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Oct 31: I tried to sell my fiddle for crack. I was wondering what ever happened to Ashley MacIssac.

I was over at The Secret Lair and Tony mentions another mysterious fireball , this time over eastern Canada a few days back.

Oct 30: The Sloan show was good, but not great! Not enough older material. The fact that the venue turned into "Latin Dance Night" afterward didn't help anyway. So sad. Oh well. My companions Luisa and Bianca seemed particularly distraut though heh. The fabulous videos are only 10$ US offstage at the shows btw. I'll probably post something more indepth after the Toledo show which will no doubt be at least 10 times better.

1999 Leonids predictions. They probably won't be right again :P but no matter, there'll most likely be a good show of some sort either way. Last year's predicted storm didn't happen but there was alot of fireballs.

Play the song "Popcorn" over the first 10 minutes or so of the movie Scream. It's funny :P Well okay, not THAT funny. [via memepool]

Robots that refuel spy satellites while in orbit.

Oct 29: Whoops, I missed a day. Heh. Good thing I selected "Almost Daily" when I signed onto that eatonweb blog portal to cover my ass :P
Anyway, spent some time working on a webpage only people who listen to a popular Detroit morning show will care about. After that, starry jen insisted that I call her at school in Guelph. She was quite pleased with the birthday gift I sent her which was a handsome Japanese Tour Programme I picked up after the Ben Folds Five show last week. As well, she had numerous crazy birthday stories so that occupied me for numerous hours. Now tonight is SSSSSLOOOOAAAAAAANNNNN!

Fixed the Muskrawk link down below btw... Ya, that's what I get for only sloppily coding by hand. Well, at least I moved up from Notepad :P

Teri's site has been resurrected! Simple design and great images of prints idea to accent the pages. I think so anyway.

HEY LADIES!!! I first noticed this site over at the Tom Green site but I've seen it on a number of other logs now while making the rounds. As you can see from the following quotes ripped from the page, this guy is one fly ass mofo.

I like sex.
I like to take foto-camera (amimals , towns , nice nude models and peoples).....
My eyes green .. I live alone !!!!!!!!!
Who is want to come TURKEY I can invitate .....
She can stay my home ........

Oct 27: Well, my family is now the most computer crazy family that I know. Not that we have all the latest top of the line gadgets or something, but the fact that we now have one fully functioning desktop computer for each family member (5 people). Lol. We're daft. We are supposedly going to be getting the cable internet installed anyday now. The problem is though, there's a 5 gig download limit per month. If we actually manage to somehow stay below that limit I'll be amazed.

Ya, let's her it for girl rock! Found this over at the Muskrawk page:

The Plumtree record entitled "this day won't last at all" has been delayed but will be released around March of 2000 on good ole Endearing Records. The whole thing was recorded in Toronto with Justin Deneau at EMS recording studios.. They are still working on the final mixes right now. The new record should rock much harder than other Plumtree releases, with 12 tracks to sing along to.

Give these guys a "Plushie" and they're in heaven.

An employment application made by what looks to be some disgruntled ex-employees. [via Cruel Site of the Day

BREAKING NEWS: Okay, not so breaking news after all and that's what I get for not checking the Deuce of Clubs site enough. Anyway, apparently some ass has stolen the infamous Mojave Desert Phone Booth. Earth is doomed.

The Sloany word on the street:

The Sloan video [Second Hand Views] is now available for mailorder and it costs $15 CAN or $13US postage and taxes included. Send a cheque or money order to the address below. It will also be available offstage in the States.

p.o. Box 68510
360A Bloor St. W.
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1X1

This would be that video with (almost) all their music videos ever made in one handsome package I've been ranting about. Fabulous.

Oct 26: Nice Halloween "costume" there buddy.

Compact Disc Shopper's Guide. Compares online retailers prices/shipping etc. and lists current coupons and other fun stuff. I've been told the Barnes & Noble coupons are good inparticular since you can apparently keep using the same one over and over again.

Thurston Moore performs sometime after 9pm eastern tonight at the Knitting Factory.

