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Sep 30: Stereolab is featured on CBC Radio's Brave New Waves Friday, Oct 01 (which is really Oct 02 am). Brave New Waves can be heard Monday - Friday from 12:05am until 4:00am eastern on CBC Radio 2. As with everything CBC, it can be heard worldwide on realaudio.

Satan Gave Me An Mp3, probably the biggest collection online of live Beck mp3s and rarities. It's a direct link to an ftp site btw so I have no clue if it will work for you but I only use IE5 and it works great for me.

There's a new twist on the real time strategy genre of games called Homeworld. If you've played Command and Conquer or similar type games at all you might like this. The difference is it's totally 3D and takes place in outer space. My only complaint would be the fact that it's hard to select the ships while in battle other than just choosing them all. Also the fact there's no way to bookmark ships into groups for easy selection.

Sep 29: Hear an unreleased Stereolab track from the Cobra sessions (actually, word is that this track is available on the "Free Design" EP), it's called "Escape Pod".

The Kids in the Hall are reuniting and going on tour in early 2000! I just learned of this today but apparently it's been the talk of alt.tv.kids-in-hall for many weeks now. They are supposed to be stopping in 25 cities and here are the ones confirmed as of right now:

San Francisco, CA January 15
Los Angeles, CA January 22
New York, NY February 12
Washington, DC February 18
Boston, MA February 19
Minneapolis, MN February 25
I can only pray that they decide to stop in Windsor or Detroit again. I do know that they will be stopping in Toronto though.

Goddamn kilogram! The mofo that was hostin' that Delta Airlines parody up and deleted it or something already. Luckily, my punkass saved a copy.

Awwww, Jack at saturn.org said some nice stuff about my weblog :P And basically in response to his notes, my name is Dave (I was going to make a bio but that's just another thing I haven't gotten around to) and the reason I haven't really been personally inviting anyone here was since I didn't really feel very good exclusively advertising my weblog around. This has been because my weblog is a so very new weblog and I suppose I haven't been around long enough to even decide for myself if it is really worth whoring around onto everyone. A couple of weeks after the birth of this weblog I submitted the page to the database at the egroups weblog author mailing list as well as the massive eatonweb weblog portal. I've been content to let people catch my log on their own if they want to for now. And on a related note I guess, I somehow managed to end up on the main page of the Cardhouse weblog. Wow. Whether that list is randomly generated, or they actually like my log, or I just get linked for visiting their page one hundred times a week, I do not know. All I know is that it's nice when the logs you like best in turn add your log to their list as well.

The rise and fall of the rave culture. I'd prefer it to fall and let indie type rock back in :P. This is probably all because I was a little bitter when this whole rave thing began to really go mainstream in 1996 or whenever it was. That was when many of the same folks who used to always goto indie rock shows with me started going exclusively to raves and what not. Sure I can get into the likes of the Chemical Brothers and the like now and then but watching guys stand there turning knobs all day with usually all recorded music isn't very exciting. The fact that I'm not a dancer and that I don't do drugs are probably contributory to raves being largely boring for me. :P [via memepool]

There is a much better form of wrestling to watch, World Wide Web Fights, and you have a say in who wins the current match. Some of the past great matches include Snuggles vs. Winnie the Pooh, Ewoks vs. Gremlins, Wilson vs. Flanders, and Cujo vs. A Disgruntled Postal Worker. [via memepool]

Hire a hacker hitman. [via The Stuffed Dog]

Sep 28: The computer woes continue. Now the second computer I use currently is possibly shot as well. So lately that has meant little time to surf let alone update anything. The only good news is that I saw an ad in the newspaper today that was hiring cable modem installation technicians in Windsor so actual high speed access from home within a month or so? I wish...

Well, that was this morning during a lab I had at school. Since then, my computer has been returned to me. Thank god. It's nice to have my own cluttered but personal system back. Now I just have to transfer all the new garbage I accumulated over the past three weeks.

There will be part of an occultation of the star Aldebaran by the moon visible in primarily in the NE portions of Canada and the US on Wednesday night. Only part of it will be visible because the star will already be covered by the moon when it rises but you can catch the star's reappearance at 10:52pm in the Detroit/Windsor area. For more detailed info about this and other occultations, head over IOTA.

Next 3 are via a boy and his basement.

