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Sep 28 For some reason everybody loves little pixel people and little pixel cities. Now there is a page featuring little pixel pop culture icons called minipops. There's even more user submitted versions at the micropops site.


minipop version of Elliott Smith
It's minipop Elliott Smith!

Another neat little facet of the overall site is the Mini Museum of Modern Art.

Apparently Neil Armstrong made an odd remark just as he was getting back into the Lunar Module to leave the surface of the moon back in 1969.

"Just before he re-entered the lander, however, he made the enigmatic remark 'Good luck Mr. Gorsky.' Many people at NASA thought it was a casual remark concerning some rival Soviet Cosmonaut."
In 1995 though, Armstrong revealed the nature of his remark and it's pretty funny. [via ribbit!]

Sep 27 A silly site dedicated to trashing SUV poseurs.

And I've been strangely fascinated with nuclear war books and pamphlets like this one, Nuclear War Survival Skills, for awhile now. Probably ever since I found one of those old survival handbooks printed by the Canadian government in my grandparents' basement.

Those two links were from Larkfarm.

Sep 26 Apathy Dan found a neat little program called streamripper that will rip MP3 streams and record them into separate files for each track. The only drawback that I can tell is that it is limited to only shoutcast streams. There's a Windows program called MP3 Stream Recorder that doesn't have the shoutcast limitations but then it's drawback is that it only rips streams into one huge MP3 file unless you stop the recording and specify a new file.

It's a TiVo blowout! Just look at all the people who won a new TiVo player in this Metafilter thread (where winning means 9 out of 10 people who submit an entry receive a prize). There is the catch that you have to pay for a couple months subscription to the TiVo service in order to claim the prize and the flood of "winners" might lower the value of the prizes sold over ebay. :P

Links to the TiVo Forum FAQ and a Hacking the TiVo FAQ were posted as well since this 14 hour version of the product is hackable apparently.

Sep 25 A couple of brits named Dean and Nigel give us often hilarious lessons on how to blend in with the more disheveled looking portion of the public. [via Andrew]

These mathematician trading cards just pale in comparison to the above.

Some guy was driven to shooting up a gay bar after no doubt being relentlessly teased about his last name by his hick pals. His last name just happened to be "Gay".

Some mildly amusing reversal pranks played on unsuspecting telemarketers. Tom Mabe's material is still #1.

Okay I was ripping on the US Olympic basketball team before but I'll give it to Vince Carter at least for this hilarious dunk during the game against France. Of course there is no video of this available anywhere on the web when you actually have to see the clip to get the effect. Oh well.

Sep 21 Here's a weblog that keeps track of strange and disturbing search requests that show up in people's referrer logs. I get so many on my own site that I've long since given up keeping track.

More crazy news: Frozen body falls from a plane en route from Moscow.

Ya Australian! The US Olympic basketball team, which is composed of all professionals anyway, gets booed off the court despite winning after coming close to losing to Lithuania. [via the web today]

And here are some fine photo essays.

The first one is by Mike Beauchamp and is a presentation of the fine (mostly American) people that frequent downtown Windsor on weekend nights. Drinking age in Michigan = 21. Drinking age in Ontario = 19. Downtown Windsor := idiot filled.

And here we have a fine collection of photos entitled "night out with sloan" from what I presume was the Sept. 14th Sloan show at Seneca College. There are neat little video clips inserted throughout as well. [via sloanlog]

Sep 20 A tragic turn of events has transpired. It's The Extremely Shutdown Cardhouse Weblog Scene 2000. A moment of silence please.

That Ananova always seems to have some wacky stories.

A student goes to his room and stays there for 38 years. "I remember my school friends and family members. I am counting my days and waiting for my death," he said.

Woman's sex toy sparks police alert.

Sep 18 Tracey doesn't seem to have much luck with live band photography but she got a really great batch this time. So here they are, pictures of Sloan performing live at York University last Wednesday. There's some funny ones and some real gems.