New clip from Beck's "Midnite Vultures" each week on the Official Site. This week it's Mixed Bizness.

Spin Coachella Review/Interview Clips.

Well, I knew something was up when I find my friends actually trading video taped copies of a show off the Food network. But lol, I guess that Iron Chef show is really catching on now if it's a special feature in Spin.

Oct 25: Send a hippie to the US Congress in 2000.

Whoa, found this at r33t. A schoolbus that might make a kid's bus ride more fun.

Best-lock, a German corp. that makes knock-offs of Legos. They have actual kits where you can build tanks and various other military vehicles that you'd never find in a Lego kit. Meanwhile, that's all I ever did when I was younger. The idea being to spend a few hours building a nice huge city or a couple armies with your friend. The best part however was always blowing the hell out of eachother in the end though. Well, unless your friend's overpowering older brother barges in with his self-proclaimed "Super Jet" and carpet bombs everyone. But anyway, they have some other cool kits too. [via Pigdog]

This Adbusters place is probably no doubt old news but it's the first time I've noticed it thanks to Scribble. Lots of great advertisement spoofs, the fashion ones inparticular are good.

Oct 24: So did anyone see anything weird a few nights ago? There was apparently unusual auroral activity viewed at middle latitudes like crazy on Thursday/Friday due to a particularly strong solar eruption the previous day. I'm on a mailing list to get notified for things like this but of course I didn't get the email until well after the activity had peaked so I'm left very disappointed.

A whole webpage with various links to both sides of the Bible contradictions debate. Some of them go pretty in depth but alas, it's 4am. Too much reading for moi after numerous hours blown chatting to friends. :P Perhaps later.

Oct 23: Some crazy page mocking Slashdot or something.

Reminder! Pavement on CBC Radiosonic tonight sometime around 11pm eastern.

Oct 22: Anyone else been watching Jeopardy lately? Is this the first time they've had a blind person on the show? I haven't a clue but he was definitly kicking some seeing eye ass! Awwwww yeah

A site devoted to mocking people's cars. It isn't even fully functional but I like it already. I particularly like the slams against the cars with all those useless stickers which are usually just an attempt for the owner to brag about their car in some fashion.

See the car that goes with these comments:

" It wouldn't be sporty without painting the interior trim some garish colors and applying stickers over the gauges. If I ever find the person responsible for this trend I'm going to slap him!
Maybe this makes a great excuse when being pulled over for speeding: 'Sorry officer, I was not aware of how fast I was going since I was unable to read the speedometer through all the stupid-ass stickers I have applied to my gauge cluster'

Oct 21: New Stereolab tour dates... Dec 09 in Detroit in particular.

I originally found this over at Unobserved Utterances.
Contradictions and Flaws in the Bible? Hardly. Now I have no clue what version of the Bible the person who wrote this was using, but according to the New International Version, many of these supposed contradictions and flaws are anything but. Translation of books such as the Bible into other languages is definitly not an exact science so that's probably what helps to fuel these ideas of Bible errors. It's apparent after examining the verses and passages as well as the other surrounding text and notes that the person who wrote this is one of those people who would just take a single sentence out of the Bible to suit their own needs. Sometimes this person refers to verses that aren't even complete sentences and therefore, not complete ideas. Anyway, even though I could easily create my own huge list and probably discount each one of these flaws I'll just show some examples :P

2.When was God first called Jehovah?
(Genesis 4:26) long before Moses, men began to call on the name of the Lord, "Jehovah",
(Genesis 22:14) Abraham named a place Jehovah-jireh. "The Lord will provide."
(Exodus 6:2-3) God informed Moses that previously His name (Jehovah) had been unknown even to the patriarchs such as Abraham Isaac and Jacob
Well chalk this one up to translation problems. Note for Exodus 6:3 - "Or 'Almighty, and by my name the LORD did I not let myself be known to them?'"