Some dumb Canadian laws. I know starry jen would particularly like this one since she currently lives in Guelph: "Guelph - The city is classified as a no-pee zone."

The Avro company in the 50's wasn't just developing a jet fighter superior to anything the US could possibly build, they were also developing a flying saucer. It wasn't quite as successful as the jet though.

I'm a religious person but not enough so to actually goto church anymore. I do throughly enjoy though whenever scientists find evidence that proves any event in the Bible, such as the great flood.

Get a Lo-Jack device for your high priced automobile as well as for your corporation's high priced executives. [via FactoVision]

Money doesn't grow on trees yet, but plastic does. [via Rebecca's Pocket]

50 Megs of free online MP3 storage? I haven't had time to look at it yet but it sounds potentially good. Perhaps a rebirth of my Sloan Live! site if this turns out to be good. [via Bring the Rock]

Sep 26: The official Stereolab site is up now. You can hear a sample from each song off of the "Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night" CD and actually know what I was talking about from a few days ago :P

Sep 25: Damnit, I didn't find out about this in time to hear the Pavement performance so hopefully there will be a rebroadcast. They've been web broadcasting the vast majority of the "A Nice Weekend In New York", Matador Records 10th Anniversary Concert. There's still tonights portion of the concert left to listen to though. I'd personally recommend listening to Mary Timony at 10pm eastern. She used to front her band Helium which is inactive and dead now I guess. Her latest project is the "Spells".

Awwww yeah, just what I was waiting for! Hear the new Beck single, Sexxlaws & possibly win a trip to be in the video for the single. This song was formerly entitled "Defying the Logic of the Sexlaws" when it was first performed on tour. I kind of like that title better :P Just like how Odelay was first known as "Robot Jazz". But anyway, the Beck excitement grows.

Yo! Check this bitch out, mofo... A funny parody ad for Delta Airlines. [via memepool]

Sep 23: Another thing I'm crazy about, webcams. View the infamous Highway 401 live around Toronto. I know, this is soooooo very exciting :P Too bad most of the carnage happens a few hours south of Toronto but maybe you'll get lucky and catch a nice car on fire or something.

A how-to guide for Internet Humour. [via Camworld]

Here's a funny Toronto "Outsider Art" prank. [via Cardhouse]

A Stereolab interview to go with their recent cd release. [via Bring the Rock]

Ya! A new indie rock music video site! See videos you never even knew existed before like "Apples in Stereo - Tidal Wave", or "Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Flavor". Well, I knew about that JSBX one, but it has Beck in it so it's extra fun and I recommend it. Sonicnet Streamland is one I have visited on occasion. A bigger selection of videos so that often means more crap but still some indie gems. [via Bring the Rock] Whoops! NASA accidently steers their latest Mars probe a tad too low into the Martian atmosphere. Thankfully it wasn't the probe scheduled to actually land on the planet later this year.

Started playing Subspace again lately. I kind of hopped on the Subspace bandwagon late in the game. So late, that the company that supported the game dropped it not long after I started playing. There's still some popular servers though, like Death Star Battle. That's the one I play usually.

Turns out the media was pretty much wrong in their reports about the Columbine massacre. [via Robot Wisdom]

Sep 22: Hear a live recording of a Pavement concert from the last tour, probably either the Toronto or Vancouver shows, on CBC Radiosonic on October 23 at 11pm Eastern. It's heard Canada wide on CBC Radio 2 or worldwide on realaudio. Check your local listings.

I think I'm liking memepool more everyday. Just look at what I found there today:

How many calories are burned during sex? Pull up this chart and see for yourself.

You saw that movie American Pie right? Well, our friends in Germany have a different way of doing things.

Sep 21: This will be Thrush Hermit's final tour since they will be breaking up to persue new projects in the fall. If I had to choose only one album by them, my choice would be Great Pacific Ocean. That album will remain their masterpiece. There's some Thrush Hermit sounds you can try to listen to but unfortunately, they are on the horribly slow Crosswinds.net service.

Upon viewing my webpage in a certain lab at school, I now know what you mean when you say the text and background may be too dark for eachother. Particularly the visited links colour. However, this wasn't compelling enough to launch me into any action to remedy the situation other than turning up the contrast on my monitor.

