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Feb 18, 2003 More junk on the way. Watch this space.

Sep 06, 2001 The MST3K Digital Archive Project. A forum for trading every episode of MST3K in digitized form.

Lots of buzz about daypop. Seems to be a google type search engine but only for current events/weblog items.

Sep 05 How to remove various mildly annoying forms of Microsoft branding in Internet Explorer. You can edit other things too I never bothered to notice before since you're in the registry anyway.

Sep 03 I am late joining the Tenacious D bandwagon mostly due to the fact that I was too lazy to download all the episodes and whatnot from fugitivealien's FTP site. But yes, I am on it now as soon as I heard the upcoming album. Here's a flash video for a track off it called "Fuck Her Gently" and come on, look at the album cover. You don't have to love Satan to get a laugh out of that.

Ah yes, don't forget the clips from the entire album at Tenacious D Dot Net.

Aug 30 A demo of a new Spoon song that one assumes might appear on the next album is up on their website.

Aug 29 This San Diego computer programmer wants desperately to be a tiger.

Madonna's childhood home in Rochester Hills, Michigan is up for auction. Check out the second bid retraction though, and the reason given as to why.

Aug 27 Much Music hacked! They figured it out when people complained about getting prank calls from someone claiming to be a Much Music employee.

Circus clown guilty of sodomizing his teen assistant.

And a man accidently has his testicles removed.

Aug 26 A posting elsewhere caused me to remember this funny incident that I neglected to post in the past. It's a funny article about how apparently Doug Glanville of the Phillies hit two homeruns off a former teammate to avenge the death of an EverQuest character.

Flash Game: burn up a city with a magnifying glass in, Ant City.

Aug 24 I'm sure that this flash movie is some kind of grand inside joke that I missed out on but it's kind of funny nonetheless. Just your typical internet movie featuring a psycho squirrel and gonads.

A pretty accurate spoof of your everyday Metafilter thread.

Athlete from Quebec loses his bronze medal after mooning the crowd at the Canada Summer Games. With pic, bonus! Heh.

Aug 23 "Cloning forces us to ask some hard questions. For example, which person, the original or the clone, gets to wear the goatee and be evil?"

Aug 22 A neat Flash 3D Ping Pong sort of game.

Guy drowns in a cat's bowl of water.

Just a dumb/funny sign.

A nuclear bomb that is is "safe" but also "too dangerous to be touched" was dumped in the sea off the east coast of the U.S. and is still there today.

Aug 16 Mp3 (I nuked it. You can hear the single on radio now.) version of the aforementioned new Sloan song.

New Modest Mouse EP out Sep 25 entitled "Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks".

Aug 14 The studio version of the first Sloan single, "If It Feels Good Do It", has been released. It's lined with effects that don't work for the song and annoying "Slooooan" chants. At least I know it'll be a good song to see performed live. Don't get me wrong though, I still like the song.

And speaking of live, lots of good stuff coming up:

Aug 25, London, ON - Eric's Trip (The long lost farewell tour)
Aug 26, Detroit, MI - The Shins
Sep 03, Detroit, MI - The Minders
Sep 10, Detroit, MI - Built To Spill
Sep 21, Detroit, MI - The Flashing Lights
Oct 07, Chicago, IL - Modest Mouse
Oct 10, Detroit, MI - Beulah (Insound site that features new material from the upcoming album)

And that's not to mention the inevitable upcoming performances by Stereolab, Sloan, Stephen Malkmus, and a few other shows I'm not committed to yet. Oh, I'll probably check out Houston too if they play close by.

Did I miss anything good?

Aug 10 Sample new Sloan material by downloading this live version of one of the new songs. (That link is now nuked. If you still want to hear it, consult the Sloan Live page for details.)

Remember Hayden? I do. New material at his site and someone else's.

Space shuttle launch and landing movies.

Just ye olde funny headline.

Aug 08 Record companies want to phase out the Compact Disc totally in an effort to stop piracy.

Aug 07 Prospects for the 2001 Perseids meteor shower, which peaks early Sunday morning.

Jul/Aug xx Photos of recent comet Linear C/2001 A2. Expect another possible naked eye comet to come into our area around December or January.

A whole load of great pics of the CF-18 Hornet.

Hmmm, what happened to that Universal Studios spoof at Ifilm? They must've caught some flack for posting it or something. There's a whole showcase of Lego films though. And that leads one to an entire site dedicated to the "art of animating Lego Brand bricks".

"Nigga" hidden in a crossword used in a Philly Independence Day brochure.

Russians pondering resurrecting their own space shuttle, which looks a lot like one we're already familiar with.

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