3.When did the Nephilim live?
(Genesis 6:4) The Nephilim (giants) lived on earth prior to the Flood
(Genesis 7:23) Only Noah and his family, and the animals on the Ark, survived the Flood.
(Numbers 13:33) Long after the Flood, the Nephilim (Giants) still lived.
Well that's strange, my version reads: (Genesis 6:4) The Nephilim were on the earth in those days (ed: the time of the flood) - and also afterward -- when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.

6.Math quiz: How many animals went on the Ark?
(GEN6:19-20) God told Noah to take with him on the ark two of every king of animal to include birds, animals and creeping things
(GEN7:2-3) God told Noah to take with him on the ark seven of every clean animal and bird and two of every unclean animal.
Again, translation. Note for Genesis 7:2 - "Or 'seven pairs'; also in verse 3."

7.Math quiz: How long was the flood?
(GEN7:17, 8:6) The flood was on the Earth 40 days and nights
(GEN7:24, 8:3) The flood was on the Earth 150 days CONTRADICTS
(GEN7:11) the flood began during the 600th year, 2nd month, 17th day of Noah's life and finally dried up
(GEN8:13) during the 601st year, 1st month, 1st day of Noah's life (1 solar year from the date given in Gen7:11).
Ya, those verses are all well and good if the reader has any grasp of english comprehension. Those verses do say it rained for 40 days and nights but anyone familiar with the any flooding stories such as the recent hurriance floods in NC etc. would know that after it stops raining, the water doesn't just all magically disappear. It takes time for the flood waters to recede and go down, sometimes the surge or flood waters come after the rain is already gone. In this case, the verses tell of how it rained for 40 days and nights and then apparently the waters covered the earth for 150 days before they recede and the Ark comes to rest on Mount Ararat. Even after this time though, the water is only slowly continuing to recede so no one leaves the Ark. There's more there but that's good enough for me :P

33.Can we love AND fear God?
(Deuteronomy 6:5) We must love God
(Deuteronomy 6:13) We must fear God
(Matthew 22:37) We must love God
(I Peter 2:17) We must fear God
(I John 4:18) Perfect love cannot be mingled with fear.
Know what's crazy? The same word can have more than one meaning depending on the context! And typically when someone says "We must have the fear of God", it means to have "reverence for constituted authority". That last verse is the only one talking about the kind of fear the authour's thinking of and it isn't even talking about fearing God at all.

50.How old?
(II Kings 8:26) King Ahaziah was 22 years old when he began to reign.
(II Chronicles 22:2) King Ahaziah was 42 years old when he began to reign.
Oops, it turns out that there were TWO different kings named Ahaziah. This is due to the fact there were two separate Jewish nations for a period of time. One nation was called Israel and the other was called Judah. So much for that one eh?

Anyway lol, I've taken up enough space. All these these anti-Bible and anti-Christian people should try out some real research for once as well as taking things in the correct contexts etc. etc.

Oct 20: So anyway, last night I saw Local Rabbits and the Flashing Lights at Changez in Windsor as a part of the Frontman War tour. Not that big a crowd, as is to be expected with most Windsor shows nowadays. The Flashing Lights were truly fabulous though. Lots of rock kicks by Matt Murphy and overall just plain hard rockin'. I think that the final verdict for me will be that the Flashing Lights > Super Friendz. They have a very similar sound to the Super Friendz and all since Matt Murphy is the core of the band once again but I do believe he his song writing has evolved to a higher level. So if you aren't gonna jump on the Sloan train, try out the Flashing Lights posse, you definitly won't be sorry. Say it with me! FLASH-ING LIGHTS! FLASH-ING LIGHTS! Heh. Anyway, a special thanks to Leamington Jen who allowed me to ride on her coattails and get into the show for free. So hey, give the biggest indie rock groupie I know around these parts some more hits on her webpage :P

1+GHz processors? Crazy. In AMD and Intel flavours.

I'm a Legomanic tonight. I might have bookmarked this awhile ago from another weblog but I cannot recall which one. Anyway, behold! The amazing fantastic Lego concentration camp kits. Keeping with the theme of Lego death, check out this functional machine gun.

Oct 19: The Flashing Lights will be on Much Music this Friday at 2pm.

