting to see, but for me, definitly not the best Beck release. I suppose I was looking for something else instead of this rich dip into the 80's and Prince-esque music or something. It's not all like that however, the track "Beautiful Way" could probably fit right onto the previous release, "Mutations". That just so happens to be the track that features Beth Orten as well. There's some rockers, "Broken Train" and "Pressure Zone" that sound like they could be old Beck standards from Odelay perhaps. Not that I don't appreciate the beats on this album. "Nicotine and Gravy" definitly feeds any hunger for some funky beats. There are some throwaway tracks for me though personally. The track "Get Real Paid", does nothing for me. It just sounds like an "Air" song or something and I can't say that I really was all that excited by "Air" other than what got radio airplay. On "Hollywood Freaks", Beck worked with Kool Keith. The song ends up sounding like, oh, I don't know quite what perhaps, like Beck was trying too hard. Sadly, he couldn't pull it off for me. "Debra" as well, I just don't like it at all and this is probably the track that led Beck down this whole 80's/R&B/Prince-esque road. It's been a tour favourite for some time now, but not for me. It's funny and fun live, sure, but I usually end up skipping over recordings of it. That all said though, I'd still recommend this release! I wouldn't be surprised if the Beck following only grows larger. It's just some longtime fans like me who were drawn in by the folkin'/rockin' Beck that are perhaps a tad distraut at times :P     Listen for yourself

Oh, and this tidbit before I end the current Beck focus...according to this MTV article, in typical Beck fashion, he has a multitude of leftover and unreleased material ready for yet ANOTHER release. This release could see the light of day next year if Beck could have his way.

Nov 10: The Editing Room brings you abridged scripts of all the hollywood blockbusters you might want to see but never get around to because your too busy weblogging. Why just look here, they have all of the action of the Matrix and Fight Club packed into convenient carrying cases, if you will.

New article on what should be one of your favourite Canadians if he isn't already, Nardwuar the Human Serviette. [via iBoy]

Salon talks to the man himself, Mahir. [via Bird on a Wire]

Nov 09: Andy... Former child weiner star

Nov 08: There is some raver backlash in Toronto right now. This link will probably only be around till tonight.

You can't find, buy and send bowel movements of this size and quality for $25.00 anywhere else!!
Well shit dawg!!!!!! I'm sold! [via memepool]

Rock fun today!

Well, I'm over at the not-so "Official" Sloan Messageboard, and some TBekavac person had this fun rock story posted up:

I just got back last night from New York and saw the Sloan show at the Bowery Ballroom on Thursday night. First, the show was absolutely amazing and the new tunes are even better live than on the CD (so be sure to catch them when you can). Second, and this is where it gets interesting; I went to Tower Records for the Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) autograph session and chatted for quite a while. I told him I was from Canada and he TOTALLY cut me off and says, "Hey, Sloan is in town tonight, are you going?". After I got my eyes back into my head, I assured him that I was and he said he was going to and that he loves Sloan. So, I found Dave at the end of the show and got to chat with him and Melissa Auf der Maur who was accompanying him (she had a Canadian flag sewn on her jeans). I told Dave how I regretted shooting my last picture five minutes earlier (Jay said it was fine with him if I took photos and I even got one from the side of the stage) so Dave says , "oh, you took pictures of the show?" and I replied in the affirmative. So Dave Grohl (who HAS to be the coolest man on the planet) says "oh man, don't sweat it, those guys totally rock". And with that, Dave disappeared with Melissa backstage to party with the Sloan boys. What a night. I love New York.

I just thought that whole story was cool :P And as well, wouldn't you know it? Sloan are supposedly opening for the Foo Fighters on their US tour. Though, I think it will only be one show from the rumours I'm hearing but that is still cool nonetheless. Kind of like when Beck personally asked them to open for him in Boston back in 1997 I think it was.

As for the Foo Fighter's latest release, I don't know, is it any good? I kind of got bored with them after their first release, but oh well.

Foo Fighters remind us that it IS okay to play loudly and in tune, that songs can still be about girls, and that not every band needs a goddamned DJ in the mix. Foo Fighters. There Is Nothing Left To Lose. Really. - foofighters.com

Either way, Grohl is reported to like great Canadian rock like the aforementioned as well as the Inbreds, the now defunct drum and bass (not techno, rock!) band so that gets a thumbs up from me. Heh.