Found this weblog rating site after checking out where visitors have been coming from when embarking to my site lately. I'm way at the bottom alphabetically so there's still time to make a good impression though! :P hah

I got around to seeing that movie "Pi" last night. It came out last year and you may have heard about it since there was some indie buzz about it, though nothing like what happened with the Blair Witch Project. It's basically about a mathematician named Max who has locked himself in his small apartment with a make shift super computer. His goal is be able predict fluctuations in the stock market using a program he wrote but the key to all this apparently is a special 216 digit number. It turns out though that this number may have a whole deeper meaning outside the realm of the stock market. Oh, and at the same time, Max is suffering through intense headaches, seizures, and hallucinations and the like. This movie also has another one of those surprise endings that might end up sticking around with you.

Yet another earthquake, this time in Taiwan. Now with all these earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, droughts, etc., you don't have to be religious or a scientist to know that something is up. Don't give me that global warming/El Nino bullshit either. Global warming and El Nino can't cause such a rash of every disaster out there. Perhaps I'll have some interesting links pertaining to these ideas in the future.

University of Windsor radio at it's finest, if your up at the right time. The James Brejcha show, Wednesdays 12am to 2am Eastern. And why do I even mention this? Well because you can listen on real audio of course. Usually includes taped segments from wherever James happens to go during the week (cat show, blind date, the ATM machine) as well as discussions with callers and various rambling that all prove to be highly entertaining most of the time.
And while I'm picking my favourites, also be sure to listen to the Kmart Alice Show from 10pm to 12am on Friday nights. Carly's sweet voice.. oh so soothing. The show is mainly in an indie rock format by the way.

A killer whale that actually kills people! [via Cardhouse]

Today's CD Purchases

Sloan: Between the Bridges
I had already had some mp3s of this album for about a week, so it had plenty of time to grow on me. After the first few listens, I wasn't very sure about it at all, which is the same thing that happened to me with their last cd, Navy Blues. By the time today's official release date came along though, I was pretty much hooked and I'm anxiously awaiting to see them live this fall! Hear a couple clips from the album.

Stereolab: Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night
I still haven't brought myself to buy the previous album, Dots & Loops, due to the fact that it seems that most of the songs all came out of the same "Miss Modular" mold or something. Not the case with this release though. I'm terrible at reviewing anything so I'm not even going to attempt this very much longer and leave that to folks like Bring the Rock. I will say though that my favourite track will probably end up being either "The Free Design" or "Op Hop Detonation". There's a clip of the first single on the Elektra site. I think it actually might be realvideo of the first single's companion video though.

Sep 20: Yet another iMac parody. Now you can really "plug and play" with the new iBrator.

What's the cheapest place to buy music online but that also has a large selection? Oh, and by the way, it should be in Canada. I don't want somewhere in the United States since first I'd have to convert to US cash, then pay duty at the border, as well as GST so it wouldn't be worth it in the end unless the price was extremely low in US funds to begin with. Anyway, I'm leaning towards A&B Sound out of B.C. So ya, does anyone know of a place I've missed?

The new Beck single entitled "Sexxlaws" is out on a limited edition 12" pressing of 1000. Too bad there's no where that I know of to actually hear the new song yet. I'll still probably end up buying it anyway :P

Backtracking through the Cruel Site of the Day page, I found a couple of nuggets I never noticed before.
First is a sort of random Deep Thoughts page. I remember back in the day programming my own simple Deep Thoughts generator that dumped it into a nice little ANSI file. It was to be used on a BBS for display when users logoff for example.
The second nugget is the Ruins of Detroit site. If so much of Detroit wasn't such a ghetto compared to Windsor, I might actually go over there and do some exploring. This reminds me of another quality urban exploration page but this time out of the Toronto area, Infiltration.

This site seems to be popular on IRC the past few days. I thought I saw this plea for a girlfriend somewhere before? I thought I had a link very similar to this in my weblog but I guess I saw it somewhere else and it's a different kid this time.

Sep 19: I really need some new Coresound mics for taping concerts.

Apparently some guy really didn't like his recent CD purchase very much. Upon examining the receipt, we can probably see why he didn't like his purchase. And finally, the letter that accompanied these items. I for one throughly enjoy that particular Jon Spencer Blues Explosion album. It's certainly not an "Extra Width", or an "Orange", but it's still great.

Sep 18: Horny Caller speaking to Ed The Sock during today's edition of the Much On Demand all request show on MuchMusic: "I want to talk to Rachel Perry, not some dumb sock!"