Use this handy Blast Mapper to see if you would survive say, oh, an accidental launch of Russian nukes on Jan 01 2000 or something crazy like that. There's some neat videos of actual blasts at this PBS site as well.

A whole series of parody posters with the intent for you to print them out and hang 'em up somewhere. [via Linkwatcher]

Realaudio interview with Judah Bauer of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. [via metascene]

Oct 18: So Leamington Jen and I ventured down to Clutch Cargo's in Pontiac, MI last night to see Ben Folds Five. I had previously seen them twice before, once in Feb 97 at this very same venue and once at Pine Knob in Clarkston, MI opening for Beck. This may very well have been their best performance. Now the band's lastest release, The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner, I haven't been too sure about. I tend to like the faster tempo and upbeat songs and this past release was chock full of mellow songs. For their live performance though, they seemed to make up for this by the fact that they seemed to be putting every ounce of energy into their performance and really pepping up every song. It wasn't that they weren't putting all their energy into the concerts the previous times, it was just perhaps they were doing it moreso this time. The band seemed to be pounding the hell out of their instruments. Lol. There was some more improv than previous times like the 5 minute jam during the encore as well as the usual Ben throwing his stole at the piano and other such goofiness. The fact that I was on the guestlist for this concert sure didn't hurt any either. Check here for the remaining scheduled tour dates.

During our little excursion last night, Jen informed me that she's collaborating on a new Plumtree resource. Plumtree = quality Canadian east coast pop.

Just some guy vs. ELiTE HaX0Rs. The guy goes a tad overboard at times though I think.

A few weeks old but good Sloan review at Spin.

Fake ad banners of electrical cords gettin' it on.

Another one of those MP3 online storage pages.

Oct 16: A couple from Cruel Site of the Day:

Some cool Insensitivity Cards. These are exactly the ecards you always really wanted to send to someone but you just couldn't find any other than the usual happy themed cards.

If your really heavy into downloading porn, you'll probably want to optimize your typing with this course.

I wanted to have this service call up my friend and freak her out but it won't take extension numbers longer than 4 digits... What a let down. [via kempa.com]

Oh boy! White Power for kids, helping to corrupt the next generation.

Oct 15: Some guy is installing an entire computer into his car just so he can play ripped MP3s everywhere he goes.

The amazing collosal ArcadePC Mini Cabinet. Now that you have the proper cabinet for that arcade feel, all you need is some classic games.

When will a dazzling fireball streak over my house? The only ones I have seen have been the odd small fireball accompanying a meteor shower and that's nothing compared to things like the Great Jackson Lakes Fireball of 1972. [via Bifurcated Rivets]

The friendly little draggable pals over at melty.com reminded me of the He Is Just A Rat comic I used to read now and then. The friendly rabbits and puppies or whatever they are in this comic tend to get beat on and injured though. Heh.

Whoa. It turns out there's an entire category on Yahoo devoted to Mr. T kicking various ass. [via Camworld]

Oct 14: It's just like the NRA but for motorists, it's the National Motorists Association. [via memepool]

More Kids in the Hall dates officially announced. Heads up though, most of the tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am. If your going to the State Theatre show in Detroit though, be sure to wait awhile before ordering yours so I can get those primo seats first :P.

Yet another archive of various pictures and multimedia @ Goofball. Users can submit items as well as comment on all the items gathered at this one though. I browsed through some of the areas and the site contents seem to be pretty extensive so who knows, might be some gems in there. Anyway, if you want to kill numerous hours, head to Goofball. Might as well just list off the stuff from the site I liked in particular as well:

- the female inmate slot machines
- Hey! I didn't see any sex scenes in my version of Return of the Jedi

- another replacement key for your keyboard
- a prank call to a Thai restaurant. The caller has some success considering they don't have a grasp of world geography.