And the final Sloan tidbit for today, they have gotten around to posting the first tour video on their site which is now aka Sloanmusic.com. It's only them getting off a plane in Syndey, lol, but I'm sure the real rockin' will begin in the not too distant future.

The Frontman War Log over at Umbrella Music features one live track by the Flashing Lights so far. Hopefully some more live cuts will appear there soon.

I placed 3rd last night in the all Computer Science/Nerd Trivia game on Chatgames last night! And ya, that's after a year of not playing as well. *gloating to himself*

Nov 07: Well, I found my favourite online trivia place again, MS Chatgames. They moved from their old home at MSN UK so I got a little lost. Anyway, it is far better than most all the other trivia places I've found simply because it's run by real live people and not some automated bot or program. So therefore, problems like questions marked wrong because of a simple spelling mistake for instance tend not to happen here. There is usually a wide variety of categories, questions that are not so damn simple as in some other places, and the hosts are usually pretty willing to take categories suggestions or even let you write entire trivia games for them to host. You have to download the GamerX client to play but you can still try and play with an ordinary irc client like mIRC but that idea doesn't work very well due to the way the hosting program and the clients interact (ie: you can't see the list of categories without GamerX). The GamerX client isn't the best (I'd still prefer it if I could play with good ol' mIRC), but it has improved immensely, trust me. You don't win any fabulous prizes or the like in these games usually but there is a monthly cumulative points competition called "Centipede" where you play for the glory and recognition of your trivia peers :P

Awwww. A front page photo of a dejected Bill Gates from some German publication.

The promo version of the new Beck is out and circulating! Comments later as I am currently downloading that bad boy :P

Nov 06: If you were to take Altavista and saturn.org, put them in a small room and have them breed, the resulting hybrid offspring would be SaturnVista. [via The Stuffed Dog]

Mahir-mania is sweeping the web! There's the Dancing Mahir page with the appropriate "Shaft" riff as background music, a flash animation, and an article in Salon. [via Strange Brew]

We're HOT for Mahir.

Lol... and finally, more Mahir coverage at Getting It. [via Lake Effect]

For taxi drivers in South Africa, the word "competition" translates to "15 minute gun battle". Actually, the little note explaining the link over at Pigdog is funnier than the real article.

Nov 05: Now you can view almost all of Beck's videos online, including the crazy new one for Sexx Laws.

Nov 04: Ya! The Internet Weather Report in full colour glory.

For those of us who weren't alive during the height of the past nuclear build up, there's the Atomic Archive. And while we're messing with nukes, might as well try one out over New York City. [via Pop Culture Junk Mail]

Nov 03: Pokeman + little kids = stabbings, apparently

The Ultimate Taxi. Where the object of the game is to try and see how many accessories you can cram into one functioning taxi.

Epidemic of schoolgirl rapes in Detroit.

Canadian Indy car racer Greg Moore crash footage.

Nov 02: Haha I knew that other site was a hoax! :P Damn eh? Oh ya, there's rumours now that Beck will be touring North America in January. And you know how I'm all for jumping on a rumour rather than waiting to see if it's true :P

Sloan is on the cover of Chart yet again where you can also read the latest interview online.

Canadian World Domination! Screw that friendly country crap! [via memepool]

Gauge the current health of the internet.

Apples in Stereo Live from 2/6/98 in Chicago. Okay, maybe they aren't the greatest live in this instance. They were when I saw them though, honest!

I went to the same site that is hosting the Apples broadcast and looked at the upcoming webcasts schedule earlier yesterday evening, and Behold! A live broadcast from Chicago featuring Luna and Beulah was scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, but when I go there now to doublecheck, the Nov 06 entry is no where to be found. Hmmm...

Nov 01: Tv Helps Build Valuable Looking Skills

For some reason I remembered this hardcore furniture porn site today.

I heard this replayed on the radio today. It's a parody called "Gay Per View" incorporating actual football play-by-play clips and produced by a Detroit radio station, though people on the Net seem to think it's an Adam Sandler clip. Nothing in this clip even sounds like Adam Sandler.

No one writes real mail to corporations. It's only people writing prank letters or begging for free stuff and then publishing all the correspondence.

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