Oh, and of course there's the post leak Radiohead debate on pretty much every music resource. Watch some of it ensue at kempa's place.

Sep 15 After having arrived home from a short Toronto visit and other activities, I find that Radiohead's only apparent concert date on the entire eastern half of North America is rumoured to be taking place in the aforementioned city this October.

Sep 12 You may have attempted to grasp his various essays on theoretical physics but you've never seen this side of him before. He is, MC Hawking. An entire site profiling Stephen Hawking's lesser known role in life as a "lyrical terrorist". Shiiiiiiiiiiittt! This mutha's got some phat ass jams.

noname9 has posted a very fine solo acoustic performance by Elliott Smith that took place earlier this year in Paris. Elliott will apparently be touring the US again this October with Grandaddy.

And here's a semi-entertaining link just because Tracey and I are taking a short jaunt to Toronto tomorrow.

Sep 11 Eegad, these Australian lads do things a little differently. They use their genitals as puppets and put on performances.

When you often have weird sleeping patterns like I do, you've seen World News Now plenty of times (either that or the you've seen every episode of Knight Rider and Family Ties, again). I wasn't aware of the apparent cult following of the program though.

The fine folks at the Canadian Copyright Board didn't get what they wanted originally but they get another chance with the next blank audio recording media levy proposal.

The current rates: 23.3 on audio cassette tapes of 40 minutes or longer, 60.8 on MiniDisc, CD-R Audio and CD-RW Audio, and 5.2 on CD-R and CD-RW.

The proposed new rates: $1.00 for each audio cassette over 90 minutes in length, $1.75 for each CD-R Audio, CD-RW Audio or MiniDisc, and 50 for each CD-R or CD-RW.

Sep 10 APC released an advanced copy of the next Radiohead album, Kid A, yesterday to the Internet populace. Here's a website that has it in MP3 form. Two tracks are missing though and appear to be available through the other usual MP3 avenues.

My Verdict: BOORRING. I'll probably still end up attending the next Radiohead show within reasonable driving distance though.

Sep 08 Live Nude Cats! These "Fornicating Feline Photos" were found via mr. pants. And that isn't all, there's the "Hottest Squirrels On The Net" scurrying about at Squirrel Sex Dot Com.

A copy of the Star Wars: Episode II script may have been stolen already, two years before the final movie is even supposed to come out.

The TLC earthquake simulator. [via Scribble]

Here's a young Scottish lad's lovely page about burned out motor vehicles he has discovered in the area around his town.

Sep 07 Another webpage has popped up that is just full of more live Pavement MP3s. And wait, there's more! Here's some live Olivia Tremor Control as well. (Oops, I had these links broken originally but now that they are fixed, the links on the guy's website aren't working. *sigh* I love it.)

This Swedish effort called the Playdo Community looks a lot like it might be something along the lines of souped up version of the Mobiles Disco, but it isn't sadly. Oh well, still a neat site I guess. That Mobiles Disco place needs some more action in the form of more rooms, bar fights, and bathroom sex... Hi.

Seig Heil Straight Edgers!

Sep 06 A another whole cache of Java games online. This RISK clone called Dominate seems to be my favourite.

Playing on the continued recent Napster news we have a comic on Salon about the Library System Terrorizing the Publishing Industry.

Some k-rad hax0r d00dz do their work but little did they know they were being watched and logged the entire time by some folks who had setup a trap, a honeypot. There ends up being a small pile of IRC logs collected in the process that are sometimes silly. [via gobshite]

Sep 04 I neglected to post about this in time for the Elliott Smith webcast but you can still catch the Modest Mouse one tonight at 7:30 ET. It's a live webcast from the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle.

Mr. T Chia Pet RARE! 80's The A-Team! LOOK!

Here's a cool little Shockwave chat called Mobiles Disco. It's primarily in Finnish but you should be okay, just enter the International Chat. There's also a separate little multiplayer snowball fight game made by the same people.

Some guy and his dare not to speak out loud for an entire year.

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