MuchEast is going to have an entire hour dedicated to Sloan on the Oct 3 installment. (11pm eastern)

The brand new and official Stereolab/Duophonic site was supposed to open yesterday, but how many sites do you know that actually go live on the date that they claim they will? :P And as well, looks like I'll have to wait till 2000 to see Stereolab live. *sigh* Oh, and to make matters worse, I learned today that I missed out on some free Sloan tickets given away by the U of Windsor radio station. How tragic. That's an approx. $60 value in Canadian dollars!

Look who's been picking up 13 year old's off the Internet this time! It's Patrick Naughton, who just so happens to be manager of Disney's Go Network.

A Weblog FAQ of sorts seems to have sprouted up at Robot Wisdom.

This time it isn't a joke. Someone has patented tattooing bar codes onto humans as a means of completing sales transactions. [via FactoVision]

Awwww, poor Ben Brown seems a tad riled up! :P It's all because his 404 page also serves as a weblog I guess. Yes I know it's a 404 page now, that's because he moved his weblog. His 404 page could still serve as a weblog anyway :P He tried to be sneaky though and move his real weblog in a fit of rage but that didn't work very well since I found it. This guy and his whole site really reaks of the "Let's beat someone to a pulp in the mosh pit!" type of person. :P Time to chill out.

I've been going out and also playing Tribes alot lately rather than websurfing.

Sep 16: Word on the street is that this text might be somewhat hard to read? Too dark? Too light? Too small? I don't know. You tell me. Otherwise, you'll be subject to my typical approach to web design on my personal page which has been more towards what I like and not what would be user friendly for the masses. Just look at my bootlegs page for an example of this. It looks perfect in my browser on my computer, but I know for a fact it looks anywhere from slightly to totally off in others. I was already pondering a redesign of the colour scheme for this page only anyway.

A couple blocks north of me is the U of Windsor's Visual Arts building. I guess recently they have been featuring an exhibit of "mailart" called "Notes to Kanata". Anyway, all this time, when I would wrap up a nice little package with astronomy photos of stars and then mail said package to starry jen, I was apparently taking part in the great mail art movement.

The The Stuffed Dog leads me to a weblog that apparently hates to be linked! Well, DAMN, I think I'm gonna link to that there weblog anyway. It's all because this Ben Brown guy claims his weblog isn't a weblog at all and well.. what the hell! link link link... Anyway, at the very least this Ben guy has a nice and simple morphing 1999/666! graphic on his log page, that's hours of fun in itself! Oh, and what looks to be a page full of irc chat logs! I have plenty of those, not on this computer though.

Ohio man arrested for soliciting sex from an 18 year old girl. Now this reminds me of a guy around here notorious for such things known as GrnMdnght! The only difference is everyone knows he's a freak but he's never been caught. So if you see him on irc or something, talk to him and log it and send it to the RCMP heh. And oh ya, notify me to watch my papers for the news and laugh :P lol. [via Unobserved Utterances].

A Microsoft console system is in the works now too.

Sep 15: Spectrum Force, evangelical Christian crimefighters! (with *gasp* nudity?! I couldn't find any examples of such though)

Sep 14: The Flashing Lights, a sort of offshoot band of the now defunct Super Friendz (both these bands are from Nova Scotia so most of you probably don't even know they ever existed but oh well :P ), are coming to Windsor on Oct 13! Yay! And as an added bonus, the Flashing Lights are opening for Sloan in Toledo. These shows, along with Ben Folds Five, and a possible Detroit stop for Stereolab have my fall shaping up nicely.

More Ebay madness! Edayis another site dedicated to bringing you the weird and unusual auctions found on Ebay. A new auction is presented each day. [via memepool]

The new Beck album, which will be out Nov 16, is going to be called "Midnite Vultures". And with song titles like these:

"songs included will be Sexxlaws, Milk and Honey, Debra, Hlwd. Freaks, and Mixed Bizness. Beck has also recorded a new song "This Is My Kru" as a b-side for Sexxlaws single."

I can't help but get excited! Beck puts on one of the best shows around and I love pretty much all of his music, from folky to party. Though, this next album will lean heavily towards the party end of things since it's the "official follow-up" to Odelay. Anyway, if those song titles don't get you excited, you can peek into Beck's studio and see/hear the process of making the album.