- it looks like this Dad REALLY enjoys biking
- this sign sure wouldn't be very reassuring for a driver
- Charlton Heston takes on Win95
- I guess they've made a shirt for every situation possible now
- there's a road sign for every situation as well
- supposedly the translation of the billboard on the left reads, "HERE YOU HAVE THE FASTEST CARROT IN THE WORLD

Oct 13: It's time for Chart magazine's year end reader's poll.

I missed these hidden Word 2000 settings.

This message will self destruct... [via eatonweb]

It's crap like this that gives Christianity a bad name. An attempt to label the entire rock genre as being satanic.

Are the LAN cards they are giving away here any good? I have no clue. They're free though and that's good enough for me. I can add it to my collection of hardware I don't use. Woo!

The Dialectizer! Convert your normal, boring text into jive or the language of a redneck.

Oct 12: Mr. T vs. the Matrix and Mr. T vs. Mr. Worf

Sloan in Session on CBC Radiosonic on Nov 13.

New Beck photo gallery opened up on the official site featuring pics from recent shows such as Coachella and the making of the video for Sexx Laws.

This is one badass potato cannon. Watch as hapless watermelons are vapourized. [via Pigdog]

Burn trash in an old open pit mine, what a brilliant idea! Oops. An exposed vein of coal apparently caught fire and now other various veins of coal have been burning underneath Centralia Pennsylvania since 1961. [via memepool]

An interesting tidbit from the music ezine, Consumable:

"Apples In Stereo may not be the best known band by mainstream America, but that may change when their song 'Strawberry Fire' is used in a Sony ad later this year."

Oct 11: Graphically illustrating why it isn't a good idea to mix high voltage wires with anything let alone someone high on PCP. [via memepool]

The new MP3s daily at USound.com seem decent. They posted a Beck "remix" by just some guy on the internet I assume which isn't an official remix and also basically falls under the Noel Gallagher definition of remix anyway. That is, no real changes. This is because Noel supposedly remixed Devil's Haircut for a UK single but all he did was add some more heavy guitars to it and then called it a remix. This Pilot guy pretty much just switched the levels on the left and right channels for the most part while playing with the speed to successfully make a great song sound bad. *shrug* Anyway, if you want to hear Deadweight, listen to the single or the soundtrack to A Life Less Ordinary. [via kempa.com]

Males betting on who will get sex first - continuing the tradition online. [via Cruel Site of the Day]

Oct 10: Hell On Earth, a role playing game for different folks. [via Cardhouse]

Oct 09: The Matador Records 10th Anniversary concert has been archived and is now available online. If you want to bypass that annoying contest registration, use this link.

YES! The Kids in the Hall are stopping right near me in Detroit, Michigan on Feb 27 2000. And only a couple weeks after I turn 23. Heh. Fabulous! No idea when tickets are on sale yet. This date only appears on Pollstar so far along with some other new ones.

Oct 08: Crazy ass new show on CBS next summer. This sounds like a show that would be on tv in Japan maybe or something. Well maybe not. Perhaps more like an MTV type show if it's a ".. part reality soap, part game show, part survival challenge". The show I heard about in Japan had a guy locked naked in a cage for a year and he could only live off prizes he won from contests throughout that year.

See what weblogs have been updated recently at the linkwatcher weblog. Neat.

Pavement joins Rage Against the Machine in being webcast live at Coachella this Sunday starting at 9:15PM Eastern.

Thrush Hermit has dropped off the Frontman War Tour I mentioned weeks back due to medical reasons. The Flashing Lights and the Local Rabbits will continue on with the tour.

Does the Knitting Factory broadcast all the shows they host? That's what it looks like. I'll try again later this month I guess since according to their calendar, I could possibly tune in for performances by Thurston Moore on Oct 26 and Oliva Tremor Control on Oct 30.

Track various objects in orbit like satellites and the shuttle from your computer. You can do it at this site as well.

Another article on the possible 10th planet that goes into more detail. The object is about 3 time larger than Jupiter and may actually be a star that failed to ignite.

Oct 07: 22 year old Oshawa woman poses as a man and picks up young girls off the Internet for sex.

