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Oct 31 Some radio DJs trick a couple of dumb teens into calling the White House with a threat to kill the president. [via Obscure Store]

Sadly, Ben Folds Five has broken up. I knew when Ben moved to Australia that that couldn't be good for the band. There's some additional info from the BFF mailing list at this Ben Folds Five weblog as well as pictures from their final US concert.

Download some Ben Folds Five goodness from the audio/video ftp server in mourning.

Oct 30 Weezer: Detroit: State Theatre: March 8th, 2001. I'll actually buy tickets right away this time, honest. No doubt this huge heads up will only make the initial ticket feeding frenzy worse though since so many people last time were clueless until days after the show had already sold out. More equally tentative dates listed here. There's also an entirely different set of dates floating around without any Detroit stop yet which are the ones which initially tipped me off. It's crazy.

Mr. Pants makes a note on Oct 20th about seeing Mr. T on the Trinity Broadcast Network reading Bible scriptures. Now that is something someone needs to find, digitize , and post online for everyones viewing pleasure.

Oct 29 Well you and I both missed yesterday's performances but there's still today. The Bridge School Benefit concert starts today around 5pm ET and features the likes of Beck and Foo Fighters. Of course it will all be webcast apparently.

Oct 27 Well this is too cool. Sloan has no doubt felt our pain about not being able to aquire copies of the special Japanese album b-sides without shelling out large amounts of cash or trading via Napster. Either that or they just had no extra tunes for the disc. Anyway, you can finally legitimately own the Japanese Between the Bridges b-sides, "Summer's My Season" and "At The Edge Of The Scene", without paying a forture for the import version. Come Nov 07 (or Oct 31 at some establishments) you can purchase the Don't You Believe A Word single with the aforementioned bonus tracks.

Tom Green is apparently hosting SNL on Nov 18. Hah. That should be hmm, interesting.

And news from the set of the Mr. Show movie! Woo! And Andy Richter's gonna be in the movie too! Dave Foley too! Neat.

Since some friends of mine are helping put on this thing, I should probably mention it again on the off chance I have any cool local readers other than people I already know: it's the Windsor *Fantastic! Indie Fest!! The whole event actually started last night but shhh, don't worry about it. Tomorrow night is the best night of events anyway, in my opinion. I'm sure they will also play mostly *Fantastic! bands tonight on the K-mart Alice show between 10pm and midnight on CJAM radio as well (or they could just play major label rock in that timeslot instead). There's word of some kind of filming of the various performances being done by CosmicJams but their site doesn't even appear very functional so I have no clue what is going on regarding that aspect.

Oct 26 The NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft will dive within 6km of the asteroid Eros this morning. Last I heard the latest pictures, which will no doubt be grand, will be posted sometime today. NEAR's mission will conclude next year with an attempt to touch down on the actual asteroid.

Even more moons found around Saturn.

Hah. It's the Digital Antic Project. Antic being "The Atari Resource" of the 80's. The full text from every issue of the Atari magazine is now available online. I remember reading so many of these various articles back in the day. I basically learned how to type by keying in the various program listings included in every issue. All of the software is now archived for your pleasure. [via memepool]

Oct 25 Here's an odd conspiracy theory site found at the web today. The site is trying to convince folks that lingering chemical contrails left by jets over cities is some sort of plot by the US government to test various chemicals on humans, and that people are falling ill as a result. I don't really get what is supposed to be so unusual about these contrails to make people believe they are filled with anything other than "normal" aircraft exhaust. "Oil slick colours" appearing in these clouds is a natural phenomenon seen in things such as sundogs and I'd more likely attribute this sky to dust and pollution in general than some mysterious test chemical. But at the same time, nothing would surprise me anymore either. :P

Here's a guy who affectionately calls the "chemtrails" Kooktrails. At the very least, there's some cool looking photos.

Oh. Also at the guy's site is the Infamous Brad Pitt Equalization Device.

Oct 24 If you've been ripping any of the webcasts I post about now and then and want to burn them, the ones that are in ASF format are kind of a pain since there wasn't any program that I know of that will allow conversion to WAV format from the ASF format. This is apparently due to some kind of crack down by Microsoft. Anyway, I finally found these custom ActiveX controls being called MSAudio that allow WMA and ASF files to be decoded to WAV files. You can download a working demo that is in Visual Basic. It only decodes at 32k and there is no working progress indicator in the demo but I'm sure you could easily program changes, if you are so inclined, since the basic VB forms and whatnot are all included. I'm content just leaving the program running while doing something else. A 100meg+ ASF decode took an hour or two on my brother's 800mhz computer.

If you want to try an actual fully working program, try Media Wizard. It claims to be able to decode WMA files to WAV as well but it didn't seem to accept ASF files. I didn't have any WMA files to test with it either.