Cardhouse points out that the CNN graphics department seemed to be slacking off when they spit out the graphic for this article.

Sep 13: Now this is funny. :P I guess some guy in #ezines just up and noticed this yesterday day. It looks like the Onion and AT&T have a little photo sharing going on or something. I searched for "long distance" on Yahoo, and after a few times the AT&T First Rate banner came up. Compare it to a recent Onion article photograph.

Click for the big picture
Just your typical annoying banner, but notice the blond haired fellow.
Click for the big picture
Oh my...

I wonder if the model guy knows he's been getting around or what heh. This just reminds me of an incident that happened here recently where a model got her pictures taken and then they ended up being used in an ad for an Escort Service without her knowledge.

Teri's Melt the Snow site has moved! All of her old stuff is gone in the process which is quite tragic.

And speaking of her site, I was browsing Teris journal entries over the summer and she mentioned an encounter she had with a professor from the University of Toronto. Now this just looks like a crazy professor you would want to have teach your classes but who knows. He has a wearable webcam called the "Wearcam" that enables the computer to see things as he see things and do cool things like superimpose text messages over the image while he's walking around and whatnot. The Wearcam homepage has pics of the students wearing all the cameras and the Wearcam in development which are kind of funny since everyone looks like Borgs. :P

Screw spending $500 on a death ray that doesn't even have the range to cause any real trouble, just invest in a cheap laser pointer and bring down some helicopters. [via a boy and his basement]

Find a Usenet newsgroup server other than your crappy local ISP's or Deja. [via Genehack]

Sep 12: August has been deposited into the newly constructed Archives.

Sep 11: It's pretty much official now, there will be a special Sloan compilation video out in the fall available through murderecords or the fall tour dates. I'll be attending the following dates so I'll see any sloaners there!

Friday, October 29 - Clutch Cargo's, Pontiac, Michigan
Saturday, November 20 - The Main Event, Toledo, Ohio

Another show i'm going to see is Ben Folds Five at Clutch Cargo's on October 17! Everyone else (in Canada at least) will be able to hear a BFF show over the radio on CBC's Radiosonic on Sat. Oct 2, at 11pm Eastern. It can also be heard using Realaudio from www.radio.cbc.ca. The concert that is going to be broadcast is from May 5th performance earlier this year in Toronto. Starry Jen went to that show and she told me it was spectacular, but then she's obsessed with them :P

Also, this is a kind of kooky promotion Sloan is running with HMV for the new album, Sloan trading cards.

Sensors, lasers and communications transceivers, all packed into a small particle 1-2mm wide. "Smart dust", just another invention that could be used to spy on you someday. Yay! [via Pigdog]

Sep 10: More Degrassi! It's really crazy. I go over to Andrew's pita page and he leads me to the Degrassi Update page which basically lists out every little sighting of the former Degrassi actors. I for one know that I can't possibly get Degrassi out of my life. I order a Nardwuar video, and there's Joey Jeremiah telling Nardwuar to fuck off, or there's Snake in the new Scratching Post video, or Mr. Raditch on some car restoration show on cable, Scott's even on IRC! My friend JGirl talked to him once on efnet. He even sent her a picture of himself wearing his Degrassi varsity jacket! Jgirl, where are you?! Send me that pic! :) Anyway, that's enough Degrassi. Oh, btw, here's the most through Degrassi site known to man, and it's in Israel! Crazy.

I read about this in what was a paper weblog of sorts that my girlfriend bought years back when the 'net was still fresh and new. The Billboard Liberation Front, whose goal it is to "improve" the billboards in your city. [via Bifurcated Rivets]

Why in the hell do they need your fingerprint to sell you some jeans? These specialized direct mail campaigns might be going a little too far. [via Cardhouse]

A homemade "computer death-ray"! Having one of these around come test time at school would be useful but I guess I'll have to wait till they figure out a more compact version. [via FactoVision]

There are so many prank auctions on Ebay that it's been big news for awhile now. That guy who tried to sell his kidney online is probably what put it over the top. This and other odd auction items are archived at Whattheheck.com.

Forget Y2K, all it takes is a prank phonecall to shut down the power! Well maybe not, but almost. [via Unobserved Utterances]

Sep 09: I think someone got an Onion article and a real news story mixed up. It's probably that photo of the topless transexual woman blowing fire on top of a high transmission line that makes me think this. [via Cardhouse].