That crazy Beck. He almost called his forthcoming album "I Can Smell The VD In The Club Tonight" but settled for "Midnite Vultures". 10th Planet discovered? Maybe not but the Pioneer 10 probe which was launched way back in 1972 may have found something on the edge of the solar system just by the tug of gravity alone. Probably a comet like object. That's isn't all though, a British astronomer may have found a rogue planet captured by our Sun.

Another load of streaming music videos in yo' face, werd.

Today the Onion is serving up helpful earthquake safety tips. And how about this? This probably will happen eventually in real life, you jingoist bastards.

Using centrifugal force to facilitate child birth. Science at work! Actually, it turns out this is part of an entire "Wacky Patent of the Month" site. [via Pigdog]

bad keyboard, tsk

Oct 06: I fell upon an archive site today full of general sounds and pictures. You could always use the front door of the site, but I say don't even bother. It seems many of the files aren't linked and few are given a good description of what they are anyway. Lots of garbage on this site as well but there's some good stuff hidden among it. Something like this newspaper ad, or this one. Then you have the required Clinton jokes or college peptalk. These pages are typically full of nudity, vulgarity, or video of humans and animals disintegrating upon impact, so surfer beware. Actually, the only other things of value there are this audio of a guy getting ,caught cheating, the first part of the classic "lost" Star Trek episode, Casey Kasem having a bad day as well as a message left on a help desk answering machine. That Delta Airlines parody turns up again here too, crazy.

I guess you could say, this guy really likes the AMD K6 processor.

Okay, so I was looking something up before my networking class today and I just happened to discover that the Computer Science 7 Layer OSI Model is a sham. And on a totally unrelated note, the OSI Model sham guy keeps a good guide to trucker CB jargon. I live just off of the NAFTA Superhighway so who knows when this might come in handy.

This is where I get political.

Unions are retarded. The unions of Ontario inparticular are extra mental. Unions like the CAW for example. I say this because there was almost a strike here against DaimlerChrysler that would have had far reaching effects across North America. The main reason the union was about to strike was not because they weren't getting enough money this time, an earlier deal with Ford Canada all but assured the workers alot of money, but because DCX refused to interfere in the affairs of one of it's suppliers. The supplier was Magna International which has it's Integram seat plant located in Tecumseh, Ont (basically a suburb of Windsor). The CAW was trying to unionize said plant and claimed to have had over 50% of the workers sign a union card already. Magna however refused to recognize the union in their plant and what did the union do? They basically attempted to bully DCX into applying pressure on Magna so that Magna would recognize their Integram plant as unionized. What a load of crap. The union shouldn't have been trying to pressure DCX to do any such things. The CAW failed however and I'm glad. And no, it's not as if I'm on the side of the big corporate whores, but the unions are often times no better than the management. The CAW is just another big corporation and they need to keep bringing in those members to keep expanding and making more profit.

Another thing that bugs me involving the unions was the entire past 3 or 4 years living in the province of Ontario. After the 1995 election, the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario came to power under the leadership of Mike Harris. This party only came to power because they promised to shape up Ontario and cut the fat on spending and in the government. Time started to go by after they were elected, and who would have thought?! Mike Harris actually did what he promised when he began cutting costs towards a goal of a balanced budget. This all meant there might be some kind of change in Ontario though. Dear God no! Change?! Obviously some citizens in Ontario couldn't handle lower taxes and the possibility of more efficient government at all levels below provincial because a series of skirmishes, strikes, and demonstrations began to take place. I was in highschool for a part of this time, so I was subjected to daily doses of propaganda from unionized teachers about how evil Mike Harris was during class time. I remember pondering how stupid this all was that the teachers were spending entire periods trying to rally our support for them and their cause. This is was also at time at school where passing a petition around for any old cause was kind of popular and if you didn't sign, there must be something wrong with you! So anyway, rallying support from the majority of the students was no problem. As a result, various teacher strikes took place (which accomplished nothing except to give students time off) as well as various anti-government student walkouts (which also accomplished nothing except to give students time off). Later on, there was a whole series of general walkouts/strikes in cities across Ontario. These were called "Days of Action". This usually entailed setting a particular date for each city, going to that city on the appropriate date (often busing a large amount of union workers and supporters from other cities to bolster the numbers), having a rally, walking around the city on the most congested city streets and blocking traffic for as long as possible, then meeting at a final location for another rally. And the results of these Days of Action? Not a thing. Mike Harris couldn't be bullied into making changes that the union minorities wanted. All that happened was the protesters successfully pissed off commuters who were actually trying to get to work and maybe gave some kids yet another day off from school. The unions and public interest groups were just a very vocal minority.