Some people also seem to have limited luck with a utility meant for use with the various EA NHL games called SNDVIEW.

The forecast for clouds and rain on Titan.

On a related note, Cassini is quickly approaching Jupiter on its way to Saturn and Titan.

Oct 23 Some more Dandys action...

An "E-coustic" interview and performance session, a live concert broadcast tomorrow from Australia, and an archived broadcast from the Bowery Ballroom at heavy.com. Since this is an all flash site you'll have to navigate your own way there by clicking on "Heavy Music" once inside. Oh ya, there's also a Dandys chat on juice.net Wednesday night (Australian time) on juice.net found by Tracey.

Apparently there's a Burger King Therapy Center online for traumatized employees. [via Pop Culture Junk Mail]

A Tennessee teen's plot to kill members of N'Sync is foiled. Multitudes worldwide sighs collectively in frustration. [via Obscure Store]

Stealing a baby through murder and a crude Caesarean section.

Oct 19 It's time for the CMJ Music Marathon and there are plenty of live webcasts of the various performances. Of note I'd say would be the Merge showcase with Spoon being broadcast at 11pm tonight via the Digital Club Network and the Jade Tree showcase tomorrow with The Promise Ring being broadcast tomorrow at 10pm via the House of Blues. HOB is apparently also broadcasting additional taped coverage over 10 days, from October 28th to November 5th. No listings of what bands will actually be shown on these days yet though.

The latest Spoon release, "Love Ways, came out this week by the way.

Oct 17 Their new album still blows but you can apparently listen live to the Radiohead show taking place tonight at Toronto's Air Canada Centre by using the Much Music site.

Oct 13 The Dandy Warhols are on Conan O'Brien tonight and have posted various MP3s from b-sides and such on their website. Saw them last night at St. Andrew's and it was great.

A handy little tool to help with the fact that you can't resume broken downloads on Scour Exchange unless you voluntarily cancel a download. Scour just so happened to have filed for bankruptcy protection recently. Nice.

The (sort of) Satan Gave Me An Mp3 FTP site resurrection. Usually only available in the late night/overnight hours.

Oct 12 There's some live Beck, Helmet, Ben Lee, Sunny Day Real Estate, and some Ben Folds Five interviews at L.A. Live.

"FUCK OFFICE SUPPLIES UP ITS FUCKING FACIST FOURTH REICH FIGHTING FUCKING ASS!" That is some serious office supply loathing. [via Riley Dog]

The U. of Michigan is offering a class on How To Be Gay.

Car-jacking attempt fails since the thief can't drive stick.

Oct 10 It's a radar system for your PC. [via gammatron]

Interesting pages for the Star Wars obsessed. First we have a compilation of the various scenes that were cut from the Phantom Menace and next, a through run down of everything that was cut from the original trilogy. [via memepool]

Oct 09 Even more Sloan performance pictures, this time from Feb. 15, 00 in Hamilton. [via Harmfull]

Actual images of planets outside our Solar System finally made.

A pack of teens are arrested for tossing live mice and guinea pigs into the open windows of passing cars. [via Obscure Store]

Eegad. Unixsex.com. You can view admins getting it on with their Sun boxes.

Oct 06 Time is ticking away for the Iridium satellites before they burn up in the atmosphere and I guess their orbits are already decaying now since sightings of Iridium flares sometimes aren't always happening as predicted. Iridium flares are the short and sometimes intense lights that may appear in the sky as sunlight reflects off paneling on the satellites. The flares can be as much as 30 times brighter than Venus if you are at the right place at the right time. I use Heavens-Above as a guide since you can enter very accurate coordinates and that gives you better predictions. You can also use Heavens-Above to track plenty of other objects in orbit like the Space Station, Hubble, and Starshine 2, which is in essence an orbiting disco ball designed to be easily tracked visually from Earth(once they launch it).

The Visual Satellite Observer is another good resource with additional information on things like re-entries.

China is anxious to put some men on the Moon as well as Mars.

Oct 03 Yet more Lego sculptures, and in particular, this huge stegosaurus.

There's a collection of a bunch of rather wackier little shockwave games and such at sas21. Designer madness... and how. [via bovine inversus]

I downloaded some file sharing program called Hotline just so I could download some Stereolab MP3s from their Nov 99 Vancouver performance that was broadcast over the radio by CBC. There's also a cool 1997 Radio 1 session, the Spacey Double Spiral compilation as well as tons of other MP3s, not just by Stereolab. So if you care, it's all located over at Hotline server

And the piece of news to note is not so much the fact that Beck is covering some David Bowie, but that he now has enough new material to fill seven albums.

Oct 02 There's a bunch of weird stories at this website, most notably the one titled, "I gave my cat an enema!"

More cat action with this silly little video clip: Ninja Kitten vs. Fat Cat

A new car wreck featured every week. This girl seems particularly proud of her magnificent wreckage.

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