Speaking of the Onion, they are reporting that the Columbine jocks are slowly getting back to bullying those that don't fit in. Glad to hear that the healing is going well.

There's something kind of suspicious about a guy wearing only a black mask and speedos requesting "submission style wrestling/grappling" partners. I'm having Pulp Fiction/8mm flashbacks.

Continuing on the Pat Mastroianni thread:

Joey Jeremiah!
Joey Jeremiah!
Whoa, hombre!
Whoa, hombre!

"Satan Only Goes Where He Is Welcome", and apparently they are welcoming him with open arms here.

Title of forthcoming Fiona Apple album:

When the Pawn Hits the Conflicts He Thinks Like a King What He Knows Throws the Blows When He Goes to the Fight and He'll Win the Whole Thing 'Fore He Enters the Ring There's No Body to Batter When Your Mind Is Your Might So When You Go Solo, You Hold Your Own Hand and Remember That Depth Is the Greatest of Heights and if You Know Where You Stand, Then You Know Where to Land and if You Fall It Won't Matter, 'Cuz You'll Know That You're Right

Uhm... Okay?

Sep 08: SON OF A BITCH! If it's not one thing, it's another. My computer's power supply up and died on me early yesterday. Luckily, the computer is under warranty so I can get a new one for free. Not so luckily, the computer was purchased from one of those dumb big box stores so it will take at the very least two weeks for me to get my computer back though upwards of three to six weeks are possible. They have to ship it all the way to British Columbia! What in the hell for? I surely don't know. Just give me the new power supply and I'll save you guys the trouble and install it myself. Bah. Or better yet, ship ME to British Columbia. Even better yet, ship me to Vancouver with starry jen since I would need a companion and tourguide. Well anyway, updates may or may not be affected by all this. :P

The inflatible animal fetish page? This stacks right up there with furniture porn. If I only still had that link...

"Would it embarass you if anyone laughed at you?"
"Not really. So I boink inflatable animals, big deal. It's nothing to be ashamed about."
[via Kempa.com]

Ya know that Teletubbies site from the last update? Well actually, goto the root homepage of all that too. More fun stuff there.

Wooohooo! I've always had an attraction to nerdygrls, so damn, bring on the NerdSlut! [via memepool]

Thank god the REAL Godzilla is coming back in a new movie. [via Windowseat]

Now speaking of Godzilla, laughing at Joey Jeremiah (Pat Mastroianni) in the Hollywood Godzilla movie was fun. You may remember Joey from the quality Canadian program, Degrassi Jr. High. I even knew a guy through highschool who dressed like that who I would call Joey Jeremiah. One further thing though, what is up with Pat's personal site? Patmeup.com? That name is just wrong.

Sep 06: The day before I was to come back home, there was a 63 car pileup on highway 401 on the outskirts of the Windsor. The accident was so bad they actually had to repave part of the highway. Hopefully now they might add some more lanes since it's only four lanes all the way up to London, Ontario. Oh, and add a wider shoulder too.

On the Sloan front, the Murderecords website is showing signs of life again. The update includes tour dates for the rest of 1999. And I found a nice allmusic.com article that appears to be from late 98/early 99. I'm anxiously awaiting the Sloan videos mentioned in the article.

Now this is a cool picture of the Earth during the recent total solar eclipse. The picture is from the Astronomy Picture of the Day site which I already checked on occasionally but I would have missed this one if it wasn't for memepool. Today's picture is another good one of galaxies from Hubble. I can never get enough of this stuff.

And memepool comes through again for me, leading me back to a site that I remember finding months ago before I hopped onto the weblogging bandwagon. Anyway, it's a Teletubbies site for the older set.

This is exactly why I haven't bothered to jump on the hip computer user bandwagon and install Linux. I did dabble on it somewhat on a friend's computer and it does look nice, but it isn't easy to install, use, or configure. Well I'm sure it's a breeze to use once you have been using it every day for "elite" BitchX irc chatting and whatnot, but there's still that intial time period where everyone is a doofus and you have to figure out what the heck they are doing. Since figuring out Linux is largely more involved and time consuming than something like Windows and since I'm notoriously lazy, I'm content to point and click in Windows for now.

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