Now the final incident and the one that really made me laugh at the union fools was the 1999 Ontario General Election this past June. The primary unions like the CAW(auto), OSSTF(teachers), ONA(nurses), and CUPE(public servants), threw their support behind the Ontario Liberals in an attempt to oust Mike Harris from power. However, the CAW president Buzz Hargrove called for "strategic voting" in certain ridings so that the PC's would win as few seats in Provincial Parliament as possible. This involved voting for the candidate most likely to win a riding as long as it wasn't a Progressive Conservative. Too bad it all backfired. The PC's and Mike Harris ran off to a second term. After the dust settled it was apparent that in some cases, the attempts to promote strategic voting had actually given the PC candidate in that riding a victory. This was because anti-Harris voters were left confused who to vote for. A person may have wanted to vote for the New Democratic Party candidate but meanwhile, the unions might have been just there days before backing the local Liberal. So the NDP candidate who would have won before, thus stealing a seat away from Harris, would end up splitting the non-PC vote with the Liberal candidate. Heh.

Anyway, you can see that I could probably talk forever about things like Mike Harris in Ontario and dumb unions. There's a whole number of other issues that I didn't even cover but came across my mind as I typed this out such as the competency testing for teachers in Ontario or slack assed unionized co-workers that slow everything down but I'll stop this rant for now :P And for the record, I worked under the union banner for 3 years at a local newspaper production plant.

Oct 05: I'm an updating fool! Stop the madness!

Alice over at Strange Brew has just discovered Late Night with Conan O'Brien recently I guess, and in particular, the "If They Mated" segments. I've loved Late Night for some years now because of other great segments like "Pimpbot 5000" and "Actual Items".

This is a great idea. A geographical rundown of where every weblog is based. Yet more utterly useless but interesting information! The kind I especially love :P [via Genehack]

Being some sort of amateur astronomy myself at times, I love this site. An entire site devoted to debunking "bad astronomy" such as rumours that the Earth will be torn asunder by the great planetary alignment in May 2000 or how the movie "Armageddon" really wasn't all that great a movie. Not that most people care about this stuff when they go to see a movie, thus, the box office success. Personally though, I couldn't help but notice the errors throughout that film. [via memepool]

Don't settle for any of those other conspiracy theories out there, build your own. [via memepool]

Gotta love live Mp3s... This time we have an offering from Tortoise. [via Bring the Rock]

Get yourself a copy of Windows 98: Brooklyn Edition or learn about the woes of upgrading from Girlfriend v7.0 to Wife v1.0. This quote from the page goes out to huhCool:

"Wife v1.0 is a great program, but very high maintenance."
[via Saturn.org]

Oct 04: I'm always chock-full of Sloan news. Sloan have up and revamped the OFFICIAL Official website again. Definitly a step up from their previous efforts. There's now a sneak peak at the Sloan video compilation entitled "Second Hand Views", and a future spot for various tour photos and clips by the band while on tour (won't be active till late October). And today's final Sloan note, there has always been some fan angst about Sloan "Rarities" due to the fact that often times, extra songs end up only on Japanese releases of albums and the like. Well, I must have missed this particular Sloannet posting but the SloanHut brings some welcome news:

"According to SloanNet post 3026, there's word of an upcoming Sloan rarities album around 2000, followed by a new studio album in 2001. On this topic, [Chris] stressed 'Don't buy the Japanese imports!!'."

Every band should do this because I know I'm not the only fan out there who can't afford to go out and buy every overpriced release that comes out just to get one new song.

Another quality Toronto area ezine, Ductape.

Bruce McCulloch, sometimes known as the favourite Kid from Kids in the Hall, will be doing a solo cross-Canada tour entitled, "Slightly Bigger Cities". The tour starts Oct 20 in Toronto.

Your online resource to disaster movies! [via memepool]

A couple from Fark:

Squirrels love their beer.

Someone finally got around to auctioning off Ebay, it only managed to pull in $1.25 though. Heh.

They're going to be webcasting from the Coachella festival this weekend. A tad heavy on the electronic music but this lineup looks to be at least one hundred times better than that sad display called "Woodstock 99". Hopefully they'll broadcast alot more bands that just Rage Against the Machine though. One of the acts Saturday, "Richie Hawtin (Plastikman)", is from Windsor :P Just though I'd mention that. Not that I'm actually into him or anything but it's kind of cool. [via Britain]

Oct 03: Well everyone's probably heard about the big metric/imperial screw up that ended up trashing NASA's latest Mars probe by now. However, I didn't read this dumb quote by astronomer Patrick Moore until now. He said:

"This was an awful blunder. It was going to be a very important mission which would have shed a lot of light on Mars. It just shows the dangers of creeping metrication. Why can't we stick to good old imperial measurements?"

Lol! What the heck? Last I knew, metric was the universal measurement of science. Not to mention the fact that metric just makes more sense the majority of the time.

Well, looks like my prayers have been answered. This will ultimately mean some kind of move for this webpage in a month or two max. Stay tuned.

Sonic Enemy has re-released Beck's Golden Feelings, a pre-Mellow Gold collection of music definitely for the hardcore fan only, on CD in response to rampant bootlegging of the release. I'm definitely glad to see this but there still will be idiots who will pay $30 for a bootleg copy on Ebay. Whether it's a copy of a super rare release or a live concert, no one should be paying much more than the cost to produce the copies of such things. Anyway, you can get your copy of Golden Feelings from Parasol Mail Order.

Now this looks cool. It's a new game in development called "Infantry". It's along the lines of Subspace and there are many similarities but in this game you are troops rather than space ships. It's still a beta and at the time I tried playing I could only get into one of the two zones but it looks like this could be another addictive one once all the bugs are worked out and settings tweaked.

Oct 02: The Onion presents, Ask A Chatroom. It's just like the pathetic type of chatroom my efnet #windsor channel has become.

The Digital Club Network looks like it could have some potential to be a great site. It says to wait for the official launch so that gives me some hope. One bar that will supposedly go online soon at this site is the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI. I saw Apples in Stereo and Beulah there last July. Great show! That one performance is what made me start to listen to Beulah. Bought their latest CD right after the show.

Don't forget to listen to Ben Folds Five recorded live from Toronto at 11pm eastern and watch the Sloan special tomorrow also at 11pm eastern.

Oct 01: View the cover of the promo version of Beck's new single, "Sexx laws". As well, there's an mp3 of the new single on the site. I don't know what the quality of this mp3 is but I downloaded a 4 meg copy of Sexx laws off a site I found on the Oth Net search engine and it sounded great!

Mr. Pants brings us a little dose of Japan. See how stars of the Western World like to be in Japanese advertisements or how the Japanese really get off on looking at buses in Kyoto.

The great 1999 Toronto Blizzard debacle. I almost got stranded by this thing up in Bolton, Ontario (approx. 45 mins northwest of downtown TO) on January 2nd. Though, the normally 3 to 4 hour trip south back to Windsor only took 6 or 7 hours this time...

While pondering how to properly build my bookmarks page, I came upon this Hierarchical Menus how-to on webreference.com. They are nifty javascript drop down menus for your webpages.

I'm on a bootleg Mp3s kick lately. You can listen to live Modest Mouse, or how about the motherload of Ben Folds Five Mp3s?

Actually, I might as well just post the Musicseek Rare And Live Mp3 music page. Lots of mp3s to sift through though I haven't checked alot of the sites on there in ages so who knows what's still up and what isn't.

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